Latihan Soal Causative

Causative Exercise

  1. I don't know how to arrange these flowers. I'd rather ____ .

  2. do it
    have to do it
    have it done
    it has been done

  3. This question is intentionally left blank.

  4. to be made
    had it made
    had to make it
    would have made it

  5. As he hate shopping, he always has ____ .

  6. someone has done it
    done it for someone
    been asked to do it
    someone do it

  7. If I don't come to class today, the teacher will have me write the poem ten times. The underlined

  8. the teacher has written the poem ten times
    the teacher will write the poem ten times
    I will have to write the poem ten times
    I have written the poem ten times

  9. This question is intentionally left blank.

  10. the farmer ploughed his fields himself
    the farmer wanted to plough his fields
    the farmer has finished ploughing his field
    the farmer let others plough his field

  11. This question is intentionally left blank.

  12. is going to get married
    has a beautiful gown dress
    is a very good designer
    has a beautiful sister

  13. Bob : Are you going have these shoes ____ or shall I throw them away? Sanny : Be patient. I ha

  14. mend
    be mended
    being mended

  15. "Is no one living with your grandmother in that house?" "No, and she ____ anyone do anything for h

  16. never had
    does not have
    has never had
    never has

  17. "I fixed the light in the bathroom yesterday, but it went out again today. " " Why don't you have

  18. checking
    to check

  19. "Aren't you going to make hotel reservation?" "No, I'll have the travel agent ____ ."

  20. to do it
    in doing it
    doing it
    do it

  21. Father gets the plumber ___ the leaking tap.

  22. fix
    to fix

  23. I asked Anwar to translate the article on " Poverty" for me since I don't have time to do it mysel

  24. had that article translated
    has been translating that article
    had to translate that article
    had translated that article

  25. The headmaster is going to have the teacher's room ____ .

  26. decorate
    to decorate

  27. "What did you father go to the doctor for?" " _____ "

  28. to have the doctor examined his illness
    to get the doctor examine his illness
    to have his illness examined
    to get his illness examines

  29. " Did you plan the program for our high school reunion yourself?" " No, _____ "

  30. Indra had it for me
    I had Indra do it
    I had to do it for Indra
    I had Indra to do it

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