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Latihan Soal HOTS Reading Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional (UN) SMP/ MTs Tahun 2020

Penerapan soal HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skill) beberapa waktu lalu masih menyisakan perdebatan di kalangan siswa. hampir sebagian besar siswa mengeluh akan soal tipe tersebut. Soal tipe HOTS memang dikemangkan untuk mendorong dan mengembangkan kemampuan berpikir tingkat tinggi, tidak sekadar menghafal pelajaran dan pengetahuan, tapi mampu menganalisis, mensintesa, dan mencipta

Menurut Benjamin Bloom, ada tiga level kognitif kemampuan yaitu level 1 ; mengetahui (knowing-C1) dan level memahami (understanding-C2) ; level 2 : menerapkan (aplying-C3) ; dan level 3 : menganalisis (analyzing-C4), mengevaluasi (evaluating-C5), dan mengkreasi (creating-C6). Dalam hal ini, soal-soal HOTS digunakan untuk menguji kemampuan menganalisis (analyzing-C4), mengevaluasi (evaluating-C5), dan mengkreasi (creating-C6).

Menyelesaikan soal tersebut tidak hanya mengandalkan hafalan saja, akan tetapi penalaran dan pemahaman dari para siswa. Sekilas tentang soal tipe ini, jawaban tidak ada dalam teks ;bisa membutuhkan opini, pendapat atau analisis mengenai pernyataan dalam soal. HOTS merupakan konsep kecakapan berpikir yang dikembangkan berdasar model taksonomi Bloom. Siswa mesti memiliki kemampuan berpikir orde tinggi untuk menyelesaikan masalah yang kompleks, berpikir kritis dan rasional.

Menghadapi ujian nasional SMP mendatang berikut ini sudah saya kumpulkan beberapa soal bertipe HOTS. Semoga bisa membantu adik- adik dalam belajar menyelesaikan soal model ini.

Text 1
Hi Rendra,

We proud of your achievement. You have passed the national examination with flying color. Your achievement will unlock the next step of your study.
Congrats my boy!

Mom and Dad

1.     Rendra’s parents write the text to....
A. see their son’s success.
B. appreciate their son’s achievement.
C. express their happiness at their son’s graduation day.
D. convey how big their love to their son.

2. “Your achievement will unlock the next step of your study.”
This sentence means …
A. Rendra will continue his study in reputable senior high school.
B. Rendra’s parents will give the key to be successful for his future.
C. Rendra’s parents expect that he will continue his study abroad.
D. Rendra wants to be accepted in senior high school he has dreamt for.

Text 2
Hi Ahza,

Don’t forget to unplug the laptop charger from both the laptop and the electricity terminal after complete charging notification showing up on the screen. Otherwise, it will make either your laptop battery ruin or increase the electricity bill.


3.    What will Ahza probably do when the notification has not appeared yet?
A. Find the terminal to plug in the charger.
B. Keep the charger in his bag.
C. Wait until the notification popping up.
D. Keep charging his laptop.

4.   If the charging process completes, …
A. unplug the charger either from the device or the terminal
B. wait for the notification popping up on the laptop screen
C. keep working on the device and use the charger correctly
D. unplug the charger both from the device and the terminal

Text 3

5.    To whom is the text aimed?
A. crews of a train
B. passengers who are on board
C. ticket counter officers
D. people who are at railway station

6.     If an on-board passenger wants to use the toilet, he/she should…
A. find another toilet
B. wait until the train is moving
C. go to the railway station toilet
D. wait for another passenger who is using it

Text 4

Enjoy Bali’s beautiful beaches! Visit the art city of Ubud! Stay in Asia’s finest hotels! Buy beautiful souvenirs! See Mount Agung! …and much more.
We’ve got it all! Come and see the art shops, the temples, and the exotic dances. Come and try our restaurants.

