Seri Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris UTBK SBMPTN Plus Pembahasan

Hai sahabat ahzaa, selamat datang kembali di AhzaaNet. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi latihan soal untuk menghadapi UTBK SBMPTN khususnya untuk Bahasa Inggris. Buat teman- teman yang akan mendaftar perguruan tinggi melalui jalur SBMPTN, cocok banget nih untuk mulai mengintip sebenarnya soal UTBK SBMPTN itu seperti apa. Mengingat soal- soal yang kompleks, tidak ada salahnya untuk mempelajarinya mulai sekarang.

Nah, berikut saya kompil soal - soal SBMPTN dari ujian di tahun- tahun sebelumnya plus pembahasan untuk memudahkan dalam belajar teman- teman. Latihan soal untuk SBMPTN ini akan saya post secara bertahap yaa teman- teman melingkupi semua mapel yang diujikan. Jadi, pelan- pelan dulu mulai kita post untuk soal bahasa Inggris UTBK SBMPTN. 

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Sebagian besar soal Bahasa Inggris UTBK SBMPTN merupakan soal reading. Teman- teman akan disuguhi berbagai jenis bacaan dengan topik tertentu untuk menjawab pertanyaan seputar teks tersebut. Untuk menjawab soal reading, sebenarnya ada beberapa tips yang dapat digunakan, namun, menurut saya, hal terpenting disini adalah kemampuan dalam memahami teks sesuai dengan konteks, dan itu memerlukan proses. Latihan soal merupakan satu- satunya jalan untuk memahami teks. Melalui pembiasaan, teman- teman akan mudah merayapi segala informasi dalam bacaan soal.  

Baik, langsung saja yaa, berikut latihan soalnya, jangan lupa share bila bermanfaat dan dapatkan update soal- soal UTBK SBMPTN dengan follow blog AhzaaNet. 

Selamat berlatih.

Seri Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris UTBK SBMPTN Plus Pembahasan

Text 1 for numbers 1 to 5
(SPMB 2002)
Three months ago, Mariza Castro left Honduras. Today, she is in the United States, and she has a job. Castro works behind the counter at McDonald’s. Speeds is an important part of the work life. Fast-food counter workers are expected to serve cutomers in less then a minute. At McDonald’s they say, “Work fast or you didn’t last”. 

Are McDonald’s workers lucky to have jobs? Or are they being exploited? They answer depends on who you talk to. 

McDonald’s does many good things. For example, no other company hires more young people than Mc. Donald’s. More than half of its workers are under 20 years old. McDonald’s also has good record of being minority workers. Thirteen percent of its workers are black. This better than any other U.S. Company. But the burger house has its critics as well. The pay bothered Edward Rodriguez. He worked for nearly a year at as Los Angeles McDonald’s. During that time he got only one 10-cent raise. ‘I used to joke that working for McDonald’s is the closest thing to slave labor in the U.S. today’, the says. Today, most McDonald’s pay about $5.00 an hour. They hire new workers constantly. The restaurant has no other choice because 70 percent of its workers quit or are fired every year.

But McDonald’s also gets its share of praise. Its best workers more up quickly. Just talk to 17-years-old Ameer Abdul Razaaq of Harlem, New York City. ‘They call me “Young Crew Chief around my block”, he says, ‘Where else can I go at my age and be ini charge of this many people?’ He sees the job as the first step in his career.

However, most McDonald’s crew member never make it to manager because the job pressure is so intense and the rewards so few. As one worker put it, ‘The expect a lot and they don’t pay you much’. 

