Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas VI Sekolah Dasar (SD) UAS Semester Ganjil Plus Kunci Jawaban

Melanjutkan seri soal bahasa Inggris sekolah dasar untuk menghadapi ulangan akhir semester satu (ganjil) berikut ini sudah saya kompile soal- soal selanjutnya untuk kelas VI sekolah dasar. Materi bahasa Inggris  untuk kelas VI sekolah dasar tidak jauh berbeda dari tingkat sebelumnya hanya ditambahkan saja bentuk waktu (tenses) masa lampau (past tense).

Soal latihan sudah saya lengkapi dengan kunci jawaban di bawah setiap soal. Oke langsung saja, berikut latihan soalnya,
1. She is a … student. She always studies everyday.
A. lazy
B. diligent
C. clever
D. smart

2. I want to buy the nice bag. But it is too …. . I don’t have enough money.
A. expensive
B. cheap
C. good
D. bad

3. The train is very … .
He can’t run after it. So, he misses the train.
A. slow
B. slowly
C. fast
D. faster

4.  Rita’s book is Rp.35.000,00.
     Johan’s book is Rp.35.000,00.
    We can say that … .
A. Rita’s book is expensive.
B. Rita’s book is as expensive as Johan’s.
C. Johan’s book is expensive.
D. Johan’s book is more expensive than Rita’s.

5. Jonathan Christie is ..... badminton player in Indonesia.
A. best
B. bad
C. better
D. the best

6. Orange juice is delicious. But ice cream … than orange juice.
A. are delicious
B. is delicious
C. is more delicious
D. are more delicious

Text for questions number 7 – 9
My friend’s name is Destya Arya Wibisana. His nickname is Destya. Now, he is 12 years old. He has straight and short hair. He has flat nose and small eyes. He is the youngest child in his family. He can play football well. He wants to be a famous football player. He plays football every Sunday afternoon. He also always studies hard. Last semester he got the first rank in his class.

7. What is Destya?
A. He is a student.
B. He is a famous football player.
C. He is a football player.
D. He is a child.

8. How is he like?
A. He has pointed nose and small eyes.
B. He has curly and long hair.
C. He has straight and short hair.
D. He has flat nose and curly hair.

9. What is his idea?
He wants to be….
A. a badminton player
B. a famous football player
C. a football player
D. a clever student

10. Orange is a … fruit.
A. nutritious
B. more nutritious
C. the most nutritious
D. expensive

11. I know Pipit’s mother but I don’t know … father.
A. her
B. his
C. our
D. their

12. They will have a big party. They invite all… friends.
A. her
B. his
C. our
D. their

13. Please don’t make … cry. I will not disturb you.
A. I
B. him
C. me
D. Her

14. X : Whose pen is this?
Y : This is not my pen. This is … pen (bolpoinmu)
A. her
B. his
C. your
D. yours

15. X: Whom …the book belong to?
Y: The book belongs to her.
A. does
B. do
C. is
D. are

16. Ari : Whose pizzas are …?
A. this
B. that
C. these
D. it

Text for number 17 – 20
I am an elementary student .My name is Fara.  I am class six. We usually go to the school library in the rest time. This is our  library. There are many books in the bookshelf.  Sometimes we discus our lesson there. We sit around the table and start discussing our topic. We can find some books that we need easily. We are also able to borrow a dictionary if we do not know some difficult words. 

17. Whose library is it?
A. Fara
B. Fara’s school
C. School
D. My

18. Where does Fara go in the rest time?
A. Classroom
B. Laboratory
C. Library
D. Yard

19. Does Fara usually go to library in his rest time?
A. Yes, she does
B. No, she does not
C. Yes, she is
D. No, she is no

20. There is no…. in the library.
A. book
B. table
C. dictionary
D. television set

21. Whose dictionaries are these?
These are…
A. her
B. hers
C. my
D. your

22. I go to the restaurant with a friend of…
A. my
B. me
C. mine
D. I

23. … We went to the beach with some friends of….
A. mine
B. yours 
C. theirs
D. ours

24. I want to post my letter. So, I go to the….
A. post office
B. bank
C. museum
D. bookshop

25. Children like going to this place. This place is area of ground. They can play and chat. This place is…
A. garden
B. park
C. zoo
D. restaurant

26. A : … you see some animals?
B In the`zoo.
A. Where does
B. Where is
C. Where do
D. Where are

27. X : … the bank?
Y : It is in the north of the museum.
A. Where does
B. Where is
C. Where do
D. Where are

28. X : ….the way to Simpang Lima?
A. excuse me
B. please tell me
C. could you show me
D. go ahead

29. I like planting some flowers in my garden. My hobby is….
A. planting
B. gardening
C. cooking
D. camping

Text for questions number  30 to 32.
Benny likes to spent his holiday in his ….30. (rumah). He loves to collect….31(perangko). His hobby is ….32.

A. garden
B. library
C. house
D. yard

A. stamps
B. envelopes
C. coins
D. dolls

32. A. camping
B. hiking
C collecting stamp
D. gardening

33. X : What did you do last holiday?
        Y : I ….. to Surabaya.
A. will
B. go
C. goes
D. went

34. X : …. did you spend your holiday?
        Y : I learnt singing.
A. What
B. How
C. Why
D. When

35. X : … you like sleeping in your last holiday?
        Y : No, I did not.
A. Do
B. Does
C. Did
D. Are

36. I watched TV at home…..
A. tonight
B. last night
C. tomorrow
D. next week

Text for questions number 37 to 40
Dear Andy,
Holiday had just passed. How … 37… your holiday?
I spent my holiday with my friends in Yogyakarta. We ….38… some tourism objects. We …39… go much at the first day because we felt very tired. At the second day we …40… to Goa Cemara Beach. It was so exciting to see the sun set.

A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were

A. visited
B. visit
C. visiting
D. visits

A. do not
B. does not
C. did not
D. was not

A. went
B. go
C. goes
D. going

Semoga Bermanfaat.