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Latihan Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK 2018 (Reading)

Setelah beberapa waktu lalu saya memposting latihan ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK tahun 2018 untuk materi listening, tidaklah lengkap kiranya bila tidak saya lengkapi lagi dengan materi reading-nya. Materi reading dalam Ujian nasional tahun 2018 berdasarkan kisi- kisi BSNP terdiri dari teks fungsional pendek seperti announcement, label, dan sebagainya serta teks descriptive, recount, report, dan procedure.
Simulasi UNBK /Dok.Ahzaa

Berdasarkan kisi- kisi BSNP tersebut, kita bisa memetakan materi untuk soal reading yaitu :
  1. Peserta didik dapat menentukan topik, tujuan, latar belakang, peristiwa, deskripsi, referensi makna /persamaan kata , rujukan kata dan kesimpulan dari teks descriptive, recount, report, dan procedure.
  2. Peserta didik dapat menentukan topik, tujuan, latar belakang, informasi rinci, referensi makna , rujukan kata dan kesimpulan dari percakapan pendek misalnya tentang Past Activities, Kegiatan sehari-hari, Rencana kegiatan yang akan datang
  3. Peserta didik dapat menentukan ungkapan yang tepat untuk melengkapi dialog misalnya tentang menawarkan sesuatu, persetujuan, memberikan opini, passive voice, kejadian waktu lampau, meminta ijin – giving suggestion, kalimat pengandaian dan sebagainya.

Dari pemetaan soal diatas, kita bisa melihat bahwa soal reading akan terbagi menjadi tiga yaitu reading comprehension untuk beberapa teks, kemudian soal berdasarkan dialog tertentu dan terakhir adalah melengkapi ungkapan dalam dialog.

Seperti yang saya utarakan tadi diaas, berikut soal- soal yang bisa anda latih untuk mempersiapkan USBN maupun UNBK mendatang. Soal berjumlah tiga puluh lima dan dikerjakan secara online dengan skor nilai akan tertera setelah mengerjakan semua soal. 

Nah, langsung saja, berikut soal latihan bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional SMK 2018. Jangan lupa share bila bermanfaat dan selamat mengerjakan.

Text for number 1 to 3
Because of construction work, Park Street Station is closed. All passengers for Park Street Station will have to exit the train at Center Station. Bus service is available at Center station to carry passengers to Park Street. After exiting the station, please line up the curb for a bus. Please avoid crowding. Buses will leave frequently, but there may be some delays because of street traffic. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The station is scheduled to reopen in three weeks. Thank you for your cooperation.
1. From the text we may know that ….
Park Street Station will be closed for a month
Passengers are suggested to take bus after exiting the station
Because of street traffic, passengers will be late to work for hours
Bus Services is available once a day

2. “After exiting the station, please line up the curb for a bus …” The word "line up" can be best replaced with ….

3. Where would this announcement be posted?
In a railway station
In a restroom
In a bus station
In an airport

Text for number 4-7
Two years ago I had a chance to fly in an aeroplane. This was my first flight so I was very nervous. I feared that sorts of accidents might happen on the way. I thought that the engine might burst and come down with a crash. Sometimes I was afraid that the pilot might make a mistake and I had to pay for it with my life.
Soon after I had seated myself there, the sound of the engines rose to a roar as moved off, and gradually its speed. Then it was with a feeling of surprise I noticed that the ground was at some distance beneath me. As the plane went higher and higher up in the air, a strange sensation ran through my body. Soon, the motion was easy. The fear which overtook me at the time of flight was no more in my heart. Now I was quite bold in the air.
This did not mean that I felt the worse for it. I felt as comfortable in the aeroplane as I used to feel in my car. I felt no sense of insecurity. I did not occur to me even for a moment that my life could ever be in danger. The machine flew as smoothly in the air as a boat glides down a peaceful stream.
When the plane was at sufficient height, I looked through the pane of the window. The earth seemed to be “falling off” from us. The big building looked like a small spots of beauty. The sky was clear. Everything looked new and strange.
The most beautiful thing was the scene around me. I saw nothing but was surrounded by pure air. Occasionally I saw clouds floating here and there.
We flew over the roofs of many houses. At one place we were very near the roof and I felt that we were going to touch it. After flying for a long time, we finally touch the earth. The journey was so pleasant and comfortable that I could not forget it.

