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Contoh Soal, Pembahasan dan Latihan Soal TOEFL Online : Error Identification

Selamat datang di blog Ahzaa Media Belajar, pada posting berikut ini, kami ingin memberikan 10 contoh soal TOEFL pada bagian error identification test disertai dengan pembahasannya. Pada soal Error Identification, setiap kalimat memiliki empat kata atau frase yang digarisbawahi. Dan pilihlah satu dari empat kata atau frase tersebut  yang salah sehingga harus diperbaiki.
Langsung saja, berikut soal, pembahasan dan latihan soal TOEFL Online.

Error Identification 

1.  Even though he was exhausted, John wrote to his parents a letter explaining the situation.
               A                                                                                            B          C                    D

Pembahasan :
Jawaban : B
Seharusnya : Wrote his parents a letter

2. The Tyrrels had such warm welcome from their family that they were overwhelmed and
                                              A                                                                                                           B
could not  speak for a few minutes.
         C                                   D                                                                                                                             
Pembahasan :
Jawaban : A
Seharusnya : Such a warm welcome

3. The article suggests that when a person is under unusual stress you should
                                               A                                                                                        B                      
be especially careful to eat a well- balanced diet.
              C                                                       D

Jawaban : B
Seharusnya: he or she should be

4.  Economics, with their widespread range of practical application,
            A                               B
is of great interest to government leaders throughout the world.
C                                                                                                D

Jawaban : B
Seharusnya : with its widespread

5.  Kathy was definitely a faster swimmer than anyone on her on her team
                                                    A                                  B        C
and appeared headed for the state championship.

Jawaban : C
Seharusnya : anyone else

6.  The stage production that we saw in  New York was very much as the one 
                A                                                     B                                                               C
we had previously seen in London

Jawaban : C
Seharusnya : much like the one

7.  Did you hear many news about the political situation while you were in that country?
                                        A                                            B                              C                          D

Pembahasan Jawaban : A Seharusnya : much news
8. Both John, Bob and Tom are outstanding golfers and reasonably good tennis players.
       A                                                               B                                             C                   D

Jawaban : A
Seharusnya : John, Bob, and Tom

9.  His speech was a careful worded attempt to evade his responsibility in the matter.
                                                A               B                             C                                             D

Jawaban : A
Seharusnya : carefully worded

10.  The children were surprised when the teacher had them to close their books unexpectedly.
                                                           A                                            B                       C                                        D

Jawaban : C
Seharusnya : had them close

Dan bila rekan - rekan ingin berlatih soal soal TOEFL Error Identification secara online silahkan klik tautan berikut untuk berlatih mengerjakan soal TOEFL Error Identification Online.



Demikian Contoh Soal TOEFL, Pembahasan dan Latihan Soal TOEFL Online ; Error Identification. Semoga bisa membantu rekan- rekan yang sedang berlatih untuk mempersiapkan Tes TOEFL. Nantikan latihan- latihan soal TOEFL dari kami berikutnya. Terima kasih.

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