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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris PAT Semester Genap/ UKK Kelas III SD

Melanjutkan seri soal bahasa Inggris sekolah dasar untuk menghadapi ulangan akhir semester genap berikut ini sudah saya kompile soal- soal selanjutnya untuk kelas III sekolah dasar. Materi bahasa Inggris  untuk kelas III sekolah dasar adalah seputar ejaan (spelling), hobi, profesi, tanggal, dan bulan. 

Soal latihan sudah saya lengkapi dengan kunci jawaban di bawah setiap soal. Oke langsung saja, berikut latihan soalnya,

1. X : How do you spell this letter ?
    Y : I spell it ____ .

A. /ou/
B. /you/
C. /kyuw/
D. /d balyuw/

2. X : Can you spell this letter ?
        Y : I spell it ____ .

A. /wai/
B. /die/
C. /eidj/
D. /vie/

3.  Look at the picture!

X : How do you spell the name of this animal ?
Y : I spell it ____ .
A. /zie//i//tie/
B. /sie//on//die/
C. /es//ai//tie/
D. /si//ei//tie/

4. Look at the picture!

It is ____ iron.
A. this
B. the
C. a
D. an

5. Ega’s father is tall but Ega is ____ .
A. thin
B. short
C. long
D. fat

The text is for questions no 6 to 10

Hi, My name is Risa Arinda Cahya
My nick name is Rinda.
I am 10 years old.
I was born on December 7th  2009.
I live in Semarang.
My hobby is singing, dancing and reading.
I study at SD “Sukamaju” Semarang.
My father is a teacher
My mother is a nurse.

6. X : What is Risa Arinda Cahya?
        Y : Her nick name is ____ .
A. Rinda
B. Risa
C. Nana
D. Cahya

7. X : How old is she ?
Y : She is ____ years old.
A. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 11

8. These are Rinda’s hobby, except ____ .
A. singing
B. swimming
C. dancing
D. reading

9. X : What is she ?
Y : She is a ____ .
A. singer
B. teacher
C. nurse
D. student

10. X : What is Rinda’s father profession ?
Y : He is a ____ .
A. teacher
B. nurse
C. director
D. soldier

11. X : Hello, good morning.
      Y : Good morning.
      X : ____ ?
      Y : I am fine, thank you.
A. Where are you ?
B. How do you do ?
C. How are you ?
D. How old are you ?

12. My sweet home is beautiful and clean.
What is the antonym of beautiful ?
A. Ugly
B. Small
C. Dirty
D. Big

13. The veranda is ____ the house.
A. between
B. beside
C. in
D. in front of

14. X : Excuse me, Sir. ____ I sweep the floor for a while? The class is very dirty.
A. Must
B. May
C. Do
D. Would

15. A bird ____ two wings.
A. is
B. do
C. has
D. have

16. She has beautiful ribbon. That is ____ ribbon.
A. your
B. our
C. his
D. her

17. The “National Education day” celebrated on ___ .
A. February
B. March
C. May
D. January

18. The Hero day is on ____ .
A. November
B. August
C. May
D. January

19. The month before August is ____ .
A. May
B. June
C. July
D. September

20. The last of the month in a year is ____ .
A. January
B. December
C. February
D. November

21. The Kartini day is celebrated on ____ .
A. June
B. July
C. May
D. April

22. The month between August and October is ____ .
A. September
B. August
C. December
D. January

23. The seventh month is ____ .
A. July
B. June
C. August
D. September

24. The month after April is ____ .
A. February
B. March
C. May
D. June

25. Indah is cleaning the blackboard by using a/an ____ .
A. ruler
B. eraser
C. blackboard
D. chalk

26. X : What time is it ?
      Y : I don’t know. Look at the ____ on the wall.
A. calendar
B. map
C. picture
D. clock

27. Mr. Rudi is writing on the white board by using ____ .
A. marker
B. pen
C. chalk
D. pencil

28. The class is very dark.
It is cloudy.
Turn on ____, please.
A. vase
B. clock
C. lamp
D. fan

29. Dust the cupboard by using ____ .
A. eraser
B. duster
C. ruler
D. broom

30. Put the pencils and the pens in the ___.
A. vase
B. cupboard
C. bag
D. pencil case

31. What is the antonym of diligent ?
It is ____ .
A. big
B. lazy
C. clever
D. small

32. Dyah is chopping the vegetables by using a/an ____ .
A. knife
B. spoon
C. fork
D. bottle

33. ____ the rice in the rice cooker before we eat it.
A. Fry
B. Wash
C. Cook
D. Boil

34. Put the sugar into the coffee and ___ it.
A. pour
B. cut
C. crack
D. stir

35. Mother put some salt into the soup.
      The soup is ____ .
A. sweet
B. salty
C. bitter
D. sweet

36. ____ the egg and beat it.
        Then fry it with oil in the frying pan.
A. Cut
B. Boil
C. Crack
D. Chop

37. I am eating a ____ of bread for my breakfast.
A. bowl
B. cone
C. plate
D. slice

38. There ____ a mango on the plate.
A. is
B. am
C. are
D. does

39. Look at the picture!
pexels dari pixabay

X : What is he ?
Y : He is a ____ .

A. teacher
B. postman
C. driver
D. soldier

40. A ____ helps the director in the office.
A. midwife
B. secretary
C. nurse
D. dentist

41. X : Where does the nurse work ?
      Y : She works in the ____ .
A. hospital
B. office
C. school
D. rice field

42. He is Mr. Danu. He is a manager. Where does he work ?
He works in the ____ .
A. garage
B. school
C. rice field
D. office

43. Mr. Hadi delivers many letters everyday.
What is he ? He is a ____ .
A. postman
B. janitor
C. gardener
D. policeman

44. There ____ many birds on the sky.
A. am
B. is
C. are
D. do

45. X : Where does the butcher sell the meat ?
      Y : The butcher sells the meat in  the ____ .
A. rice field
B. garden
C. office
D. market

46. His name is Kento Momota
      He comes from ____ .
A. Malaysia
B. Japan
C. America
D. Mexico

47. I have two elder sister and one little brother. I am the ____  child.
A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth

48. My friend, Dea, is a smart student.
The antonym of smart is ____ .
A. beautiful
B. stupid
C. diligent
D. lazy

49. I have eight apples. My sister has ____ apples. Our apples is twenty three.
A. twelve
B. thirteen
C. fourteen
D. fifteen

50. I have nineteen balls. My brother takes some of my balls. Now I have eleven balls. How many ball does my brother takes ?
A. Eight
B. Nine
C. Ten
D. Eleven

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