Call Citra Tour, Tel. 62-31-5087062

7.     It can be concluded from the text that ….
A. People can buy lovely souvenirs in the beach of Bali
B. If someone is interested in Bali, she/he should call Citra tour.
C. The people can see some beautiful beaches and Europe’s finest hotel in Bali
D. There are many art shops, the ancient temples, and modern dances in Bali’s island

8. What will the readers probably do after reading the advertisement?
A. He/she will contact Citra Tour for more information
B. He/she will get another tour service reference
C. He/she will save money to prepare visiting Bali.
D. He/she will consider visiting Bali using Citra Tour

Text 5

To                    : Bima<>
From                : Jojo<>
Date and time : November 14, 2011 20:45
Subject            : My New City

Hi, Bim

How is it going? I hope you’ll be fine. Here, I’d like to tell you about my new city. Frankly, San Francisco is my favorite city in the United States. It is beautiful, clean, not too big, and it has something for everybody. I love the streets and buildings in San Francisco. The streets wind up and down the hills, with beautiful old brick and wooden houses on either side.
And you know what? One of my favorite things to do in San Francisco is to ride the cable car. It takes me to most parts of the city. It’s not a very comfortable ride, but it’s exciting and the views I get from the car are wonderful. And I like the weather in San Francisco. It never gets too cold or too hot. The summers are pleasant. The fresh breezes blow off the ocean and the sky is always blue. It rains quite a lot in the winter, but it never gets very cold.
Another thing I enjoy about the city is the restaurants. The seafood restaurants, with crabs and lobster, are my favorites. I can also get great Chinese, Japanese, American and European food in San Francisco.
Well, that’s my entire story about my new city. If you are interested in coming to my city, please tell me as soon as possible. I will prepare the comfortable place for you. Okay, see you at my city.

Your best friend,

9. It can be concluded from the text that Jojo actually tells  ... to Bima.
A. the entire story of his new city.
B. the fantastic Japanese and European food.
C. the streets and beautiful seashores in San Francisco.
D. the views, weather, restaurants, and few parts of the city. 

10.   What is interesting about streets in San Francisco?
A. They are clean, beautiful and big.
B. They are wet due to the rain every day. 
C. They wind up and down the hills with beautiful inns.
D. They are completed with beautiful old brick and wooden houses on either side.

Text 6
The Story of the Hare and the Tortoise

Once in a faraway of an island, the hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. "I have never yet been beaten," said the hare arrogantly, "when I put forth my full speed. I challenge anyone here to race with me. "The tortoise said quietly, "I accept your challenge." "That is a good joke," said the hare. "I could dance around you all the way." "Alright, keep on your boasting until you've beaten," answered the tortoise. "Shall we race?"
Subsequently, a course was fixed and a start was made. The hare darted almost out of sight at once, but soon stopped and to show his contempt for the tortoise, lay down to have a nap. The tortoise plodded on and plodded on, and when the hare awoke from his nap, he saw the tortoise nearing the finish line and he could not catch up in time to save the race.

11.   What did the hare do in that race while the tortoise plodded on?
A. The hare dance around tortoise. 
B. The hare stopped and took a nap.
C. The hare darted slowly.
D. The hare run very fast

12.   From the text above we can conclude that …
A. The hare had a successful idea to catch up in time to win the race
B. The hare kept plodding on his effort to win the race.   
C. The tortoise could dance around all the way  
D. The tortoise had a triumph eventually

13.  What is the moral value that we can get from the story?
A. Plodding wins the race.
B. Slow and steady never win the race.
C. Be patient to face the problems.
D. If we sleep on the way, we’ll be the winner.

Text 7
Hi, mom

Jenita and I have just arrived at Bali in good condition. Guess what! Now, we together stay in a cozy hotel. The room is not big but lovely. The wall is cream so we feel warm inside. The curtains are arranged beautifully. The room is also completed with the nice furniture, too. It has a sofa and a big TV set. Anyway, don’t worry about us again, okay? We always love you, mom.

Your beloved daughter,

14.   Based on the text above, what is the feeling of the writer’s mother to her daughters’ safety?
A. Affirmative
B. Delighted
C. Pleasant
D. Anxious

15.  What is TRUE about the hotel?
A. It is full-size
B. It is small and uncomfortable
C. It has small rooms but beautiful
D. The rooms of the hotel are so chilly inside

16. Now, we together stay in a cozy hotel
What does the underlined word refer to?
A. Mirna, Jenita and their beloved mother
B. Jenita and her beloved mother
C. Mirna and her beloved sister
D. Mirna’s mother and Jenita

Text 8
To: Sandra

You won the English speech contest impressively. All contestants and audiences had a high regard for your talent in conveying English speech and your perfect performance. Congratulation on your big success! Truthfully, you are really astounding.



