Pembahasan Latihan Soal Online UN Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2019/ 2020

Pembahasan Latihan Soal Online UN Bahasa Inggris SMP Tahun 2019/ 2020
Text for number 1 - 3
To : All students of SMP Bina Utama.
In the framework of National Education Day the student Organization will hold some interesting programs. They are English Speech Contest, Debate, and Class Wall Magazine Competition.
The program will be held on May 2nd 2019, started from 8 am until 1 p.m.
All classes must take part in the programs.
For detailed information, please contact Mr.Andi , the coordinator of this program.
1. What is the announcement about?
A. A Student Organization.
B. An English Speech Contest.
C. A National Day Celebration.
D. A National Education Day Ceremony.

Kunci jawaban : D
Pembahasan    : Jawaban dari pertanyaan tersebut dapat dilihat pada kalimat pertama, jadi topic dari penguman tersebut tentang National Education Day Ceremony

2. Based on the announcement above, we know that …
A. the programs will last for 4 hours.
B. the program will be held in the morning.
C. there are two competitions will be held.
D. Mr.Andi is in charge to organize the programs.

Kunci jawaan  : D
Pembahasan    : Pada kalimat terakhir jelas bahwa coordinator program adalah Mr. Andi.
3. What programs that students can do individually? 
A. Debate.
B. Interesting program.
C. English speech contest.
D. Wall magazine competition.

Kunci jawaban : C
Pembahasan : Program yang dapat dilakukan secara perorangan adalah C, yang lainnya secara berkelompok

Text for number 4 - 5
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hansen 

Request the company of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson Brown

On the occasion of their
25th Wedding Anniversary
On Saturday 28 May at 8. p.m.
Taman Orchid Indah Block 2 D No. 4
Cengkareng Jakarta Barat

R.S.V.P: Windy (02154390231)

4. Who will celebrate the weeding anniversary?
A. Windy.
B. Mr. and Mrs. Brown.
C. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen
D. The company of Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Kunci jawaban : C
Pembahasan     : Dari undangan tersebut jelas yang merayakan ulang tahun pernikahan adalah Mr. and Mrs. Gansen.

5. The text is written in order to … .
A. To announce the weeding anniversary party
B. To inform the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hansen
C. To invite someone to the weeding anniversary party
D. To congratulate the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Kunci jawaban : C
Pembahasan : Teks tersebut adalah teks undangan, maka tujuan komunikatif dari teks tersebut adalah C.

Text for number 6 - 7
To: Liz
Sorry honey, I can’t keep my promise to go with you to the Mall tonight. I’ve to meet Mrs. Cathy at 07.00 pm. Please, don’t be angry.


6. How is Liz’s mother feel about her promise?
A. Impressed
B. Confused 
C. Relieved 
D. Guilty

Jawaban : D
Pembahasan : Dari pernyataan sorry honey, maka dapat diketahui bagaimana perasaan Liz’s mother yaitu guilty.

7. Mom writes the text in order to … 
A. apologize for not keeping the promise.
B. remind Liz that she has a promise with her.
C. tell Liz that she has to go to the meeting.
D. say that she cannot meet her in the Mall.

Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : Tujuan dari pesan singkat tersebut diketaui pada kalimat pertama pada pesan tersebut Sorry honey, I can’t fulfill my promise to go with you to the Mall tonight. Maka jawaban yang tepat A.
Text for number 8 - 10

8. To whom is the text addressed?
A. The guesses of a hotel
B. The employees of a food company
C. The customers of a restaurant
D. The visitors of a warehouse
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : 
Secara tersirat bacaan tersebut ditujukan kepada para pegawai perusahaan makanan.

9. Where can you probably find the text?
A. In a warehouse
B. In a stationary
C. In a laboratory
D. In a cruise ship
Jawaban : D
Pembahasan : Dari pilihan jawaban yang disediakan, kemungkinan terbesar ditemukannya bacaan tersebut adalah Jawaban D (Kapal Pesiar) terutama di bagian dapur dan/atau gudang makanannya

10. “In food preparation or food handling area”
The underlined word is synonymous with …
A. holding
B. cooking
C. treating
D. threating
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan :
Persamaan kata “preparation” secara kontekstual adalah “cooking”

Text for number 11 - 12

Syafira Ananda

The 1st winner
National English Debating Competition 2016
We are proud of your achievement and wish you best of luck in the future


11. Why did the principle write that card?
A. To celebrate Syafira’s achievement
B. To appreciate Syafira’s achievement
C. To invite Syafira to the same event
D. To express wishes to Syafira
Jawaban : 
Pembahasan : B
Greeting Card tersebut berisi “Congratulation” (ucapan selamat) yang dimaksudkan untuk mengapresiasi prestasi Syafira.

