Friday, November 8, 2019

Soal Latihan Simple Past Tense vs Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense

Dalam penggunaannya, Simple Past tense menyatakan suatu aktiffitas yang sudah selesai pada waktu tertentu di masa lalu, atau menyatakan suatu kebiasaan , kejadian yang berulang- ulang di masa lalu.
Contoh kalimat,
  • He was in Jakarta yesterday.
  • I visited Lombok last year.
  • I always went to the mosque at night.
Sedangkan bentuk Past Continuous atau yang sering juga disebut dengan Past Progressive menyatakan suatu aktifitas yang sedang terjadi pada masa lampau. 
Contoh kalimat,
  • I was studying Grammar at 9:30 yesterday.
  • The boys were playing footbal at 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

Kedua bentuk tenses Simple Past dan Past Continuous dalam sebuah kalimat sering digunakan bersama- sama dengan penanda "when" dan "while". Dalam waktu yang sama, ada dua kejadian yag terjadi, satu kejadian dimulai sebelum kejadian lain dan masih sedang terjadi ketika kejadian yang satunya tersebut terjadi.
Contoh kalimat,
  • I was walking down the street when the accident happened.
  • I was standing under the tree when my friend called me.
  • While I was studying at my room, someone knocked my door.
Nah, untuk mengasah keterampilan dalam menentukan atau membedakan kedua bentuk tersebut, sudah saya siapkan soal tentang Simple Past Tense vs Past Continuous (Progressive) Tense

1. While Andy ... the dinner, the phone rang.
is cooking
was cooking
was being cooked

2. Last night I ... in bed when suddenly I ... a scream.
was reading - heard
was reading - hear
read - was hearing
read - heard

3. I ... very fast when the accident happened.
am driving
was not driving
had driven

4. What ... at this time yesterday?.
are you doing
did you do
were you doing
do you do

5. Tom ... a photograph of me while I ....
took - didn't look
was taking - wasn't looking
took - wasn't looking
took - look

6. It ... to rain when I was walking home.
was beginning
is beginning

7. We saw an accident when we ... for the bus.
were waiting
had waited

8. When the teacher ..., the boys ... chess.
come - played
came - played
came - were playing
was coming - played

9. Betty ... when I visited her.
was sleeping
were sleeping

10. We ... English while the bell rang.
was studying
were studying
had studied

11. ... television when I phoned you?
did you watch
were you watching
are you watching
had you watched

12. I saw Adel at the party. She ... a really beautiful dress.
was wearing
is wearing
had been wearing

13. Tom ... his hand when he was cooing in the kitchen.
was burning
had burnt

14. When I ..., It was raining.
get up
was getting up
got up
is getting up

15. I saw Budi in the park. He ... and reading a book.
was sitting
is sitting

16. Budi and Romi ... about something when I walked into the room
was arguing
were arguing
had argued

17. I ... the thunder during the storm last night because I ....
did not hear - was sleeping
was not hearing - was sleeping
did not hear - slept
was not hearing - was sleeping

18. While I ... in one room of our apartment, my roommate was having a party in the other room.
was studying
had studied

19. We ... three new staff members last week. I'm happy with them so far.
were hiring
had hired
had been hired

20. "What were you doing at 8:45?"
"At 8:45 I ... my assignment."
was doing
had done

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