Adopted from :

4. What is the second paragraph about?
The writer's short moment when the plane began to take off
The writer's feeling on his first flight
The unforgettable journey the writer had ever
The writer's opportunity to fly in an aeroplane

5. What is the writer's intention to write the text?
To describe the writer’s experience in his first flight
To persuade the readers to fly by aeroplane
To inform the readers about condition in an aeroplane
To retell the writer’s experience in his first flight

6. What is NOT true according to the text?
The writer felt worried before getting on the plane
The writer was afraid of flying because he had traumatic accident caused by the pilot’s mistake
The writer felt relief after the plane went higher
The weather was fine when the writer flew by plane

7. "The earth seemed to be “falling off” from us. It means that ....
The earth disappeared from the writer's view
The writer thought that the earth became smaller
The earth fell down from the universe
The earth looked strange and new

Text for number 8-10
No matter how nice your shoes are, they can start looking worn and ugly over time if nor properly cared for. Here's a quick tutorial on how to properly shine a pair of leather shoes.
If you haven't shined shoes before, don't worry—it's actually really, really simple. You will need a few things beforehand, though, which you can buy very cheaply anywhere from a professional shoe shop to somewhere like Target or Wal-Mart:
• A soft cloth. This can really be anything from a rag or an old t-shirt to a special buffing cloth (really though, an old t-shirt should work just fine).
• A can of shoe polish. These usually run for about a dollar. Grab them in whatever colors you need for the shoes you're shining.
• A good shoe brush. Usually these will run you anywhere between $5 and $10.
Shining your shoes is a simple process that should only take you a few minutes. Here's what you do:
1. First, brush off any dirt, mud, salt, or other debris on your shoe with your brush or a damp cloth. Wait for the shoe to dry before continuing to the next step.
2. Next, apply a little bit of your shoe polish to the shoe with your cloth or t-shirt. Make sure not to get it on the carpet or anything else, it won't come out easily! Rub the shoe in small circles, using just a bit of shoe polish at a time—remember, less is more (and you can always add more if need be).
3. Use your shoe brush to brush any excess polish off the shoe. Don't be afraid to put a little elbow grease into this step, you won't ruin the shoe.
4. Lastly, take your cloth or t-shirt and buff out the rest of your shoe so it shines.

taken from :

8. What is the text about?
Steps to avoid shoes from debris
Steps to polish shoes with clothes
Steps to use shoe brush properly
Steps to make shiny leather shoes

9. According to the text, we may conclude that ….
The materials needed to polish can only be bought in shoe shop
Black and brown are the colour which is available for the shoe polish
Shoe polish can be cleaned easily if it contacts with other materials such as clothes and carpet
Shining a pair of leather shoes in the tutorial above gives simple steps that everyone can do easily

10. Which of the following IS NOT needed to polish leather shoes?
shoe polish
shoe brush
liquid dye
smooth cloth

Text for number 11-14
Niagara Falls is the most famous water fall in the world because of its beauty and immense size. Niagara Falls is part of the Niagara River. The Niagara is a short river, just 35 miles (56 kilometers) long. It connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in eastern North America. East of the river is the United States. West of the river is Canada. About halfway between the two lakes, a sharp drop in the river makes Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls is actually two giant waterfalls and one smaller one. Goat Island, in New York state, lies between the two main falls. One big waterfall, called American Falls, is on the U.S. side of the river. American Falls has a fairly straight edge. The waterfall is 1,075 feet (328 meters) wide and 182 feet (55 meters) high. A small part of American Falls, located near Goat Island, is called Bridal Veil Falls.
The biggest of the two giant waterfalls is in Canada and is known as the Canadian Falls. It’s also called the Horseshoe Falls because of its horseshoe shape. The curved edge of the Canadian Falls measures 2,200 feet (670 meters) wide, and the water drops 187 feet (57 meters). The Canadian Falls carries nine times more water than the American Falls.
Niagara Falls is a popular tourist attraction. Millions of people come each year to watch the spectacular waterfalls. You can take a boat trip to see the falls from below. You can also watch from observation decks above or beside the falls. You can even enter the Cave of the Winds, a path that takes you to the base of Bridal Veil Falls. Visitors must wear bright-yellow rain jackets to stay dry.
Niagara Falls makes an enormous, ground-shaking roar and a huge cloud of water mist. Rainbows shine through the mist. At night, the falls are lit with colored lights, creating a brilliant display.