1. What should young people  who start working at McDonald's expect?
A. To get a good salary raise every day
B. To serve costumers in a relaxed way
C. To have a good start in making a career
D. To be paid a relatively low salary
E. To work in a friendly environtment

Jawaban D
Terdapat paragraf terakhir terdapat kalimat " They expect a lot  and they don't  pay you much" yang menyiratkan bahwa anak muda yang bekerja di McDonald mendapatkan gaji yang relatif rendah (to be paid a relatively low salary)

2. Who are referred to as minority workers?
A. youngsters
B. Black people and immigrants
C. uneducated workers
D. All American citizens
E. Unskilled workers

Jawaban B
Pada kalimat McDonald's also has a good record of hiring minority workers. Thirteen percent of its workers are black. Dari kalimat tersebut diketahui bahwa pekerja minoritas adalah warga kulit hitam

3. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. Mc Donald's is the better than any other US company
B. It is difficult for workers to become Mc Donald's managers
C. Mc Donald's can be unfair to its workers
D. Most employees do not stay long working for Mc Donald'salary
E. McDonald's hire employees but does not rewards

Jawaban A
Pernyataan yang paling tidak tepat adalah pada pernyataan A, Mc Donald's is the better than any other US company atau McDonald's lebih baik daripada perusahaan manapun di Amerika. Hal ini kurang tepat karena pada paragraf keempat tersirat bahwa McDonald's tidak cukup baik pada kesejahteraan karyawannya

4. We can infer that one of the most important factors in hiring employees in McDonald's is ....
A. experience
B. citizenship
C. creativity
D. age
E. leadership

Jawaban D
Salah satu faktor penting dalam perekrutan karyawan adalah faktor usia. Hal ini dijelaskan pada paragraf kedua dalam kalimat More than  half of its workers are under 20 years old (lebih dari separo usia pekerjanya adalah dibawah 20 tahun)

5. We may conclude that the text ....
A. mainly critisizes employees working for McDonald'salary
B. is taken from a chapter of a book on marketing
C. examines the employment situation at Mc Donald'
D. serves as a promotions to attract employees
E. describes why McDonald's becomes so popular among youngsters

Jawaban C
dapat disimpulkan bahwa bacaan tersebut menjelaskan situasi kerja di McDonald's (the employment situation at McDonald's)

Text 2 for numbers 6 to 9
(SPMB 2003)
Nobody actually wants to hurt the feeling of others but, as business become over more international, it is increasingly easy to get wrong. There may be a single European market but it does mean that managers behave the same in Greece as they do in Denmark.

In may European countries handshaking is an automatic gesture. In France good manners require that on arriving at a business meeting a manager shakes hands with everyone present. This can be a demanding task and, in a crowded room, may require great efforts if the farthest hand is to be reached.

In Europe the most common challenge is not the content of the food, but the way you behave as you eat. Some things are just not done. In France it is not good manners to raise tricky questions of business over the main course. Business has its place: after the cheese course.
Unless you are prepared to eat in silence you have to talk about something - something, that is, other than the business deal which you are continually thinking about.

In Germany, as you walk sadly back to your hotel room, you may wonder why your apparently  friendly hosts have not invited you out  for the evening. Don't worry, it is probably nothing personal. Germans do not entertain business people  with quite the same enthusiasm as some of their European counterparts. 

The Germans are also notable for the amount of formality they bring to business. As an outsider, it is often difficult to know whether colleagues have been working together for 30 years or just met in the lift. If you are used to calling people by their first names this can be a little strange. To the Germans, titles are important. Forgetting that someone should be called Herr Dokter or Frau Direktorin might cause serious offence. It is equally offensive to call them by a tittle they do not possesses.

These cultural challenges exist side by side with the 'problems of doing business in a foreign language. Language, of course, is full of difficulties - disaster may be only a syllable away. But the more you know of the culture of the country you are dealing with, the less likely you are to get into difficulties. It is worth the effort. It might be rather hard to explain that the reason you lost the contract was not the product or the price, but the fact that you offended your hosts in a light-hearted comment over an aperitif, Good manners are admired: they can also make or break the deal.

6. The topic of the text is ....
A. managers in international business
B. different meaning of handshaking
C. how to address colleagues
D. business costume in Europe
E. how to behave during business meals

Jawaban C
Topik bacaan adalah tentang bagaimana menghadapi kolega dalam budaya yang berbeda. 

