Latihan Soal Teks Advertisement Ujian Nasional SMA

Teks advertisement merupakan sebuah teks yang bertujuan mempromosikan sebuah produk ataupun jasa. Teks ini biasanya ditemukan pada berbagai media seperti media cetak atau media online. Dalam soal bahasa Inggris, ada dua contoh teks advertisement yang sering muncul yaitu teks advertisement tentang suatu produk dan teks advertisement lowongan pekerjaan.

Pertanyaan seputar teks advertisement pun sama seperti tipe soal- soal teks pendek lainnya yang berkutat pada pertanyaan gambaran umum, menentukan tujuan teks, menentukan informasi rinci baik tersirat atau tersurat. 

Pada kisi- kisi ujian nasional beberapa tahun terakhir, teks ini dimunculkan sebagai salah satu materinya. Untuk lebih mengenal tentang tipe soal atau contoh soal yang muncul dalam ujian nasional dengan tema teks advertisement ini, berikut saya siapkan dua puluh soal latihan teks advertisement.

Nah langsung saja, berikut latihan soal- soalnya,

Text for number 1 -3

1. The advertisement is about ....
     A. Building in business district
     B. Available to get unique opportunities
     C. Hotels and restaurant in the downtown
     D. Leasing office space
     E. Facilities offered by the company

2. Which of the following is NOT close to the building?
    A. Hotels
    B. Restaurant
    C. Parks
    D. Shopping centers
    E. Business centers

3. ... square feet are available for ....
    The underlined word means ....
     A.  obtainable
     B.  preferable
     C. durable
     D. unavailable
     E. inaccessible

Text for number 4-6

4. To applied the job, the applicant must have …
    A. been graduated from reputable university
    B. an experience in the same field for two years
    C. a leadership skill and been at least 25 years old
    D. determination to succeed and recent photograph
    E. an ability to communicate in oral and written English

5. The applicant should include ...  in his/her email.
    A. Curriculum Vitae, copy of computer course certificate, and copy of ID card
    B. Application letter, copy of transcripts, and recent photograph
    C. Recent photograph, CV, and copy of ID card
    D. Resume Copy of transcripts, and copy of ID card
    E. Application letter, resume, and the newest photograph

6. “Please send your application …”
    The underlined word refers to …
    A. the readers who have just graduated from senior high
    B. the readers who wants to fill the offered vacancy
    C. the readers who have ability to work in a team
    D. the readers who are able to lead a team
    E. the readers who are max. 25 years old

Text for number 7 -9

7. What should an applicant have to apply the vacant position?
     A. He/she is able and willing to work in a team.
     B. He/she has to have good communication skill.
     C. He/she can work in limited time and under pressure.
     D. He/she is a fresh graduate from advertising department.
     E. He/she has a knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

8. If a person interests in the advertisement, he/she should ....
    A. Submit their resume to provided email address.
    B. Find out further information about the company.
    C. Fulfill the requirements stated in the advertisement.
    D. Ask the inquiries by calling through the phone number.
    E. Learn more about Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

9. “Email your resume to info@rafdesign.com.”
    The underlined word refers to …
     A. The readers who are interested in the vacancy
     B. The readers who have good knowledge in design programs
     C. The readers who fulfill the requirements demanded in the advertisement
     D. The readers who want to join the media network in Kaduwela
     E. The readers who are working as graphic designer

Text for number 10-12

10. To the readers who want to apply as driver they must …
      A. be under 30 years old and have “A” Driving License
      B. have good computer skill and experience in the same field
      C. be able to speak in English and Senior High School graduated
      D. be ready to work by shift period and computer literate
      E. have general driving license and computer literate

11. What is general requirement stated in the text?
      A. The ability to communicate in English
      B. The education levels
      C. The ability to operate computer
      D. The driving licenses
      E. The limitation of applicant’s age

12. “Send your CV to …”
      The underlined word refers to …
      A. the readers who have just graduated from senior high
      B. the readers who wants to fill the offered vacancy
      C. the readers who have ability to work by shift
      D. the readers who are under 30 years old
      E. the readers who live in Bali

Text for number 13-15

13. The advertisement promotes ....
      A. A golf resort
      B. A new hotel
      C. A beautiful country side
      D. The beauty of Bali
      E. The beauty of nature

14. The cheapest room is ... per night.
      A. US$ 30,00
      B. US$ 52,00
      C. US$ 72,00
      D. US$ 150,00
      E. US$ 250,00

Text for number 15-17

15. To apply the vacant position the candidate should have ....
      A. Bachelor Degree in any disciplines
      B. Five years or more experience in drilling company
      C. Ability to communicate in written and oral English
      D. Reference from previous company personnel
      E. Determination to work with foreign firm

16. What will happen if an applicant does not mention the expected salary?
      A. The company will not hire the applicant.
      B. He/she will not be paid during his/her work.
      C. The company prefers paying low salary.
      D. He/she will have to find another job.
      E. The company may give the option for salary.

17. “… for its Jakarta office.”
What does the underlined word refer to?
     A. A professional accountant
     B. A comprehensive knowledge
     C. A well-known drilling company
     D. Accounting and tax professional
     E. A foreign-owned petroleum company

Text for number 18-20

18. What is the requirement for a candidate to apply the vacant position?
      A. A physician certificate from reputable university
      B. At least five-year experience in the same position in reputable laboratory
      C. Responsibility in supervising and leading the total laboratory service team
      D. An ability to work with team and willing to work 7 days a week
      E. Leadership and determination to lead a laboratory service team

19. If there is an inquiry related to the position offered, a candidate should …
      A. meet the HRD personnel to have the answer
      B. send an email to the given address
      C. visit the Impulse Hospital website
      D. make a call to have it clarified
      E. post a letter to them

20. “His working hours will be considered …”
      What does the underlined word refer to?
       A. The applicant
       B. The haematologist
       C. The pathologist
       D. The director
       E. The consultant

Semoga bermanfaat.

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