12. “We are proud of your achievement”.
We can infer from the statement that the principle is … with Syafira’s achievement.
A. amazed
B. surprised
C. grateful
D. delighted
Jawaban : D
Kalimat “We are proud of your achievement” (Kami bangga atas prestasimu) menunjukkan bahwa kepala sekolah senang (delighted) dengan prestasinya Syafira.

Text for number 13 - 15

13. What is the topic of the text?
A. Informing details of the product
B. Explaining how to store the product
C. Telling the way to consume the product
D. Describing the ingredients of the product
Jawaban : A

14. What is the biggest part of the product?
A. Banana puree
B. Lemon juice
C. Apple juice
D. Coconut milk
Jawaban : C

15. Why should the product be drunk within one day only?
A. Because it may be deteriorated after opening.
B. Because it does not contain preservatives.
C. Because it is a natural product.
D. Because it needs refrigerating.
Jawaban : A

Text for number 16 - 20
A hurricane is an intense, rotating oceanic weather system that has maximum continued winds exceeding 119 km/hr (74 mph). It forms and intensifies over tropical oceanic regions. 
Hurricanes are generally smaller than storms in mid-latitudes, typically about 500 km (311 miles) in diameter. At the ocean’s surface, the air spirals inward in a counterclockwise direction. This cyclonic circulation becomes weaker with height, eventually turning into clockwise (anticyclonic) outflow near the top of the storm.When a hurricane hits land, it can do great damage through its strong winds, heavy rains, inland flooding, and huge waves. A powerful hurricane can kill more people and destroy more property than any other natural disaster.
Hurricanes are categorized according to the strength of their winds. It is measured by using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. A Category 1 storm has the lowest wind speeds, while a Category 5 hurricane has the strongest. These are relative terms, because lower category storms can sometimes cause greater damage than higher category storms, depending on where they strike and the particular dangers they bring. In fact, tropical storms can also produce significant damage and loss of life, mainly due to flooding.

16. What does the text mainly discuss?
A. The dangerous waves.
B. The power of the winds.
C. The description of hurricane.
D. The condition in oceanic region.

Jawaban : C
Pembahasan :
Paragraf tersebut diatas secara umum membahas tentang Hurricane.

17. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. We need a special device to measure hurricanes.
B. The lowest category of hurricane can cause huge waves.
C. We classify hurricanes based on the strength of their winds.
D. The dangers of hurricanes come from the winds’ movement.

Jawaban: C
Kalimat-kalimat dalam paragraph terakhir membicarakan tentang apa yang dinyatakan dalam kalimat pertama paragraph. Dengan demikian pada kalimat inilah pokok pikiran dari paragraph tersebut.Jawaban yg tepat utk soal ini tentu saja C.

18. A hurricane can bring great damage when it strikes the land because… .
A. It influences the temperature of water in the sea.
B. It is the most dangerous disaster coming from the sea.
C. It always moves from the oceanic surface to the land rapidly.
D. It has strong winds, heavy rains, dangerous flooding and huge waves.

Jawaban: D
Soal menanyakan tentang alasan mengapa hurricane bisa membuat kerusakan.Alasannya dapat diketahui darikalimat When a hurricane hits land, it can do great damage through its strong winds, heavy rains, inland flooding, and huge waves.Dengan demikian jawaban D yang paling tepat.

19. “….hits land, it can do great damage through its strong winds, … “ (paragraph 2)
What does the word “it” in the sentence refer to?
A. Hurricane.
B. Wind.
C. Storm.
D. Land.

Jawaban: A
Sesuai konteks kalimat dalam bacaan, kata it mengacu pada hurricane.

