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English Grammar :Perbedaan Will dan Be Going To Plus Latihan Soal

Kita sering mendengar kata  will dan be going to dalam kegiatan kita sehari- hari. Kedua kata atau frasa terseut menatakan suatu aktifitas yang akan datang sehingga memiliki arti "akan". Meskipun memiliki kesamaan dalam menyatakan bentuk waktu akan datang, will dan be going to ternyata memiliki sedikit perbedaan dalam penggunaannya. Nah, apa saja perbedaannya,, berikut ini akan kita bahas.

#1. Keduanya baik "will" maupun "be going to" menyatakan aktifitas yang akan datang.

will : digunakan ketika kita ingin melakukan sesuatu tanpa suatu perencanaan sebelumnya. Biasanya bersifat spontanitas.

Contoh 1:
Helen : My bicycle has a flat tire. Can you repair it to me?
Father : Okay, but I can't do it now. I'll repair it tomorrow.

Contoh 2 :
Be careful! You'll hurt yourself!

Contoh 3 :
A : The phone is ringing
B : I'll get it.

Be going to : digunakan ketika kita sudah siap  memutuskan untuk melakukan sesuatu .

Contoh 1 : 
Mother : Can you repair Helen's bicycle? It has a flat tire.
Father : Yes, I know. She told me. I'm going to repair it tomorrow.

*** Ayahnya Helen sudah merencanakan untuk memperbaiki ban sepeda Helen sebelumnya.

Contoh 2.
A : why did you buy this paint?
B : I'm going to paint my bedroom tomorrow.

#2. Prediksi kejadian di masa akan datang
Keduanya mengatakan apa yang akan terjadi (prediksi tentang apa yang terjadi di masa akan datang)
Contoh : 
  • Do you think Tom will get  the job?
  • Oh dear, It's already 4 o'clock. We're going to be late.

Be Going to : Menyatakan situasi dimana sesuatu memang nyata akan terjadi.
Contoh :
  • Look at those black clouds. It's going to rain ( awan yang dilihat menunjukkan akan terjadinya hujan)
  • I feel terrible. I think I'm going to be sick. (saya merasa tidak enak badan sekarang)
NB :
Kita juga biasanya menggunakan bentuk present continuous untuk menyatakan kejadian yang sudah disusun atau direncanakan sebelumnya.
Contoh :
  • What time are you meeting Ann? (atau Are you going to meet?)
  • I'm traveling to Scotland on Monday (atau I'm going to travel)
Dalam kegiatan sehari- hari baik dalam soal maupun percakapan, pada intinya kita harus mencermati konteks penggunaannya. Nah, untuk melengkapi tulisan ini, sudah kami siapkan latihan soal untuk penggunaan kata will dan be going to.

Will and Be Going to (Ahzaa Net)

Will and Be Going to

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  1. John : I've got a terrible headache.
    Mirna : Have you? Wait here and I _____ (get) an aspirin for you.

  2. Yosy :Why are you filling that bucket with water?
    Nala : I _____ (wash) the car.

  3. Jovan :I've decided to re-paint this room.
    Rafa : Oh, have you? What color _____ (you/paint) it?

  4. Arel : Look! there's smoke coming out of that house. It's on fire!
    Wafiq : Good heavens! I ____ (call) the fire- brigade immediately.

  5. Slamet :The ceiling in this room doesn't look very safe, does it?
    Sri : No, It looks as if it ____ (fall) down.

  6. Nanda : Where are you going? Are you going shopping?
    Sitta : Yes, I ____ (buy) something for dinner.

  7. Mimi : I can't work out how to use this camera.
    Mala : It's quite easy. I ____ (show) you.

  8. Jaka : have you posted that letter for me?
    Ima : Oh, I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I ____ (do) it now.

  9. Shinta : What would you like to drink, Tea- or Coffee?
    Dandi : I ____ (have) tea, please.

  10. Naufal : Has Rere decided on what to do when she leaves school?
    Chika : Oh yes. everything is planned. She ___ (have) a holiday for a few weeks before starting a computer programming course.

  11. Shafa : this letter is in French, and I don't speak a word in a French. Can you help me? Nana : Sure. I ____ (translate) it for you.

  12. Nano : Oh, oh! I've spilled coffee in my shirt.
    Jean : Just a minute. I ____ (get) a damp cloth for you.

  13. Denada : I ____ (enroll) in the community college next spring.
    Juna : Oh? I didn't know you wanted to go back to school.
    Denada : I need to sharpen my skills so I can get a better job.

  14. Chika : This light doesn't work. The bulb is probably burned out. Where are the new light bulbs?
    Bisma : I ____ (get) one for you.

  15. Rafa : It's hot in here.
    Naka : I agree. I____ (open) the window.
    Rafa : That's a good idea.

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