latsso UAS XI SMK

Dialogue no. 1
Yossy : Hi Nayla, What are you looking for?
Nayla : Hi, Yossy. I've been trying to find a really good novel. Any suggestion?
Yossy : Do you know "Putri" by Putu Wijaya? ____. It's an impressive novel.

You can buy it
You can lend it
You may take mine
You should read it

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : Perhaps we could all go out for refreshing. _____
Mira : That'd be lovely. We've planned it several times ever since we moved here.

What about climbing the mount near the village?
Why don't we eat together at home?
Should we order the food now?
What about going to Grandma's house?

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : _____
Gerry : What's wrong with it?
Ann : It's hard to read the result.

Will you save the document?
Could you check the program?
Could you read the document again?
Can I help you?

Dialogue no. 4
Director : Would you mind helping me with this letter? A client is waiting for me.
Secretary : ____ Shall I type the letter, sir?
Director : Yes, please. Don't forget to fax it to the personal manager and keep the copy.

Yes, of course
Yes, I'll be glad to
Sorry, but I'm writing
No, I'd be glad to

Dialogue no. 5
Jaka : Government should legalize for entrepreuner to explore the natural sources.
Bima : ____ the natural sources will be offf in next few years.

That's a good idea
I disagree
I am in absentia
I agree

Dialogue no. 6
Bagus : I think we should charter the buses for the trip this week.
Jimmy : ____ it will be more expensive because many school will charter the buses for their students during school holidays.

I think that's a good idea
I am on your side
You are right
I don't think so

Dialogue no. 7
Rini : Do you think Japanese is easier than French?
Alexa : No, ____ it's as difficult as french. Really.

I don't know
I don't think so
It's very different
I agree

Dialogue no. 8
Teacher : The regulation will ask student who breaks the law to leave out of school. What do you think?
Student : Sorry, sir. ____ It doesn't give good solution for students' future.
Teacher : Good! Any other idea?

I strongly agree
I think it's a good idea
I don't agree
We support the regulation

Dialogue no. 9
Yossy : Do you want to join me to watch Gundala on Saturday night?
Nayla : ____ Are you willing to pick me up?
Yossy : Yeah, be ready before seven.
Are you serious?
Great! I love it.
I'm sorry. I am not keen on watching movie
Nice invitation. But I can't

Dialogue no. 10
Tiara : ____ to my birthday party about seven?
Mira : I'll be glad to. I'll be there before the time.

Should you come
Will you come
Do you come
May you come

The following text is for questions 11 to 15.

The use of formalin and other dangerous preservatives in food has been a serious for two reason. Firstly, formalin is not for human beings, but it is for biological specimen and experiments. Formalin in Biology is a 10% solution of formaldehyde in water which is usually used as a disinfectant or to preserve biological specimens. Thus, it is not for food preservative, it will be very dangerous to human's body.
The second reason is that there is no tight control from the government. This condition makes the people's health is really in a threat. When the control is weak and the use of formalin is spread wide all over the Indonesian regions,and these days it has really happened, the citizens' bodies will be badly contaminated with the poisons. Fish or food traders still sell their products which contain formalin and dangerous preservatives. Can you imagine that our digestive system absorbs the substance that should be for the human and animal corpses?
Considering the reasons, we can make a conclusion that the use of formalin and other preservatives is really a serious problem if it is not resolved immediately.
Adapted from : Ujian Nasional 2015

11. Why does the writer think that formalin is very dangerous for human beings?
Formalin is a 10 % solution of formaldehyde in water
Formalin is not for food preservative
The use of formalin has no tight control from the government
Formalin can be used as a disinfectant

12. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
Formalin is used for disinfectant for biological specimen
The use of formalin has not been controlled by the government tightly
The use of formalin becomes a serious problem if it is not resolved
There are many products that contains formalin and dangerous preservatives

