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Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas V Sekolah Dasar Semester Ganjil Plus Kunci Jawaban

Untuk persiapan ulangan akhir semester (UAS) satu atau ganjil mendatang khususnya pada mapel bahasa Inggris, berikut ini soal latihan bahasa Inggris kelas 5 SD yang bisa dijadikan bahan latihan. materi bahasa Inggris mencakup jam, prosedur melakukan sesuatu, kegiatan atau kebiasaan sehari- hari, hobi dan sebagainya.

Nah, langsung saja berikut latihan soal bahasa Inggris SD kelas 5 beserta kunci jawabannya.

Choose the correct answer and then match your answer by clicking the correct answer key in the spoiler box below the options. (pilih jawaban yang paling benar dan cocokkan jawabanmu dengan menge-klik kunci jawaban yang ada di dalam spoiler box di bawah pilihan jawaban) 

1. A : Excuse me, what time is it?
        B : It’s twenty to two.
The underlined words means … .
A. 02.20
B. 01.20
C. 01.40
D. 02.40

2. I always … my clothes before taking a bath.
A. wash
B. iron
C. dry
D. wear

Text 1 for no. 3 – 5 

Aldo : Do you … (3) fruits everyday?
Bima : No, I don’t.
Aldo : Why? They are very … (4), aren’t they?
Bima : Absolutely. My mother often buys me a kind of fruits but I … (5) eating apple and orange only. How about you?
Aldo : I almost like eating all fruits. I think each fruits have different vitamin and nutrition. So, try them all.
Bima : Ok, I’ll do it. Thanks for your suggestion.

A. drink
B. buy
C. make
D. eat

A. bad
B. nutritious
C. delicious
D. cool

A. don’t like
B. like
C. doesn’t like
D. likes

6. We always wear a … every Monday.
A. hat
B. belt
C. tie
D. socks  

Aziz : What is your hobby?
Fikri : My hobby is … .
A. cycling
B. drawing
C. running
D. travelling

8. The class meeting started at a quarter past eleven. I arrived at the meeting room at half to twelve. So, I came … minutes late.
A. ten
B. five
C. fifteen
D. thirty

9. Ratna is a diligent girl. She … helps her mother sweep the yard every morning.
A. rarely
B. seldom
C. never
D. always

Text 2 for no. 10 – 12 


  • Fresh strawberry
  • Fresh mango
  • Fresh avocado
  • Fresh pineapple
  • Fresh apple
  • Fresh starfruit
  • milk
  • syrup

10. Question : How many fruits are there in the soup?
Answer : There are … fruits.
A. seven
B. six
C. five
D. eight

11. Question : How are the fruits?
Answer : They are … .
A. ripe
B. wet
C. green
D. fresh

12. Question : What fruit does have a thick seed?
Answer : … .
A. avocado
B. star fruit
C. pineapple
D. nothing

13. I have a white t-shirt. It has short … .
A. sleeves
B. buttons
C. zipper
D. pocket

14. Iqbal’s hobby is … . That’s why he often sends letters to his friends. 
A. reading
B. philately
C. correspondence
D. writing

15. have – at – a break time – nine – we – past – a quarter 
The best arrangement is … .
A. A break time we have at a quarter past nine.
B. We have a break time at a quarter past nine.
C. At a quarter past nine a break time we have.
D. We at a quarter past nine have a break time.

Text 3 for no. 16 – 19 

Sunday is a …(16) for my family. I and my sister do not go to school. My father also … (17) go to his office. We help mother to clean the house. Father cuts the grass at the yard. My sister … (18) the floor and I cook in the kitchen. At eleven we usually finish doing our activities then we have … (19) together in the dining room.

