Seri Soal Latihan Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK ; Daily Activities

Salah satu bagian dalam soal ujian di SMK bagian reading adalah soal incomplete dialogue atau incomplete sentence. Pada soal tipe ini, terdapat dialog yang mesti dilengkapi berdasarkan ungkapan yang tepat. Ada beragai macam topik dalam soal incomplete dialog ini seperti hobbies and interests, daily activities, introduction, handling guests, dan masih banyak lagi. 

Pada seri latihan soal ini, saya akan menyajikan soal incomplete dialogs dengan materi Daily activities. Berbagai ungkapan akan digunakan dalam latihan soal berhubungan dengan kegiatan sehari- hari atau daily activities ini. Misalnya saja penggunaan bentuk simple present tense yang benar, atau berhubungan dengan pekerjaan, rutinitas, ungkapan salam, atau perpisahan.

Baik, langsung saja berikut soal latihannya.
Bimo : What do you do after school?
Nanda : Well, I change m school uniform with casual clothes ... I wash m hands and face before having lunch.


Jim is always busy everyday. He has to check the tools in their place to clean them, help the instructor to prepare them for practice, and report if the tools are broken.
2. What does he do?
He is a manager
He is a tool man
He is a mechanic
He is an engineer

Mother : What ... this weekend?
Son : I'm not sure yet. So man things has occupied in my head.

are you plan
do you do
are you planning
make you plan

Ann : What do you usually do in the evening?
Bob : After doing the school assignment, ....

I'm reading a comic
I will have dinner
I usually check my emails
I went to bed

Nala : What does your sister do, Bima?
Bima : She's a tour guide. ....

She helps customer and stamps mails
She guides trainees and install program
She controls the bus ticket
She takes people on trips around the world

Vela : What's so special of Cowek Abang? You visit the restaurant so often, don't you?
Jenny : Yes, I do. It provides various short of menu.
Vela : does it have enough space for a party?
Jenny : Sure ... It is quite wide.

It serves delicious food
It can hold more than 100 people
It will provide table and chairs
It gives special discount for members

Memi : What do you do after school hours?
John : ...
Memi : No wonder. you have a well built body.

I usually go jogging
I usually watch TV
I usually go to gym
I usually meet my friends to have coffee

Ahza : What does the teacher do?
Rere : He usually ... the students.

explains the lesson to
sends an email
needs the lesson from
understands the material from

Aurel : Where is our mother?
Rere : She is in the kitchen. ....
Aurel : OK. I'll help her.

She should have cooking lunch
She is preparing our meal
She is helping father in the office
She used to order some fruits from the place

Jovan : When can I apply for the driving license, Dad?
Father : ...

When you need it
When you have a car
When you can drive well
When you will use it

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Demikian latihan soal incomplete dialogue materi daily activities, semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi anda yang membutuhkan latihan soal ini. Nantikan seri soal latihan incomplete dialogue pada posting selanjutnya.

Jangan lupa tuliskan skor pada kolom komentar ya..
Semoga bermanfaat.

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