20. Based on the text we can conclude that when the hurricane strikes the situation is very … .
A. inspiring
B. enjoyable
C. frightening
D. weird

Jawaban: C
Soal menanyakan tentang informasi tersirat.Sesuai namanya informasi ini tidak tertera jelas dalam teks tetapi kita dapat mengetahui jawaban itu berdasarkan clue (petunjuk) dari kata-kata yang dipakai.Berdasarkan gambaran tentang hurricane dalam teks bisa disimpulkan bahwa saat hurricane terjadi situasinya sangat mengerikan, danmenakutkan.Karena itu jawaban pertanyaan diatas adalah C. Jawaban lainnya tidak cocok menurut bacaan.

Text for number 21 - 25
Things you need
A shoebox
Cardboard sheet
Different colored glazer paper
Pencil, eraser, and sketch pens

1. Take a shoebox without the lid.
2. Draw out a fishing boat on the cardboard and cut it.
3. Use glazed paper in different colors to stick on the cardboard boat so that it looks bright and colorful.
4. Stick the boat on one side of the shoebox. Your letter holder is ready.

21. What is the purpose of writing the text?
A. To give complete description on shoeboxes.
B. To tell the way to make a letter holder.
C. To recycle shoeboxes for other purposes.
D. To tell readers how to make use of shoeboxes. 

Jawaban: B
Dari pertanyaan jelas, soal menanyakan tujuan penulisan teks.Karena teks berbentuk procedure, maka tujuan penulisan yang paling tepat adalah jawaban B.

22. Why should we use glazed paper in different colors? Because … .
A. it makes the holder bright and colorful
B. it is more easier to be differentiated.
C. It is a bit cheaper when we use them.
D. The colors are important factors to have.

Jawaban: A
Jawaban mengapa menggunakan glazed paper yang warna warni dapat dibaca pada kalimat so that it looks bright and colorful.Jadi pilihan A yang paling benar.

23. What should you do after drawing out a fishing boat on the cardboard?
A. Cut the cardboard.
B. Use the glue to stick it.
C. Stick the boat on the picture.
D. Draw the picture again and paint it.

Jawaban: A
Jawaban pertanyaan dapat diketahui dari kalimat Draw out a fishing boat on the cardboard and cut it.Dengan demikian jawaban A yang paling tepat.

24. “Draw out a fishing boat on the cardboard and cut it.”
The word “it” in the sentence refers to … .
A. the fishing boat
B. the cardboard
C. the shoebox
D. the lid

Jawaban: B
Sesuai konteks kalimat dalam bacaan, kata it mengacu pada cardboard.

25. “Stick the boat on one side of the shoebox.”
The word “stick” in the above sentence is similar in meaning to … .
A. make
B. fasten
C. remove
D. hit

Jawaban: B

Berdasarkan kalimat yang disajikan dalam soal, maka arti stick yang paling tepat adalah pada jawaban B.

Text for number 26-29
It was early in the morning we left Ubud and traveled to Gili Air which is one of three islands of Lombok. It took 4 hours in total by boat. The travelling was not bad but it was a hot day. I said to Jane on the slow boat " It`s alright babe, it won`t be so hot and stuffy once we get moving.”

When we got to Gili Air it was still quite so we were able to get a bungalow near the beach for about $ 15 a night plus breakfast. We shared our room with quite a number of geckos. Some of them were quite large ones. 

The weather was still hot when I went diving. Jane waited for me at the seashore. She observed some fishermen who had just caught some fish. She did not want to dive because she had a trauma with sea animals. We had three days here which we spent walking around the island which takes about an hour. Every night, we sat on the couches near the beach and watched the waves and the stars. 
It was a fantastic journey that I ever had. 

26. The purpose of writing the text above is …
A. to amuse the readers
B. to advertise a tourism object
C. to retell the writer’s experience
D. to describe the view in Lombok

Jawaban: C
Tujuan penulisan text yang paling tepat adalah jawabanC.

27. How many days did the writer spend in the island?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Jawaban: C
Lama penulis berada di pulau adalah 3 hari.