7. As business has become more international, .....
A. all managers should behave in the same way
B. it is easy for people to make mistakes
C. countries should maintain their different customs
D. it is important to have standardized custom
E. business are based on many new custom

Jawaban B
... as business become over more international, it is increasingly easy to get wrong.
Pada kalimat tersebut menjelaskan bahwa saat kepentingan bisnis meluas dalam dunia internasional, maka sangat mudah bagi para pelaku usaha untuk membuat suatu kesalahan

8. A noticeable cultural difference is one of the European countries is ....
A. talking about business every lunch
B. discussing food at business dinner
C. addressing people by their titles
D. complaining about different customs
E. showing hospitality to business associates

Jawaban E
Perbedaan budaya yang kentara merupakan salah satu hal yang menunjukkan karamahtamahan dalam hubungan bisnis    

9. A businessman might fail in doing business overseas because he ....
A. ignores the culture of the host country
B. does not speak the language in his counter part
C. knows too much about the other culture
D. insist on the acceptance of his product price
E. adapts himself to the cultural environtment

Jawaban A
Seorang wirausahawan akan gagal dalam menjalankan bisnis internasional apabila dia mengabaikan budaya dari negara yang dituju dalam bisnis. (kalimat tersirat pada paragraf terakhir ; But the more you know of the culture of the country you are dealing with, the less likely you are to get into difficulties)

Text 3 for numbers 10 to 11
(SPMB 2003)
In the last few thousand years many civilizations have risen to a high level of development and then collapsed. As far as we know none of them had a such sophisticated technology as we developed, but nevertheless they produced remarkable and long lasting artifacts, such as  the great pyramids and the sphinx of Egypt, the arch at Ctesiphon and the the extraordinary stone constructions of Middle America. The civilizations were destroyed by barbarian invasions, others by earth-quakes, fires or other disasters and some in Mexico apparently collapsed purely as a result of the irreversible growth of top heavy bureaucracy. In all of them, however, their collapses has had a central case, which was the run down of degeneration of overall motivation, spirit, or ethos of the social system.

10. The general reason for the collapse of all these ancient civilizations is ....
A. Their inferior technology
B. Barbarians invasions
C. The growth of bureaucracy
D. natural disaster
E. The degenerations of social system

Jawaban E
Jawaban terdapat pada kalimat In all of them, however, their collapses has had a central case, which was the run down of degeneration of overall motivation, spirit, or ethos of the social system. (runtuhnya peradaban kuno salah satunya adalah kemunduran motivasi dari sistem sosial)

11. The topic of the paragraph is ....
A. The development of world civilization
B. Sophisticated technology in ancient civilization
C. The fate of civilization in ancient time
D. examples of some ancient advanced civilization
E. The differences in world civilizations

Jawaban A
Pada kalimat pertama, memuat informasi tentang kenyataan bahwa berbagai peradaban mengalami pasang surut - mencapai puncaknya dan kemudian runtuh. Kalimat ini dijelaskan pada kalimat kedua dan ketiga melalui contoh- contoh peninggalan keemasan peradaban tertentu. Pada kalimat keempat dan kelima dijelaskan alasan keruntuhan. Dari penjelasan tersebut dapat disimpulkan topik bacaan tersebut adalah perkembangan peradaban di dunia (The development of world civilization)

Text 4 for numbers 12 to 16
(SPMB 2004)
The view that women are better parents than men has shown itself to be true throughout history. This is not to say that men are not of importance in child-rearing; indeed, they are most necessary if children are to appreciate fully the roles of both sexes. But women have proven themselves superior parents as a result of their conditioning, their less aggressive nature and generally better communication skills.

From the time they are little, females learn about nurturing. First with dolls and later perhaps with younger brothers and sisters, girls are given the role of career. Girls see their mothers in the same roles so it is natural that they identify this as female activity. Boys, in contrast, learn competitive roles far removed from what it means to nurture. While boys may dream of adventures, girls conditioning means they tend to see the future in terms of raising families.