17.   What did all contestants and audiences think highly of Sandra?
A. Her talent in conveying English speech and perfect performance.
B. Her imperfect performance in English speech contest.
C. Her success of conducting the English contest.
D. Her respect to the audiences of contest.

18. “All participants and audiences had a high regard for your talent…” It means the participants and audiences … Sandra’s performance.
A. underestimated
B. dissatisfied
C. mocked at
D. admired

Text 9

MIRANMAR is the latest eating place for those who want to experience dining with the classics flavors of China.  We serve contemporary Chinese food, from heavy to light and from sweet to extremely hot.
Here you will have a dining experience that is fashionable, authentic, and healthy.  With about 200 items on the menu, you will not be disappointed with anything found here such as starting with Rock Salad, an entrĂ©e made from various vegetables, mayonnaise and egg yolk, that is richly colorful and yet light, and prepared in front of the customer with a special performance by a trained waiter.
Having the distinction of being the first international branch, Miranmar Semarang has a restaurant design concept that is inspired by the idea of a ‘treasure chest’ and uses various valuable artifacts such as snuff bottles, lanterns, pearls and a characteristics wooden partition to create an old style Chinese ambiance.
Call 024 76251254 for reservations and more information.

19. The restaurant is designed in such a way to …
A. ease the customers in enjoying the food
B. resemble a Chinese style in the past
C. bring business in dining table
D. match the beauty of Jakarta

20. What will the readers probably do after reading the text?
A. He/she will call Miranmar for reservations
B. He/she will ignore the information
C. He/she will invite all of his/her family to have dinner at Miranmar.
D. He/she will consider enjoying food at Miranmar

Text 10
The cash dispenser machine first emerged in 1960s, and has gone through several developments simultaneously in different countries, mainly the USA, Japan, UK, and Sweden, That is why many inventors contributed to the history of this particular machine.
Nowadays, ATMs are not only used to withdraw money. You can also pay your bills, transfer money to other accounts, buy cell phone vouchers, and do many other transactions. Banks have also set up special interbank networks, such as ATM BERSAMA. 
Approximately there are more than 1.8 million ATMs installed and in use around the world today. Here are some of the most interesting locations. The highest ATM is installed in Nagchu County, Tibet, at 4500 meters above the sea level. While the lowest ATM is installed at Ein Bo Kek, near Dead Sea, Israel, at 421 meters below the sea level.

21.   The following statement is correct based on the text above.
A. The user may only use ATM to withdraw money and pay bills.
B. Banks have established special interbank networks to ease the transactions.
C. The cash dispenser machine first disappeared in 1960.
D. Precisely there are 1.8 million ATMs installed around the world.

22.   What does the first paragraph tell us about?
A. The functions of ATM in many daily transactions.
B. The countries have developed the different machine successfully.
C. The location of the particular machine in some of the most interesting locations.
D. The reason of inventors contributed to the history of the cash dispenser machine

Text 11

What  you  need:
A 2 cm thick piece of Styrofoam
Writing paper
A stick like the one used for sate
Color pencils

How to make it:
1. Cut a 4x10 cm piece of the Styrofoam for the hull and two pieces of 8x2 cm each for the floats. Make an arrow – like shape on one side of the hull. Save the triangles. Prepare two sticks of 15 cm long each.
2. Join the hull and the floats together with one stick. Push the other stick vertically into the hull for the sail. Put one of the triangles above the hull.
3. Cut an 8x12 cm piece of paper for the sail and a triangle of 2x6x6 cm for the flag. Draw your favorite picture on the paper.
4. Weave the vertical stick through the sail and flag. Your sailboat is done.
5. Put it on water. Let the wind blow your sailboat.

23. What do you know about this sailboat?
A. The size of the sail is 4x10 cm made from a piece of paper.
B. It has an arrow like shape on both sides of the hull.
C. It has a triangle flag on the top.
D. There is no picture on it.