28. Jane did not join diving with the writer because …
a. the weather was hot at that time
b. she had a bad experience with sea animals
c. there were some fishermen catching the fish
d. she preferred to wait for the writer at the seashore

Jawaban: B
Jawaban : Alasan Jane tidak ikut menyelam dapat dibaca pada kalimat She did not want to dive because she had a trauma with sea animals.Jadi pilihan B yang paling benar.

29. “It was a fantastic journey that I ever had.” (last paragraph)
         The underlined word is similar in meaning to …
a. meaningful
b. wonderful
c. interesting
d. amazing

Jawaban: B
Berdasarkan kalimat yang disajikan dalam soal, maka arti fantastic yang paling tepat adalah pada jawaban B.

Text for number 30 - 34
A man with his donkey carrying two sacks of wheat was on his way to the market. After a little while he was tired and they rested under a tree.

When he woke up from his nap he could not see the donkey and started searching for the donkey everywhere. On the way he met a boy, he asked the boy, “Have you seen my donkey?” The boy asked, “Is the donkey’s left eye blind, his right foot lame and is he carrying a load of wheat?” The man was happy and said, “Yes, exactly! Where have you seen it?” the boy answered “I haven’t seen it.” This made the man very angry and he took the boy to the village chief for punishment.

The judge asked, “Dear boy, if you had not seen at the donkey, how could you describe it?” The boy answered, “I saw the tracks of a donkey and the right and left tracks were different from this I understood that the donkey that passed there was limping. And the grass on the right side of the road was eaten but the grass on the left was not. From that I understood that his left eye was blind. There were wheat seeds scattered on the ground and I understood that he must have been carrying a load of wheat. The judge understood the boy’s cleverness and told the man to forgive the boy.

30. What does the text tell you about?
A. A clever boy.
B. A wise judge.
C. A bold chief.
D. A strong man.

Jawaban: A
Berdasarkan isi tiap-tiap paragraph bisa disimpulkan teks menceritakan tentang seorang anak yang pandai.Dengan demikian jawaban A yang paling tepat.

31. Why did the man get angry with the boy? Because … .
A. He did not want to help the donkey owner.
B. He pretended to see the man’s donkey.
C. He was ashamed to be fooled by the little boy
D. He liked tricking people when he played.

Jawaban: C

Jawaban mengapa laki-laki itu marah dapat dipahami dari pertanyaan dan jawaban orang itu dengan si anak.Ia marah pada anak itu karena dia tidak melihat sendiri tapi merasa tahu. Jadi ia merasa dipermainkan oleh anak tersebut. Jadi pilihan C yang paling benar.

32. The text shows that the boy knew about the donkey based on … .
A. the clues  that he saw
B. the words which people said
C. the report made by passers by
D. the people who told him

Jawaban: A
berdasarkan clue (petunjuk) dari kalimat-kalimat yang dipakai.  Jawaban yang paling cocok adalah A.

33. “…and I understood that he must have been carrying a load of wheat.”
What does the underlined word in the sentence refer to?
A. The donkey.
B. The traveller.
C. The man.
D. The village chief.

Jawaban: A
Sesuai konteks kalimat dalam bacaan, kata he mengacu pada the donkey.

34. What lesson can we learn from telling the story?
A. Punishment should be done as soon as possible.
B. Law enforcement must be done to whoever.
C. We should not be quick to judge people.
D. We must not belittle people especially children.

Jawaban:  C
Berdasarkan isi cerita di atas, jelas orang laki-laki itu langsung saja menyalahkan si anak tanpa memperhitungkan kebenarannya.Tapi setelah diadili ternyata si Anak tidak bersalah atau kurang tepat bila disalahkan.Ini mengajari kita bahwa sebaiknya orang jangan terlalu cepat menuduh  orang lain tanpa bukti-bukti  yang cukup. Jadi jawaban C yang paling benar.

Text for number 35 - 37
The Ambarawa Railway Museum houses 21 antique locomotives plus two more, which are stored in the depot. These locomotives are no longer produced; even the factories that made them no longer exist. The main building of this museum is the defunct Ambarawa railway station which was built in 1873. The station covers 127,500 m2.

The oldest in this museum is a locomotive made by Hartman Chemnitz. This locomotive, with a length of 8.58 m and a width of 2.45 m, began its operation in 1891. Using wood as fuel, the steam locomotive could run 50 km/h – its maximum speed.

