Seri Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK; Hobbies and Interests

Untuk mengutarakan penggunaan ekspresi tentang hobbies and interests, penggunaan bentuk Simple Present Tense dan Gerund akan sering ditemukan dalam ungkapan ini. Dalam pertanyaan biasanya diberikan ungkapan tersebut dan dicari makna respon yang tepat berdasarkan pertanyaannya. Nah, sebelum masuk ke dalam latihan soal, berikut rangkuman materin tentang hobbies and interests.

What is your hobby?
You are very interested in … , are you?
What do you usually do in your spare time?
Is gardening your hobby?
Do you like travelling?
Are you keen on painting?
My hobby is playing Piano
Yes, I am interested in …
I write novels, articles ,
Actually, I prefer Designing landscape
Yes, I like it very much
Not very. I like drawing cartoon better than …

Berikut contoh soal dan pembahasan tentang ungkapan ini.

Contoh Soal 
Nanda     : What are you doing in your spare time?
Dian        : Well, ______
Nanda    : Can you teach me how to make Rainbow Cake?
Dian        : Sure.
                 A. I like playing Piano
                 B. I love travelling
                 C. I like cooking
                 D. I like reading novels
Pada contoh soal diatas, maka jawaban yang tepat adalah C, dikarenakan pada ungkapan yang dinyatakan oleh Nanda, dia ingin meminta untuk diajari membuat Rainbow Cake.

Pada latihan dibawah, cukup hanya klik pada jawaban yang benar, skor dan kunci jawaban akan tertera di bawah setelah selesai mengerjakan soal.

Dialogue no. 1
Yossy : ____ is my hobby. I like to spend most of my salay for a new things
Nayla : Don't be so extravagant with your money. Save some for yyour future.


Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : What do ou do in our spare time?
Mira : I like playing badminton with my cousin. And you?
Tiara : I usually ____ around the city with my nephew.

go jogging
go hiking
went walking
go in the walk

Dialogue no. 3
Taza : ____ your niece's hobbies?
Arel : Sewing and collecting stamps.
Taza : Wow. They're interesting hobies.

What are
How is
How are

Dialogue no. 4
Linda : What do you usually do in your spare time?
Bilal : I like ____ on a boat especiall when the weather is ffine. How about you? Linda : I am fond of reading novel anytime I have free time.

to fish
go fishing
to fishing

Dialogue no. 5
Rafif : Do you have a lot of overtime?
Aril : Yes, _____ . How about you?
Rafif : Neither do I. Saturdays and Sundays are family days

And I usually do it on Sundays
But I never work at weekend
But I only a few jobs in the afternoon
And I always keep up with everything all the weeks

Dialogue no. 6
Halim : ___ do ____ in your spare time?
Bima : I'd like to read a lot of books and listen to music.

How - like
Which - do
What - do
Where- does

Dialogue no. 7
Cintya : Jaka, ____ ?
Jaka : I have three hobbies. Climbing, travelling and swimming.

hat do you do in your leisure time?
Tell me about your hobbies, please
I'll tell my hobbies
Do I have three hobbies

Dialogue no. 8
Arief : I believe that Lilis is in the artwork.
Zaky : How do you know?
Arief : _____ She goes there everyday

She is interested in Arts
She likes reading
Her hobby is collecting stamps
She likes debating

Dialogue no. 9
Jenita : What do you like doing in your spare time?
Janet : I like reading and listening to music. What about you? ____
Jenita : Yes, I love swimming and enjoy jogging in the morning before school.

Have you got any hobbies?
What sports do you like better?
How do you spend your weekend?
Do your family exercise regularly?

Dialogue no. 10
Jenita : It seems that you like playing tennis.
Shinta : I don't think so. I like badminton. How about you?
Jenita : I like badminton, too. That's my hobby.

10. Based on the dialogue above, we know that ____
Jenita likes badminton so much
Shinta likes playing tennis better than badminton
Jenita has the same hobby with Shinta
Shinta and Jenita have different hobby

Score =
Correct answers:
Semoga bermanfaat.

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