Latihan Soal Subjunctive

Latihan Subjunctive

  1. "Did you get compensation for your car?" " No, I didn't. If only ____ ."

  2. I would insure it
    I had insured it
    I would insure it
    I wouldn't insure it

  3. I'm sure he is not the man in charge of the sales department. But now, he _____ .

  4. acts as if he is the sales manager
    is acting as if he would be the sales manager
    would have acted as if he had been the sales manager
    acts as if he were the sales manager

  5. "Is Shinta still sick?" " Yes, I wish she ___ here now to help me type the report."

  6. is
    will be
    had been
    has been

  7. "You look tired. Why don't you take a rest?" "I wish ____; I still have to finish this report."

  8. I would be able
    I can
    I will be able
    I could

  9. Janu : I wish I had a certificate of deposit. Lina : Why? Janu : The interest rate is high now

  10. has a certificate of deposit
    doesn't have money kept in a bank
    enjoys the high interest paid by the bank
    is going to deposit his money in the bank

  11. Koko : Hi, Why do you look so sad? something wrong? Bayu : Yes. I wish I had time to have a dat

  12. Koko promises to meet Nisa
    both Koko and Bayu will visit Nisa
    Bayu loses his chance to meet Nisa
    Koko and Bayu have no time for a date

  13. He orders people as if he were the owner of the restaurant. From the above statement we may conclu

  14. he has worked hard to own the restaurant
    he has been the owner of the restaurant
    he is just very proud of his restaurant
    he is just ordinary employee

  15. "If only his son had studied harder." It means _____ .

  16. His son didn't study harder.
    His son had studied harder.
    His son has studied harder.
    His son will not study harder.

  17. " I am sorry I don't know the answer, but I really wish I _____ . "

  18. know
    to know
    had known

  19. Mother said to our guest, " I wish you ____ leave me now."

  20. didn't have to
    haven't got to
    won't have to
    aren't having to

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