A special part of a visit to this museum is a trip by train from The Ambarawa Railway Museum to the defunct Bedono train station. This package tour is called Railway Mountain Tour. Why is the trip so special? Because the participants will board an antique train and the train will travel on a 4.9 kilometer-cog railway, which is the only one in the world. 

35. What does the text mainly discuss?
A. The 21 antique locomotives
B. Ambarawa Railway Station
C. The oldest locomotive
D. Ambarawa Railway Museum

Jawaban : D
Pembahasan :
Bacaan tersebut membahas tentang Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa

36. It can be stated from the text that ....
A. The Ambarawa Museum collects less than 21 antique locomotives
B. The factories produced locomotives in Ambarawa Museum are still exist.
C. The visitors can enjoy their trip on an antique train by following Railway Mountain Tour
D. The steam locomotives use coal as fuel to run
Jawaban : C
Pembahasan : Pernyataan yang benar adalah para pengunjung dapat menikmati perjalanan dengan kereta dengan mengikuti Railway Mountain Tour.

37. What will you probably do after reading the text?
A. Book the Railway Mountain Tour at Ambarawa Railway Museum.
B. Plan to visit Ambarawa Railway Museum 
C. Find the best route to visit Ambarawa Railway Museum for the next visit.
D. Reserve a hotel room in Ambarawa and enjoy the scenery of Ambarawa.

Jawaban : B
Pembahasan :
Jawaban B adalah jawaban yang tepat.

Text for number 38 - 40
Charles Dickens is much loved for his great contribution to classic English literature. He was the quintessential Victorian author. His epic stories, vivid characters and exhaustive depiction of contemporary life are unforgettable.
He was born in Portsmouth on 7 February 1812, to John and Elizabeth Dickens. The good fortune of being sent to school at the age of nine was short-lived because his father was imprisoned for bad debt. Charles was sent to work in Warren's blacking factory and endured appalling conditions as well as loneliness and despair. After three years he was returned to school, but the experience was never forgotten and became fictionalised in two of his better-known novels 'David Copperfield' and 'Great Expectations'.
Like many others, he began his literary career as a journalist. His own father became a reporter and Charles began with the journals 'The Mirror of Parliament' and 'The True Sun'. Then in 1833 he became parliamentary journalist for The Morning Chronicle. With new contacts in the press he was able to publish a series of sketches under the pseudonym 'Boz'. In April 1836, he married Catherine Hogarth. He died of a stroke in 1870. He is buried at Westminster Abbey.

Taken from : dickens_charles.shtml

38. What is the purpose of the text above?
A. To give information about Charles Dicken’s personal life
B. To entertain the readers with Charles Dicken’s story
C. To amuse the readers with the Charles Dicken’s story
D. To persuade the readers to have Charles Dicken’s spirit

Jawaban : A
Pembahasan :
Tujuan utama dari teks Biografi Charles Dickens adalah  untuk memberitahukan pembaca tentang kehidupan pribadi dari Charles Dickens (To give information about Charles Dicken’s personal life)

39. Which of the following sentences is NOT true according to the text above?
A. Charles Dickens  was a quintessential Victorian author
B. Charles Dickens felt lonely and desperate when he worked at Warren's blacking factory
C. Charles Dickens wrote his novels, 'David Copperfield' and 'Great Expectations', based on his experience
D. Charles Dickens began his literacy career as a reporter

Jawaban : D
Pembahasan :
Pernyataan yang tidak benar dalam teks adalah pada pilihan D (Charles Dickens began his literacy career as a reporter), dalam teks disebutkan bahwa Charles Dickens mengawali karir literasinya sebagai  jurnalis, “…Like many others, he began his literary career as a journalist. His own father became a reporter and Charles began with the journals 'The Mirror of Parliament' and 'The True Sun”

40. "Charles was sent to work in Warren's blacking factory and endured appalling conditions as well as loneliness and despair”
What does the underlined word mean?
A. Horrifying
B. Fascinating
C. Interesting
D. Enthralling

Jawaban : A
Pembahasan :
Persamaan kata “appaling” adalah “horrifying”. Dalam teks tersebut appaling conditions diartikan sebagai kondisi yang menyedihkan.

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