13. What does the writer suggest based on the text above?
Formalin is needed to make food more delicious
People should avoid eating food contained formalin
People should add formaldehyde in water
Food sellers are asked to spill formalin to food products

14. "... which is usually used as a disinfectant or to preserve biological specimens."
the word "preserve" means ____

15. The communicative purpose of the text is.....
to persuade people to avoid formalin in their daily life
to describe about formalin
to persuade the readers to use fomalin in their food
to give information to the readers about the danger of formalin
Text for questions 16 to 17

Lyra Restaurant
Basudewo Street 51 Semarang
Phone 085221675434

February 25, 2017

Dear Chandra Barata,
We are happy to announce that our newly renovated restaurant is now ready. We are cordially invite you to our grand opening of our newly renovated restaurant on March 6, 2017 at our location Basudewo Street 51 Semarang with a free dinner at 7.30 p.m. Please, confirm of your attendance by February 28 by phone (085221675434) or e-mail at
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Yours faithfully,

Janu Danuarta

16. What is the writer’s objective to write the letter?
To summon his client to open new restaurant
To ask his client to enjoy free dinner
To have his client attend the grand opening of newly renovated restaurant
To invite his client to have meeting at the grand opening of newly renovated restaurant

17. Based on the text, we may conclude that ….
The grand opening will be held in the new address of the restaurant
The location of the restaurant is different from the old one
The confirmation can be done both by email or phone
The invitee will pay all of the menu in the grand opening

Text for questions 18 to 19

Dear Sir
I would like to obtain information about your proficiency courses in English that begin in July. Please send me a prospectus and details of your fees and accomodations in London for the period July – September. If possible, I would like to stay with an English family. Thank you for your kind attention to this request.

Yours truly,

John Doe

18. What is the purpose of this letter?
To inquire about classes
To order materials
To offer something
To obtain information about school directions

19. To whom is the letter probably to be sent?
An English family
A tourist information office
"A language course
A university

Text for questions 20 to 22

The number of damaged roads linking Jakarta with West Java has certainly provoked complaints from locals and road users. Take for an example, the roads in Bekasi and Tangerang, which have been the focus of the media.
The poor condition of these roads not only jeopardizes road safety but also gives a squalid impression. Moreover, the condition will get worse when it rains. The roads are transformed into water pools or puddles, which can easily cause accidents if motorists are not careful.
No wonder if some people question why there are so many damaged roads and why repairs do not seem to last long. The government should pay special attention to these problems.
In my opinion, the road should be repaired using the right sort of asphalt, stones an sand. Repairs should be done carefully so that the roads can be prevented from constant damage. Otherwise, the repairs would be useless.

Taken from : Jakarta Post, 2005

20. The main reason why local and road users complain about the poor condition of roads in Jakarta is ….
the roads become into water pools or puddles in rainy season
there is no attention from the government about the problem
it endangers road users when they pass into these roads
the repairs of the roads need more time to do

21. “The government should pay special attention to these problems.”
What does the word "these problems" refer to?
The accidents occurred during rainy season
The worse conditions during the rainy season
The poor condition of the roads
Complaints from locals and road users

22. What is the main idea of paragraph four?
Locals and road users complain to local government about damaged roads in Jakarta
Damaged roads endanger the road users
The writer suggests the government to repair the damaged roads carefully
Repair of the roads is useless

Text for questions 23 to 25

It is a priceless day when you start your life together as a couple. I am so proud of you. You both are very special in your own way and you are even more special together with your love that lasts forever.
I hope you find happiness and joy that touches every part of your heart.
Congratulations on your wedding, I am happy for your both because you have discovered love in each other. May God bless you and save you.

23. What is the text about?
Congratulations on graduation
Wedding congratulations
Engagement congratulations
Congratulations on someone s promotion

24. What does the writer wish for the couple?
they will be happy and joyful
they will have great success in career
they will enjoy special day
their love will be forever

25. "May God bless you and save you
the word "bless" means ____

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