Latihan Soal Grammar Structure

1. The officer had the train passenger who could not show his ticket ... the fine.
to pay

2. Mira entered the university after she ... from senior high school.
has graduated
had graduated

3. The effect of honeybee's sting on human being ... on that person susceptibility to the bees venom.
is depending
are depended

4. The traffic is terrible. By the time we get to the airport, Bob's plane ... and he'll be wondering where we are.
has already arrived
will have already arrived
would already arrived
was arriving

5. She failed because of her very poor mark in her final examination. She ... harder for it.
must have studied
should have studied
could have studied
must study

6. "It's unusual that you go to work by bus, why aren't your driving your car?" "It ...."
has sold
has to sell
has to be sold
has been sold

7. Since Andre was accepted at two prestigious universities, he had a hard time ... which one to choose.
to decide

8. I don't remember ... last year.
what did I give her for her birthday
for her birthday what did I give her
what I gave her for her birthday
what for her birthday I gave her

9. The lady ... this letter is addressed had moved to another city.
to which
to whom

10. facing hard times, the people with very low income are looking forward to ... by the well to-do to fulfill their daily necessities.
being supported

11. ... their village is locate on the dangerous zone of Mt. Agung, the people do not want to leave their home.

12. Would you mind ... until I finish typing this letter?
to wait
to be waiting

13. ... his brilliant defense lawyer, the criminal was sentenced to live in prison.
Because of
In spite of
In order that

14. The committee has met and ....
they have reached a decission
it has formulated themselves some opinions
its decision was reached at
it has reached a decision

15. California relies heavily on income from fruit crops, and ....
Florida also
Florida too
so does Florida
Florida is as well

16. In December last year, there was an earthquake in my hometown. It was so terrible that I could feel the ground and everything in my house ... hard.
to shake
was shaking

17. There has not been a great response to the sale, ...?
does there
hasn't there
hasn't it
has there

18. Because the first pair of pants did not fit properly, he asked for ....
another pants
others pants
the others ones
another pair

19. "What has the donated money been used for?" "... a school for the needy."
In setting up
Setting up
Being set up
It is set up

20. "John score on the test is the highest in the class." "...."
He should study last night
He should have studied last night
He must have studied last night
He must had to study last night

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