A. full day
B. active day
C. holiday
D. day 

A. doesn’t
B. isn’t
C. will not
D. don’t

A. swings
B. wipes
C. waters
D. sweeps

19. A. supper
B. lunch
C. breakfast
D. dinner

20. Pipit : This porridge is very delicious.
Anjar : Is it?
Pipit : Yes, come on taste it.
Anjar : … . I’m full
B. No, thanks
C. Really
D. Sure

21. Anto and Ruli buy  new jumpers. These are ... jumpers.
A. his
B. hers
C. their 
D. they

22. Viona : What subject do you have on Tuesday?
      Nur : I have … .
That’s why I bring a flash disk. 
A. physical education
B. science
C. social studies
D. information technology

23. always – before – I – hands – eating – wash – my
A. Before I eating always wash my hands.
B. I always wash my hands before eating.
C. Before eating always I wash my hands.
D. I wash my hands always before eating.

24. Rafa : What do you have for breakfast, Tom?
        Tom : I have a bowl of ...  and a cup of ... .
A. soup – tea
B. salad – ice cream
C. milk – soto
D. coffee – chicken noodle

Text 4 for no. 25 – 27
Naila Shall we go to the shopping center now?
Mia : What do you want to buy?
Naila : I want to buy a skirt.
Mia : What colour do you like?
Naila : Dark blue. How about you? Would you buy something there?
Mia : Ehm. A t-shirt. I need it for jogging on Sunday morning.
Naila : That’s good. Well, let’s go. 

25. Question : What Naila and Mia are talking about?
        Answer : They are talking about … 
A. shopping center
B. clothes
C. color
D. sport

26. Question : What stand will they visit?
        Answer : They will visit … .
A. bakery
B. stationary
C. swalayan
D. fashion store

27. This statement is not true based on the dialogue above. It is … .
A. Dark blue is Naila’s favorite color.
B. Mia likes jogging very much.
C. Naila and Mia are at the shopping center now.
D. Naila needs to buy a skirt.

28. My cousin has some hobbies. His hobbies … tennis, reading and swimming.
A. likes
B. are
C. like
D. is

29. Mrs. Zahra is my teacher.
        She likes wearing … on her wrist
A. bracelet
B. necklace
C. ring
D. ribbon.

30. Bams : Do you do swimming everyday?
        Mareta : … . I do swimming on Tuesday and Friday.
A. No, I don’t
B. Yes, I do
C. No, I am not
D. Yes, I am

31. How to make fruit salad
1. peel the fruits
2. mix the fruits
3. slice the fruits
4. wash the fruits

The right step is … .
A. 4 – 2 – 3 – 1
B. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 
C. 4 – 1 – 3 – 2 
D. 1 – 4 – 3 – 2 

Text 5 for no. 32 and 34

Please,  all school members wear  traditional costumes on Kartini  Day.
Monday, 21 April 2019.

32. We may wear these costumes on Kartini Day, except … .
A. Kebaya
B. Kurung
C. Bodo
D. Scout uniform

33. Question : When do we celebrate Kartini Day?
        Answer : We celebrate it every … .
A. Monday
B. April 21st
C. Monday 21 April 2019
D. day

34. Question : Who should wear traditional costumes?
        Answer : … .
A. The school members
B. The principal
C. The students
D. The teachers

35. Your hobby is philately. 
        You … many kinds of stamps.
A. collect
B. buy
C. make
D. eat

36. X : … , may I know the time?
        Y : Oh, it’s eight o’clock.
A. Sorry
B. Hi
C. Excuse me
D. Hello

Text 6 for no. 37 – 39
Dear Grandma,

Thanks a lot for the puzzle. It’s very big and complicated. But Yulia and I love it

Lots of love,


37. Question : Who writes the note?
        Answer : … does.
A. Grandma
B. Nury
C. Yulia
D. I

38. Question : How is the puzzle?
        Answer : It is … .
A. big and complicated
B. lots of love
C. dear grandma
D. boring

39. Question : What kinds of note is it?
        Answer : It is a … .
A. congratulations note
B. invitation
C. party note
D. thank-you note

40. Sahnaz always makes up her … after getting up.
A. face
B. dishes
C. bed
D. bath

Semoga bermanfaat.

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