Taken from : Microsoft Encarta 2009

11. What does the text tell us about?
The great beauty of Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls as the popular tourist resort
A famous waterfall in United States
The origin of Niagara Falls

12. Based on the text, we know that ….
Niagara Falls is a part of the Niagara river located in two countries; Mexico and United States
Niagara Falls has two main waterfalls
The Canadian Falls is the biggest part of Niagara Falls which is known as the Horseshoe Falls
The American Falls carries nine times more water than the Canadian Falls

13. The main idea of the last paragraph is ....
The huge size of Niagara falls
Niagara falls as the tourist resort
The location of Niagara falls
The beauty of Niagara falls

14. The word “enormous” in the last paragraph has the similar meaning to ….

Text for number 15-16
February 25, 2017
Dear Chandra Barata,
We are happy to announce that our newly renovated restaurant is now ready. We are cordially invite you to our grand opening of our newly renovated restaurant on March 1, 2017 at our location Basudewo Street 51 Semarang with a free dinner at 7.30 p.m.
Please, confirm of your attendance by February 28 by phone (085221675434) or e-mail at
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Yours faithfully,

Janu Danuarta

15. Based on the text, we can conclude that ….
The grand opening will be held in the new address of the restaurant
The location of the restaurant is different from the old one
The confirmation can be done both by email or phone
The invitee will pay all of the menu in the grand opening

16. What is the writer’s objective to write the letter?
To summon his client to open new restaurant
To ask his client to enjoy free dinner
To tell his client about opening newly renovated restaurant
To have his client attend the grand opening of newly renovated restaurant

Text for number 17-19
Cocoa is native to Mexico, Central America and northern South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana). It has also been introduced as a crop plant into many tropical African and Asian countries.
In its natural habitat, cocoa grows in the understorey of evergreen tropical rainforest. It often grows in clumps along river banks, where the roots may be flooded for long periods of the year. Cocoa grows at low elevations, usually below 300 metres above sea level, in areas with 1,000 to 3,000 mm rainfall per year. Cocoa is a spindly, evergreen tree 5 to 8 m tall, found growing in the shade of giant trees occupying the top layer of the rain forest. It has a taproot, which penetrates far below the soil surface.
Its dark green leaves are shiny, leathery, egg-shaped or elliptic in shape and 20 to 35 cm long and 7 to 8 cm wide. The leaf surfaces are hairless or covered in scattered star-shaped hairs. The base of the leaf is rounded or heart-shaped, and the tip is long and drawn out allowing water to drip from it. Cocoa flowers are small, yellowish white to pale pink, and grouped together in clusters arising directly from the trunk (cauliflory). Flowers are produced throughout the year.
In the wild, cocoa trees are pollinated by midges, and only about 5% of flowers receive enough pollen to start fruit development. When they are pollinated there is a dramatic change as the tiny flowers develop into massive fruits.

