Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Bahasa Inggris SMK Materi Ability Expressions

Untuk menyatakan ke'bisa"an akan sesuatu hal kita biasanya menggunakan bentuk ability expression. Penggunaan ungkapan ini bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan bentuk modal tertentu misalnya can, could, be able, will be able, dan juga modal perfect seperti could have + past participle.

Berikut penjelasan singkat tentang materi ability expressions dalam penerapannya.
  1. Penggunaan can, untuk menyatakan "ability" secara umum, misalnya I can play piano, She can' t write Kanji but she can write Hanacaraka well.
  2. Penggunaan could, untuk menyatakan ke-bisa-an dalam waktu yang lampau., misalnya He could play badminton when he was child
  3. Penggunaan could have + past participle untuk menyatakan ungkapan bisa pada masa lampau sehingga faktanya adalah tidak riil atau tidak nyata. Misalnya I could have bought anything I wanted to.
  4. Penggunaan be able to juga sering digunakan untuk menyatakan ability. 
  • Bentuk Present;  (is/am/are)+ able to  , misalnya She is able to speak English fluently.
  • Bentuk Past; (was/ were)+  able  to, misalnya He was able to swim when he was six.
  • Bentuk Future; (will be) + able to; misalnya He will  be able to buy a new house next years.
Latihan Soal Ability Expressions dalam soal ujian bahasa Inggris SMK biasanya terdapat dalam soal incomplete dialogue. Sebagai bahan latihan menghadapi ujian khususnya tentang materi ini, berikut ini latihan soal yang bisa dikerjakan secara online.

Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Bahasa Inggris SMK Materi Ability Expressions.

Dialogue no. 1
Jenita : ___ you translate this into English within a half hour?.
Mother : No problem at all. I bring my dependable dictionary here.


Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : ___ to finish the job next week?
Mira : Why not? I have a good team this season.

Can you
Are you able
Will you
Would you

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : Elrina ___ in cooking many kinds of international foods.
Intan : Really?
Ann : EYeah. I have tasted her italian food. It's so delicious and different from other restaurant.

has capability
had ability
have able
had capable of

Dialogue no. 4
Man : I need a secretary who can arrange my schedules and represent me in some meetings.
Woman : Don't worry ____ I used to be a secretary for three years.

I have both capabilities
I have to learn it
I will arrange my schedule
I will represent you

Dialogue no. 5
Ariel : ____.
Bima : Yes, I could play the piano since I was four.

Can you teach me playing the piano?
Can you play the piano?
You are a great pianist
I love your music

Dialogue no. 6
Ninda : Do you know that kangaroo ____.
Bob : Wow! That's amazing.

can run 75 km per hour
can walk 75 km per hour
cannot run 75 km per hour
can jump 75 km per hour

Dialogue no. 7
Billy : Besides English, what language can you speak?
John :____.

I can speak Japanese fluently
I could speak Japanese fluently
I want to speak Japanese fluently
I will speak Japanese fluently

Dialogue no. 8
Dinda : Kento Momota is one of the best badminton players in the world right now.
Eva : How do you know?
Dinda : ____.

He got the silver medal in China Open 2019 last month
He was capable of gaining bronze medals in China Open 2019
He cannot get any prize at the China Open 2019
He was capable of making gold medal in China Open 2019

Dialogue no. 9
Una : Why was Mr. Mike fired from her position?
Ita : I heard that ____.
Una : So, not all foreign employees are experts, are they?

He was capable of handling his duties
He was able to handle his duties
He was incapable of handling his duties
He managed to accomplish his duties

Dialogue no. 10
Dian : What team do you think will win the Futsal School Competition?
Vanny : I think ____ They are a good team.

every team has a chance to be a winner
team from SMK 5 might be the winner
team from SMK 5 cannot win
It is better to see the match

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