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Latihan Soal Listening UN Bahasa Inggris SMK ; Short Talks Plus Audio Listening

Pada bagian Listening Section ; Short talks, berisikan pembicaraan pendek yang akan diikuti oleh beberapa pertanyaan  yang berkaitan dengan pembicaraan tersebut. Adapun langkah- langkah untuk menjawab soal listening ini adalah sebagai berikut :

  1. Silahkan cermati dan simak setiap pertanyaan yang menjadi pembicaraan atau monolog. 
  2. Biasanya pertanyaan berkutat pada informasi yang berkaitan dengan pertanyaan informasi ( W-H Questions). Maka dengarkanlah semua informasi dengan baik.
  3. Perhatikan pertanyaan dan bila perlu buatlah catatan kecil dari monolog yang diperdengarkan yang bisa dijadikan kata kunci untuk menjawab pertanyaan.
Dan berikut ini beberapa contoh soal dan pembahasan tentang materi Listening Section ; Short talks.
Contoh Soal dan Pembahasan
Question Number 1 and 2
(teks monolog tidak akan di cetak dalam lembar soal dan hanya akan diperdengarkan melalui file audio)

Good morning all passenger. We are sorry  for this inconvenient schedule. Because of the bad weather, our flight schedule will be changed for a while just for gate 15 and 20. The flight from gate 15 and 20  will be replaced in gate 17 and 18. Thank for your attention and have a nice flight.
1. Where can we get this information?
A. at the station
B. at the airport
C. at the bus station
D. at the office
2. What will be changed?
A. the bad weather
B. the gate number
C. the schedule 
D. the passenger seat
Answer :
1. B (at the airport)
2. B (gate number)

Question Number 3 and 4
(teks monolog tidak akan di cetak dalam lembar soal dan hanya akan diperdengarkan melalui file audio)

Here are some steps how to install from any additional software from a CD or DVD. First, insert the disc into the optical drive. Second, when installation wizard opens, follow the on- screen instruction. Finally, restart the computer if prompted to do so.

3. What is the text about?
A. Inserting the letters into the drive
B. Installing additional software from a CD or DVD
C. Following the company's order
D. Restarting the computer monitor
4. What do we start following the- on screen instruction?
A. When the disc inserted into the drive?
B. When we turn on the computer
C. When the installation wizard open
D. When we turn off the computer
Answer :
3. B (Installing additional software from a CD or DVD)
4. C (When the installation wizard open)

Soal Latihan Short Talks
Exercise Short Talks for Ahzaa Media

In this part of the test, you will hear several talks. They will not be typed in your display, so you must listen carefully to understand and remember what is being said. In your display, you will read two or more questions about each short talks. Each question will be followed by four answers. You have to choose the best answer  to each question, and mark it.

Question number 1, 2 and 3 refer to the following instruction!

Number 1
What is the fastest way to order over the phone?
A. Look through
B. Fill out the order form
C. Give the item number
D. Give them the page number
Number 2
What kinds of requirements do you have to complete?
A. Size, color and items number
B. Catalogue forms and phone number
C. Credit card and money order
D. Credit card number only
Number 3
What else should to have to complete the order?
A. A money order
B. A check
C. Cash
D. A credit card

Question number 4, 5 and 6 refer to the following instruction!

Number 4
What is the first thing the receptionist should do for a visitor?
A. say hello
B. ask his name
C. have him sign the book
D. call the person he is visiting
Number 5
What will you do after asking him to sit in?
A. waiting until the guest comes up
B. calling the person he wants to meet
C. discussing something with him
D. paying the bill of the meal
Number 6
When should the visitor wait while you are calling?
A. by the desk
B. outside
C. in the office
D. in the lobby

Question number 7, 8 and 9

Number 7
What kinds of job are offered by the hotel?
A. Desk clerk
B. Director
C. Hotel manager
D. Technician
Number 8
How should you apply for this job?
A. Send a resume
B. Go to the hotel
C. Write a letter
D. Make a phone call
Number 9
What do the jobs offer, beside a good wage?
A. Benefits
B. Free food
C. Good hours
D. Possible promotions

Question number 10 and  11

Number 10
What product is being explained?
A. Cleaning service
B. Vacuum cleaner
C. Foam sprayer
D, Hair dryer
Number 11
What do you do after you fix the hose?
A. Push the "on" button
B. Start vacuuming
C. Plug the cord into the socket
D. Sweep the floor

This is end of the Short Talks

Dan berikut ini listening script untuk beberapa monolog diatas, silahkan dicocokkan kembali jawaban anda dengan listening script berikut.
Number 1, 2 and 3
We will happy to take your catalogue order by phone. For fast ordering, complete the order form on the catalogue, including size, color, and item number. Please have your credit card number handy.
Number 4, 5 and 6
It's very easy to greet visitor at the reception desk. First, say hello. Then,ask his name and the name of the person he is here to see. have him sign the guest book and take a seat in the lobby. Then, call the person he is visiting.
Number 7, 8 and 9
The royal hotel currently has positions open for desk clerks, waiters, and house keepers. No experience is required. Apply in person to the hotel manager. Good starting wage and opportunity for advancement. 
Number 10 and 11
Thank you for your visiting our show room. Here, we are going to show you our new product, a fantastic vacuum cleaner and how it works. First, fix the hose. Plug the cord into the socket. Then start the vacuum cleaner by pushing the "on" button. No sweeping. No wasting time.

Demikian latihan soal listening UN Bahasa Inggris SMK bagian Short Talks, semoga bisa membantu anda yang sedang mempersiapkan Ujian Nasional bahasa Inggris SMK. Mohon maaf bila ada kekurangan dalam audio. Semoga bermanfaat.

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