Seri Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Ujian Reading Bahasa Inggris SMK : Past Events

Seri lanjutan dari soal incomplete dialogue reading ujian bahasa Inggris SMK adalah tentang bentuk past events. Pada soal- soal dengan Past events, menuntut pemahaman antara pertanyaan dan juga respon dalam dialog. Respon tersebut bisa saja berbentuk clause/ phrase tetapi juga bisa berbentuk kata.

Hal terpenting dalam menjawabb soal adalah bagaimana mengenali ciri- ciri  waktu kejadian pada saat terjadi yang tentunya menunjukkan bentuk waktu masa lampau. Ciri- ciri yang bisa dikenali adalah dengan penggunaan time phrase/ adverb of time, dan juga konteks dalam percakapan itu sendiri.

Dibawah ini contoh tipe soal incomplete dialog dalam soal UN bahasa Inggris SMK

Raka      : Mr. Juna still gets mad with me. I didn't join his class this morning. What I am supposed to do?
Chandra : Why did you miss his class?
Raka      : Well, I came late because of the flat tire and the gate guard did not let me in.
Chandra : Then, _____

A. I was absent with Mr. Juna before
B. I also came late yesterday morning
C. You should meet Mr. Juna and explain him about it
D. Don't think about Mr. Juna anymore.

Pembahasan ;
Pada konteks soal diatas, Raka menyatakan bahwa Mr. Juna masih marah padanya dikarenakan Raka tidak ikut pelajarannya dan meminta Chandra memberikan saran. alasan Raka tidak ikut pelajaran adalah dikarenakan ban bocor dan penjaga sekolah tidak mengijinkannya masuk. Dari pilihan jawaban diatas, maka yang paling cocok adalah You should meet Mr. Juna and explain him about it.   
Jawaban : C
Nah, untuk lebih memahami lagi berbagai bentuk soal incomplete dialog reading pada ujian bahasa Inggris SMK, berikut latihan yang bisa dikerjakan.
 Oke, check this out...

Dialogue no. 1
Jenita : Did you meet Mr.Brandon last night?
Nayla : No, he had left for Jakarta ____ .

since I arrived
when I arrived
when I come
when I arrived

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : Where did you go last night, Mir?
Mira : I ___ to Semarang with my husband. Why?.
Tiara : I dropped in your house to give the wedding invitation from Linda.

have gone
had gone

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : Did you go to the Westlife concert last night?
Gerry : Yes, ___.

It was spectacular
It sounds bad
I'm going there
I admire them

Dialogue no. 4
Student 1 : Have you finished the assignment the teacher ___ us yesterday?
Student 2 : Yes.I did it last night .


Dialogue no. 5
Jaka : How was your trip to Bromo, Bim?
Bima : It's nice. ____ it made two days too short to pass.

I couldn't go anywhere because of the erruption
I really enjoyed being there
I'll be there again next time
Bromo really makes everyone happy

Dialogue no. 6
Bagus : Why didn't you go to school yesterday. You had a class, did you?.
Jimmy : I was sos sad. My friend, Ariel got accident and he is being hospitalized now.
Bagus : Oh, ____ hoping better soon
Jimmy : Thanks.

He must be careful then
I'm sorry to hear that
I'm surprised to hear that
I don't believe it

Dialogue no. 7
Rini : I didn't see you at the office yesterday.
Alexa : Oh, ____.

I hold a client when you came to my office
I'm holding a client when you are coming to my office
I was holding a client when you came to my office
I held a client while you are coming to my office

Dialogue no. 8
Dinda : How was the English test last Monday?
Eva : Well, ____ .

It's difficult, I will not do it
I must do it easily
It was too difficult to do
I wanted to do the test

Dialogue no. 9
Una : ____ ?
Ita : Great. A lot of guests showed up. everybody was satisfied with the food and the donation we collected doubled last year.

What are you collecting
What food did you serve
How was the charity dinner
How are the guests doing

Dialogue no. 10
Manager : Is there anybody called when I was out?
Secretary : No, sir. But Mrs.Erna is here and ____ right now.

She left a message for you
She will call you back
She arrived an hour ago
She is waiting at the waiting room

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Semoga bermanfaat.


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