Girls also appear to be less aggressive than boys. In adulthood, it is men not women, who prove to be the aggressors in crime and in war. Obviously, in raising children, a more patient, gentle manner is preferable to a more aggressive one. Although, there certainly exist gentle men and aggressive women, by and large, female are less likely to resort to violence in attempting to solve problems.

Finally, women tend to be better communicator than men. This is shown in intelligence test, where females, on average, do better in verbal communication than males. Of course, communication is of utmost important in rearing children, as children tend to learn from and adopt the communication styles of their parents.

Thus, it is all very well to suggest a greater role for men in raising children, let us not forget that women are generally better suited to the parenting roles.

12. The main information of the text is about ....
A. the importance of men and women in child rearing
B. the reluctance of men to play the role of parents
C. the reasons why women are better parents than men
D. the superior of women in family
E. the different attitudes of men and women as parents

Jawaban C
Secara keseluruhan bacaan di atas berisi informasi utama tentang alasan mengapa peran wanita sebagai orang tua lebih baik daripada pria (the reasons why women are better parents than men)
Hal tersebut dikuatkan dengan beberapa argumen pada paragraf dalam bacaan yang mengindikasikan bahwa 
(1) wanita sejak kecil dikondisikan untuk merawat anak, baik dengan permainan bonekanya maupun mengurusi saudara- saudaranya yang lebih kecil
(2) wanita memiliki sifat yang tidak terlalu agresif
(3) wanita memiliki komunikasi yang baik

13. As parents, women in general play a more important rule than men because they are ....
A. not aggressive at all
B. good communicators
C. superior human beings
D. experienced in raising children
E. capable of solving problems

Jawaban D
Sebagai orang tua, peran wanita lebih penting daripada pria dalam hal- hal yang berkaitan dengan pengasuhan anak (experienced in raising children)

14. Most women are good mothers because they ....
A. have brothers and sisters with whom the play
B. had to learn about nurturing when they were children
C. have never dreamed of adventures like boys
D. are not to learn about competitive roles
E. have known the role of career since childhood

Jawaban E
Wanita adalah ibu yang baik, karena mengetahui perannya semenjak masih kanak- kanak. Hal yang menguatkan jawaban ini terdapat pada kalimat 
"From the time they are little, females learn about nurturing" dan "girls conditioning means they tend to see the future in terms of raising families"

15. The following are the general characteristics of men, EXCEPT ....
A. aggressive
B. adventurous
C. impatient
D. irresponsible
E. competitive

Jawaban D
Karakteristik pria secara umum adalah sebagai berikut,
aggressive, dijelaskan pada kalimat "In adulthood, it is men not women, who prove to be the aggressors in crime and in war." (bahwa prialah yang menjadi pelaku agresor dan kejahatan perang)
adventurous, terdapat pada cuplikan kalimat "While boys may dream of adventures ...." (saat laki- laki memimpikan petualangan ....)
impatient, dijelaskan dalam "Obviously, in raising children, a more patient, gentle manner is preferable to a more aggressive one" (cara yang lembut dan sabar lebih disukai dariupada mengasuh dengan cara agresif)
competitive, dijelskan dalam kalimat "Boys, in contrast, learn competitive roles ...."

16. According to the text, which of the following statement is TRUE about parents in general?
A. Children love their mothers more than they love their fathers
B. All fathers tend to be  aggressive and violent towards their children
C. Mothers play a greater role in the education of their children
D. There is no communication between fathers and their children

Jawaban C
Ibu memainkan peran yang besar dalam pendidikan anak- anaknya. Hal ini terdapat pada kalimat "as children tend to learn from and adopt the communication styles of their parents." (bahwa anak cenderung belajar dan meniru gaya komunikasi orang tuanya khususnya dari Ibu)

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