17. What is the text about?
The origin of Cocoa
The description of Cocoa
The characteristics of Cocoa
The areas where Cocoa lives

18. From the text, we know that ….
Cocoa is originally from tropical countries in Asia and africa
Cocoa can be planted at 200 metres above sea levels
Cocoa has small- yellownish white flowers that opened up once a year
All of cocoa’s flowers receive enough pollen to process fruit development

19. The word in the text which has similar meaning with dissolved is ….

Dialog for number 20-22
Mr. Rudi : You have got to learn to relax.
Shanti : I'd like to take your advice, but I have to work. I have a lot of responsibilities.
Mr. Rudi : I'm sure you do. We all do, but if you keep up with this crazy pace, you may never work again. You're running your health. You need to find a away to ease up a little.
Shanti : Well, maybe I could take on an assistant to help me out some with work.

20. Who is possibly giving advice?
A teacher
A physician
A manager
A lecturer

21. What is the woman's problem?
She never takes a vacation
She can't manage her time
She works too much
she lost her job

22. What will Shanti do?
Go to the health club
Take a vacation
Learn to manage her time
Hire someone to help her

Dialog for number 23 - 25
Zawal : I'm going hiking in the mountains for my vacation.
Erna : Hiking? That's energetic of you. After working as hard as you do, I would think you would want to spend a few weeks just lying on a beach riding a good book.
Zawal : I'm tired of lazy vacations by the sea. I like to be active when I take a vacation. I'm really looking forward to two weeks walking in the mountains.
Erna : Wow! That's a long time. are you leaving soon?
Zawal : Yes, on Sunday. Just two days away. I can't wait.

23. What do they talk about?
Their plan for having vacation
Erna's opinion about their next vacation
Zawal's plan for his vacation
The reason why zawal likes hiking in the mountains than lying on the beach

24. How long is his vacation?
three days
five days
fourteen days
sixteen days

25. What is NOT True according to the dialog above?
Zawal is a hard worker
Erna gives best advice to zawal about his vacation
Zawal will spend more than a week walking to the mountain
Erna will join Zawal in her vacation

Dialog for number 26
Receptionist : Good afternoon. May I help you?
Rudi : Hello, my name is Rudi. ....
Receptionist : I see. A single?
Rudi : Yes, please.
I'd like to order a single room.
I want to book a room for tonight, please.
I am going to stay in your hotel.
I'd like to pay my bill
Dialog for number 27
Yuna : What would you like to drink?
Dilan : Coffee, please!
Yuna : ... I'll bring right away.

I'm sorry I can't do that
You shouldn't order that
very well
That's impossible
Dialog for number 28
Diana : What do you like doing in your free time?
Tita : I like reading andd listening to music. What about you?
Diana : Yes, I love swimming and enjoy jogging in the morning before school.
How do you spend your weekends?
Have you got any hobbies?
What sports do you like better?
Do your brother exercise regularly?
Dialog for number 29
Hendra : When do we finish this report?
Isna : This afternoon. This report ... by the manager before we send it to the main office tomorrow.
will be checked
will check
has checked
Dialog for number 30
Guest : Can I see the menu, please?
Waiter : Certainly. Here you are. ... ?
Guest : Two orange juice, salad, and fruit for dessert.

Can I have your order now?
What do you like?
Do you want me to eat?
Could you wait?

Dialog for number 31
Student 1 : What do you think if Student who breaks the law should leave out the school?
Student 2 : ... it doesn't give best solution for student's future.
I am not on your side
I strongly agree
I support that statement
It's a good idea

Dialog for number 32
Ahza : Mom, Can you help me with Math assignment? It's too difficult for me.
Mother : I'm sorry, you havve to do your task by yourself.
Ahza : ....

If only I'm able
If you would help me
If only I could
If it is easy enough
Dialog for number 33
Kikit : What would you like, climbing mountains or traveling?
Eni : I .... What about you?
Kikit : Traveling

prefer climbing mountains to traveling
would rather climb mountains better than travel
would prefer climbing mountains rather than traveling
like climbing mountains to traveling

Dialog for number 34
Rafif : ... this morning, we will be able to go boating in the lake.
Okky : Let's hope for that
If you can swim
If the situation is not condusive
If I were you
If the weather is nice
Dialog for number 35
Ali : Where are you going for your holiday next month?
Joko : I'm not sure yet. I ... to Bromo.

will go
am going
might go
have gone
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