24.   How can your sailboat be functioned?
A. It needs the wind blow.
B. It requires the favorite picture to sail.
C. The Styrofoam of sailboat makes it heavy.
D. The writer helps the sailboat sink to the water.

Text 12
Hi Marta!

Well, I’m back! I had a great time in Borneo with my cousins. It was really fascinating moment. What about Borneo? By the way, the place was interesting, but I don’t think we spent enough time there.
When we had a plan to go to the village through the river, there were too many people for the long boat, so we travelled there by a bus. The village was fantastic. I loved the house in which we would spend the night, but there weren’t enough rooms for all of us to sleep there, so we decided to sleep in the tents.
The first night was absolutely great since we made an opened area party with some villagers, but I ate too much spicy food, and so I felt ill in the next morning! The second night there was jungle trek-lots of interesting things there, but not enough time to see everything. Anyway, I’ll see you next weekend and show you all my photos. See you then.



25. From the text, it can be concluded that the writer didn’t take a long boat because …
A. she did not have enough money to pay the fare
B. she felt afraid of having a trip by a boat
C. the  boat size was  too small
D. the boat was too crowded

26. What was the reaction of villagers about the writer and his cousins’ coming to the village?
A. Disappointed
B. Upsetting
C. Delighted
D. Miserable

Text 13
When I was 8 years old, I used to go for music class two blocks away from home. Whenever I had to pay fees to the music class, my grandpa would accompany me so that he could hand over the money safely.
One day my grandpa gave me the fees (100 rupees I guess) and asked me to take it carefully as he could not come. I was scared that I would lose the money. I kept it in my notebook. While walking I looked at it every few seconds to make sure that it was there. To my surprise, when I opened the book half way to the class, the money wasn't there! I didn't know how I lost it.
I came back all the way searching for it and couldn't find it. I was running here and there which made a dog mad and it started chasing me. I ran home crazily. When I reached home, I was panting and crying terribly. I was still in shock that when my grandparents asked me what happened, I just said "Dog... Dog". They thought a dog actually bit me and were very tense. When the situation settled down, I told them what had happened. I was relieved because they did not scold me for losing the money.

27. The dog run after the writer because...
A. the writer ran helter-skelter
B. the writer ran home crazily
C. the dog was fierce
D. the dog was wild

28.   It can be concluded from the text that …
A. The writer was bitten by a dog
B. The writer could not find the lost money
C. The writer was scolded by his/her grandparents
D. The writer was taken to the music class by his/her grandfather

Text 14
Millions of bison once thundered across North America. These massive animals, characterized by their long, shaggy brow coats, have poor eyesight but acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell.
Historically, the American bison played an essential role in shaping the ecology of the Great Plains. They graze heavily on native grasses and disturb the soil with their hooves, allowing many plant and species to flourish.
A bison’s thick fur offers great protection against the harsh elements of the American plains. Their winter coat is so thick and well insulated that snow can cover their backs without melting.
Bison are adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the Great Plains, from summer heat to winter cold and blizzards. In winter, bison can dig through deep snow with their heads to reach the vegetation below.
Bison often rub, roll, and wallow. Wallowing creates a saucer-like depression in the earth called a wallow. This was once a common feature of the plains; usually these wallows are dust bowls without any vegetation.
Bulls and cows do not mingle until breeding session. Dominant bull “tend” to cows, following the cow until the cow chooses to mate. During this period, the blocks the cow’s vision so that she may not see other competing bulls, and bellows at males striving for the cow’s attention.

Source :

29. Why does bison dig through deep snow?
A. To find vegetation beneath it in order to feed
B. To make a place for bison to wallow
C. To block the cow’s vision during the breeding session
D. To clear their way to migrate to another place

30. We know from the text that …
A. bison’s thick fur cannot protect them from the harsh elements
B. bison only mingle with cows in breeding session
C. bison have great hearing but poor sense of smell
D. bison have no role in shaping the ecology of the Great Plains

Itulah Latihan Soal HOTS Reading Bahasa Inggris Ujian Nasional (UN) SMP/ MTs Tahun 2020. Semoga bermanfaat.


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