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Pembahasan dan Contoh Bentuk Parallel Structures (Parallelism) Dalam Soal Bahasa Inggris

Parallel structures merupakan kesesuaian atau kesejajaran struktur dalam kalimat. Tipe soal seperti ini sangat sering dimunculkan dalam soal- soal seperti soal masuk PTN atau soal- soal  bahasa Inggris yang lain. 
Berikut salah satu contoh soal tentang parallel structures.
The little girl is taking care of the puppy with ..., affection, and kindness. (USM STAN 2010)
A. patience
B. patient
C. patiently
D. patients
Jawaban : A
Pada contoh diatas penggunaan parallel structures dengan kesejajaran Nouns. Nah, untuk memperjelas lagi tentang penggunaan parallel structures, berikut beberapa aturan untuk mengenali ciri bentuk parallel structures.
1. Apa saja yang dirangkai atau disejajarkan harus dalam bentuk gramatikal yang sama. 
a. Nouns
Contoh : 
He likes music (N), art (N) and history (N).
b. Gerunds
Contoh : 
He likes swimming (V-ing), dancing (V-ing), and horseback riding (V-ing)
c. Adjectives
Contoh : 
He is tall (adj), dark (adj), and handsome (adj).
d. Infinitive
Contoh : 
They wanted to point (Inf.)the living room, to lay (Inf.) a new carpet, and to buy (Inf.) a new sofa.
(preposisi dalam kalimat kedua dan ketiga bisa dihilangkan)
e. Past Tense
Contoh : 
The Romans conquered (past), colonized (past), and governed (past) much of the world.
f. Past Perfect Tense
Contoh :
He had finished (past perfect) the game, had taken (past perfect) a shower, and had eaten (past perfect) lunch by the time I got to his house.

2. Struktur dengan memakai penghubung But, And, As, Or, Than,  dan Although harus mempunyai gramatikal yang sama.
a. But
Contoh :
The questions in the exam was simple (Adj.) but difficult (Adj.).
b. And 
Contoh :
Ali enjoyed the movie of James Bond (Noun Phrase) and the music of Rihanna (Noun Phrase).
c. As
Contoh :
Taking (V-ing) the train can be as costly as taking (V-ing) the plane.
d. Or
Contoh :
He wanted to borrow (to Inf.) a car or to rent (to Inf.) one while his car was being repaired.
e. Than 
Contoh :
Cooking (V-ing) at home is more interesting than eating (V-ing) in a restaurant.
f. Although
Contoh :
Although he liked to eat (to Inf.) good food, he did not like to pay (to Inf.) high price for it.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh penggunaan Paralelism ( Parallel Structures) yang digunakan dalam beberapa kalimat.

  1. He is young, intelligent, and charming.
  2. she likes to read, to travel, and to point.
  3. Her husband had bought a house, found a job, and chosen a school for the children before she arrived.
  4. The soup should not be served hot, but cold.
  5. He did not like to swim or to ski.
  6. Going on vacation is more fun than working in the summer.
  7. Renting an apartment can be expensive as buying a house.
  8. They came out of the building hurriedly, hailed a cab, and jumped into it.

Demikian penjelasan kami mengenai pembahasan dan contoh bentuk parallel structures (Parallelism) dalam soal bahasa Inggris. Semoga bisa membantu anda yang sedang belajar mempersiapkan tes atau ingin memperdalam kemampuan bahasa Inggris anda. Silahkan ditunggu pembahasan- pembahasan materi bahasa Inggris kami selanjutnya. Terima kasih dan semoga bermanfaat.

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