Transkrip Listening dan Pembahasan Latihan Soal Question- Response SMA Tahun 2021

Berikut ini adalah transkrip listening dan pembahasan latihan soal question response. Pada setiap soal dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban.

Narrator :
Number 1,
Woman : are you OK? You look so pale today.
Man : I was caught in heavy rain last night. I'm afraid I'll get sick. 
Woman : ...
Narrator : What does the woman most likely reply?

A. That's very kind of you
B. You should take a rest and eat nutritious food
C. That's true. That was heavy rain
D. Why don't you bring a raincoat?

Narrator : 
Number 2,
Woman : What do you think of my new gown? Does it suit me?
Man : ...

Narrator : What does the man probably response?
A. It is an expensive gown
B. I think you look so beautiful with the gown
C. I've never seen you wearing that gown
D. I think you are right

Narrator :
Number 3,
Man : I went to Semarang last holiday. I visited many beautiful places there.
Woman : So, what do you think about Semarang?
Man : 

Narrator : What does the man probably response?
A. It is the capital of central java
B. It is located near Surabaya
C. It has many tourist objects to visit
D. It is not far from here

Narrator : 
Number 4,
Man : I really made my mistake.
Woman : What about?
Man : I've broken your laptop.
Woman : My laptop? Oh, no. I kept my thesis there. 
Man : ...

Narrator : What does the man probably response?
A. I'm very sorry. 
B. I can replace it
C. I'm afraid of you
D. Thanks

Narrator :
Number 5,
Man : Where can I fish around here?
Woman : Near Ambarawa. There is a big lake with some of the best fishing in this part of this city. 
Man : …..

Narrator : What is the man’s possible response?
A. Sounds great
B. It’s terrible
C. Let me see
D. Don’t worry

Narrator : 
Number 6,
Woman : Do you think that the accident in the cross gate train is pure of human error?
Man : Yes, I think so. The officer forgot to close the cross gate train.
Woman :  …. Some newspapers have also reported about it.

Narrator : What does the woman probably answer?
A. I'm confused about that
B. I agree with your opinion. Some newspapers have also reported about it.
C. I don’t know what to do. It is not my business
D. Your idea is brilliant

Narrator :
Number 7,
Man : I have to repair my phone this afternoon and then I’m going to bookstore
Woman : Let’s go together. I need to buy some books too
Man : I’ll pick you up around four. OK?
Woman :  . . . .
Narrator : What is the woman’s possible response?
A. Are you sure? 
B. You always lie to me!
C. You are so kind
D. I wish you could come!

Narrator :
Number 8,
Man : Cover mouths when coughing or sneezing, and keep hands clean are ways to avoid spreading the covid-19 virus to others.
woman : ....

Narrator :
What is the woman most likely to reply?
A. It is good for our health
B. It would be delighted
C. Everything is fine. thank you
D. Yes, we have to do those ways for our health

Narrator :
Number 9,
Woman : I heard some bad news about you while you parked your car in the basement. was it true? 
Man : Yes, someone broke my car by breaking its window and stole my laptop when I left it in my car.
Woman :

Narrator : What is the appropriate response?
A. It's good news
B. I'm sorry to hear that
C. You are welcome
D. I also have a laptop

Narrator :
Number 10,
Man : Hi, Anna. Thank you for the tie you gave me.
Woman : Don't mention it. Do you like it?
Man : ...

Narrator : 
A. Sure. I like it very much.
B. Thanks but I don't like the color.
C. No, thanks
D. I'll return it back to you soon.

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