Thursday, November 26, 2015

Soal Passive Voice Masuk PTN dan Jawabannya

Selamat datang kembali di blog media belajar, Ahzaa Media. Pada posting kali ini kami ingin berbagi mengenai beberapa kumpulan soal tentang kalimat pasif (passive voice) dan jawabannya.  Pada artikel sebelumnya, kami pernah membahas tentang penggunaan, rumus dan juga contoh kalimat dalam kalimat pasif. Nah, sebelum masuk ke kumpulan soal, bila masih ada yang belum memahami atau yang ingin memperdalam lagi tentang penggunaan, rumus dan juga soal- soal online tentang kalimat pasif, anda bisa membacanya melalui artikel kami sebelumnya tentang kalimat pasif 
Dan berikut soal- soal mengenai passive voice dan juga jawabannya.
1. Anita is looking forward to her birthday because she ___ a new watch.
    A. promised
    B. has been promised
    C. being promised
    D. has been promising
    E. has promised
2. " How old is the mosque?"
   "Well, It ___ in 1870."
     A. built
     B. to be built
     C. was built
     D. had built
     E. had been building
3. "When did the accident happen?"
    "When the goods ____ from the truck."
     A. were unloading
     B. were being unloaded
     C. being unloaded
     D. they were unloading
     E. unloaded
4. " What happened to her skirt?"
    "Oh, ____ when she jumped over the fence."
     A. It was torn
     B. to be torn
     C. it tore
     D. tearing
     E. be torn
5. "Can we get tickets for the second show of the Jurrasic park?"
    " I think they ____."
   A. are sold out
   B. are to be sold out
   C. sold out
   D. be sold out
   E. are selling them out.
6. " Have you delivered the packages to the customers?"
    "Not yet, some ____."
     A. are still being wrapped
     B. have been wrapped
     C. will have been wrapped
     D. would be wrapped
     E. were wrapped
7. I am still waiting ____ for an interview.
    A. to be called
    B. be called
    C. be calling
    D. to call
    E. called
8. The president director agreed that the performance of the company has not been good these past few years. In fact, Its organization ___ now.
    A. restructured
    B. is restructuring
    C. is to restructure
    D. is being restructured
    E. restructuring
9. "Why do those people panic?"
    " Their semi-permanent houses ____ .
    A. demolished
    B. are demolished
    C. to be demolished
    D. to demolished
    E. are being demolished
10. "Mary looks very happy today."
     " Don't you know she ____ to General manager?" 
    A. has been promoted
    B. being promoted
    C. has to promoted
    D. to be promoted
    E. has to promote
11. All appointments must ___ at least twenty-four hours in advance.
    A. confirm
    B. have confirm
    C. have confirmed
    D. be confirmed
    E. have been confirm
12. Records of travel expenses  must be _____ within five workdays after returning to the office.
    A. recorded
    B. records
    C. recording
    D. record
    E. have recorded
13. Financial statements must be ____ by supporting documents.
    A. having accompanied
    B. accompanies
    C. accompanied
    D. accompany
    E. have accompanied
14. Dinner at the club is always ____ at seven thirty.
    A. serving
    B. served
    C. serves
    D. to serve
    E. serve
15. The climate of China _____ by strong winds monsoons.
    A. influenced
    B. are influenced
    C. will influence
    D. is influenced
    E. must influence

Untuk melihat jawabannya, silahkan klik pada spoiler berikut ini.

Demikian posting kami tentang kumpulan soal passive voice dan jawabannya, semoga bisa dijadikan latihan dalam mempelajari soal- soal bahasa Inggris khususnya bentuk passive voice. Nantikan kumpulan soal- soal dalam posting kami selanjutnya. Terima kasih dan semoga bermanfaat.

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