Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK Materi If Clause dan Subjunctive

Dua materi yang saling berkaitan dalam soal bentuk incomplete dialogue reading ujian bahasa Inggris SMK adalah tentang materi conditional sentence dan materi subjunctive. Keduanya  memiliki tipikal  yang berbeda dalam rumus tetapi penerapan keduanya hampir sama dalam konteks situasi.

Nah, untuk menjawab kedua topik tersebut dalam soal incomplete dialogue memang mesti paham terlebih dahulu penerapan rumus dan konteks situasinya. Oke, langsung saja penjelasan singkat tentang materi tersebut.

Conditional Sentences
Conditional Sentences disebut dengan kalimat bersyarat atau pengandaian. Ada tiga jenis kalimat pengandaian yaitu tipe pertama, tipe kedua dan tipe ketiga. 

If Clause 

Type 1
  • If I have lots money, I will go around the world  ( Present tense - future)
  • If it rains, I drive (present tense - present)
  • If the man comes, go ( present tense - imperative sentence)

Type 2
  • If he didn't agree, I wouldn't go  
  • You wouldn't leave if he were here*

*Dalam penggunaan If clause type 2, penggunaan subjek I, He, She , It, menggunakan bentuk "Were" 

Type 3
  • We could have gone out if the weather hadn't been so bad
  • If it had not rained yesterday, I would have bought some books

Dalam kalimat, Ada beberapa bentuk kalimat subjunctive seperti
Wish                                ingin
If only                              jika
Would rather               lebih suka
As if  atau as though   seolah- olah

Penggunaan Subjunctive adalah sebagai berikut

Menunjukkan Present atau Future tensemaka past tense digunakan dalam klausa.
Pattern     : Subject + wish .... + Subject + would / could
Contoh :
It is going to be a good party tomorrow. I wish Indra could come.
(Fact :  Indra may come to the party or may not come)

She wishes he were going to be here tomorrow. 
(Fact :  He isn't going to be here tomorrow)

Menunjukkan Present Tense
Pattern      : Subject + Wish .... + subject + past verb ....
Contoh :
I wish I knew how to do it.  ( Fact : I don't know ...)
If only I lived in Bali. ( Fact I don't live in Bali)
If only it were not cold. (Fact  it is cold)

Penggunaan as if dan as though  dengan bentuk Past subjunctive
Pattern : Subject + Present / Past (verb) + as if/ as though + Subject + past verb
Contoh :
He behaves as if he were the owner of the company.
(Fact :  He is not the owner)

She stares at me as though she knew me.
( Fact : She doesn't know me)

Bentuk Subjunctive sesudah would rather untuk menyatakan pilihan lebih suka
Menunjukkan Present Tense
Pattern       : Subject + would rather that + subject + past Tense
Contoh :
I would rather you told me the news. 
( Fact : You don't tell me the news)

Menunjukkan past Tense
Pattern       : Subject + would rather that + subject + past perfect Tense
Contoh :
Bambang would rather that it had not been cold last night.
( Fact : It was cold last night)

Berikut ini merupakan bentuk soal dan pembahasan mengenai Subjunctive.
Soal No. 1
"Let's go swimming."
"I wish I _____ we have a test tomorrow and I still have to study.
A. am able
B. could be
C. could
D. will be able
E. be able to
Pembahasan : Pada soal diatas menunjukkan subjunctive menunjukkan present atau future dengan  pattern sebagai berikut:
Subject + wish .... + Subject + would / could
Sehingga jawaban yang benar adalah could
Jawaban : C
Soal No. 2
I wish ____ now at the party.
A. He is here
B. He will be here
C. He has been here
D. He were here
E. He be here
Pembahasan : Penggunaan penanda waktu "now" menunjukkan bahwa subjunctive menunjukkan present tense, sehingga pattern yang digunakan
Subject + Wish .... + subject + past verb ....
Maka jawaban yang benar adalah He were here
Jawaban : D
Soal No. 3
I am sorry I don't know the answer, but I really wish I _____
A. know
B. knew
C. have known
D. will know
e. had known
Pembahasan : Fakta dari pernyataan di atas adalah "I am sorry I don't know the answer". Jadi pengandaiannya menggunakan Present Tense
Subject + Wish .... + subject + past verb ....
Maka jawaban yang benar adalah knew
Jawaban : B
Berikut ini latihan soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK Materi If Clause dan Subjunctive

Dialogue no. 1
Jenita : Mom, can you help me with this English assignment? It's too difficult to me.
Mother : I'm sorry, you have to do your task by yourself .
Jenita : ____ .

If you would help me
If only I'm able
If only I could
If it is easy enough

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : I've got a problem Mira. I borrowed Ulin's bike and I lost it on Car Free Day when I parked it.
Mira : Well, ____ I would buy him a new one. We have to be responsible .

less skillIf you had lost it
If I find it
If I were you
If I was you

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : Let's play tennis next Saturday afternoon at 4, will you?
Intan : OK. I'll come if ___.

it is is raining
it is not raining
it does not rain
it will not rain

Dialogue no. 4
Juna : If it ___ this afternoon, we can go to the hyper-mall today.
Ali : I expect so.

not rain
not to rain
does not rain
is not rain

Dialogue no. 5
Ariel : I did not see you in my last concert. Where were you?.
Bima : I wish ___ , but I got a terrible fever.
Ariel : Oh, that's too bad.

I remembered that date
I had not got your invitation
I had seen your performance
My mother allowed me to go out

Dialogue no. 6
Ninda : Poor Gina, She failed in her exam. Actually she is not stupid.
Bob : If only she had studied harder. She ___ it. She is too lazy to read the lesson material.

would have passed
would pass
would have been passed
would have been passing

Dialogue no. 7
Teacher : You'll get good scores in your exam ___ in your study.
Students :We'll do it, Ma'am.

when you don't forget
if you are more serious
if you remember me
when you like the lesson

Dialogue no. 8
Dinda : Aji failed on his exam.
Eva : Yes. He never serious ____.

If he passed, he would study hard
If he had study hard, he could have made it
If I were him, I would not study hard
If he were lazy, he would get success

Dialogue no. 9
Una : We need that document now. But Jim hasn't arrived yet.
Ita : ____.

I wish he were here
I wish he was here
I wish you were here
I wish you are here

Dialogue no. 10
Dian : ____ this morning, we will be able to go boating in the lake.
Vanny : Let's hope for that.

If you can swim
If the weather is nice
If the money was enough
If I were you

Score =
Correct answers:
Demikian latihan soal incomplete dialogue materi If Clause dan Subjunctive.

Semoga Bermanfaat.

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