Latihan Soal Reading Comprehension Tes Bahasa Inggris (TBI) PKN STAN Tahun 2020

Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris PKN STAN terdiri dari soal structure dan reading comprehension (dari pengalaman tahun sebelumnya). Soal structure bahasa Inggris merupakan soal yang unik, karena memang harus mengenali tipikal soal berdasarkan bentuk grammatikalnya. Kebanyakan materi-materi structure grammar yang keluar belum diajarkan di sekolah. Sedangkan pada soal reading comprehension teks diambil dari jurnal- jurnal ilmiah atau artikel tertentu yang relevan. Tingkat kesulitan dalam soal reading lebih ke tingkat medium, tidak terlalu mudah juga tidak sesulit soal tes seperti soal UTBK bahasa Inggris atau TOEFL. 

Teks- teks soal reading comprehension banyak memunculkan kosakata- kosakata baru sehingga, salah satu cara adalah perbanyak latihan dan menggunakan strategi jitu untuk menyelesaikannya. Adik- adik bisa melihat pada tulisan saya sebelumnya tentang strategi dan pembahasan soal reading TBI PKN STAN tentang pembahasan dan cara menyelesaikan serta mengenali tipikal soal reading tes bahasa Inggris PKN STAN. Pada bagian ini, merupakan latihan soal reading comprehension soal TBI PKN STAN untuk menerapkan catatan pada tulisan sebelumnya tersebut.

Nah, langsung saja, berikut latihan soal- soalnya.

Text 1
Supernovas are the most powerful and spectacular outbursts known in nature. What is called a Type II supernova is due to the collapse of a massive star, at least eight times as massive as the sun, that has used up its main nuclear fuel and produced a nickel-iron core. When this core can no longer support the pressure of the star’s outer layers, it collapses to form a neutron star of immense density. Over 2,500 million tons of neutron star material could be packed into a matchbox. Its temperature is around 100.000 million degrees centigrade. Multitudes of neutrons are produced in the collapsed star, which pass directly through the start into space, and this release of neutrons causes the core to respond with a shock wave that moves outward. When it meets the material that is falling inward, the result is a catastrophic only a small, incredibly dense remnant that may be a neutron star or, in extreme cases, a black hole.
A  supernova is often more than 500 million times as luminous as the sun. A supernova remnant (SNR) may be detectable as a pulsar, an example of which is the Crab Nebula, known to be a remnant of the supernova observed in the year 1054. The 1987 supernova in the Large Cloud of Magellan had a low peak luminosity by supernova standards, only about 250 million times that of the sun. At its brightest the supernova shone as a star between magnitudes 2 and 3, even though it was 170,000 light-years away.

1. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. The formation and power of a supernova
B. The heat of Supernova
C. The role of shock waves in a supernova
D. The density of a neuron star

2. According to the passage which of the following is not TRUE  about the 1987 SUPERNOVA?
A. It was situated  in the Large Cloud of Magellan
B. It was 170,000 light-years away
C. It shone as a star between magnitudes 3 and 4
D. It had a low peak luminosity

3. The word "it" in line 8 refers to ....
A. A shock wave
B. neutron star
C. core of the collapsed star
D. catastrophic explosion

4. The word "detectable" in paragraph 2 has the closest meaning to ....
A. assumed
B. known
C. perceptible
D. audible

5. The author of this passage is most likely ....
A. a botanist
B. an economist
C. an astronomer
D. a mathematics

Text 2
Today's car are smaller, safer, cleaner, and more economical than their predecessors, but the car of the future will be far more pollution-free than those on the road today. Several new types of automobile engines have already been developed that run on alternative sources of power, such as electricity, compressed natural gas, methanol, steam, hydrogen, and propane. Electricity, however, is the only zero emission option presently available.
Although electric vehicles will not be truly practical until a powerful, compact battery or other dependable source of current is available, transportation experts foresee a new assortment of electric vehicle entering everyday life; shorter-range commuter electric cars, three-wheeled neighborhood cars, electric delivery vans, bikes, and trolleys.
As automakers work to develop practical electrical vehicles, urban planners and utility engineers are focusing on infrastructure systems to support and make the use of the new cars. Public charging facilities will need to be as common as today's gas stations. Public parking spots on the street or the in commercial lots will need to be equipped with devices that allow drivers to charge their batteries while they shop, dine, or attend a concert. To encourage the use of electric vehicles, the most convenient parking in transportation centers might be reserved for electric cars.
Planners foresee electric shuttle buses, trains, buses, and neighborhood vehicles all meeting at transit centers that would have facilities for charging and renting. Commutes will be able to rent a variety of electric cars to suit their needs: light trucks, one-person three-wheeler, small cars, or electric/gasoline hybrid cars for longer trips, which will no doubt take place on automated freeways capable of handling five minutes times number of vehicles that can be carried by a freeway today.

6. What is the author's purpose of the passage?
A. to criticize the conventional vehicle
B. to support the invention of electric cars
C. to persuade the readers to use electric cars
D. to describe possibilities for transportation in the future 

7. The passage would most likely be followed by details about ....
A. automated freeways
B. pollution restrictions in the future
C. the neighborhood of the future
D. electric shuttle bus

8. In the second paragraph the author implies that ....
A. a dependable source of electric energy will eventually be developed
B. everyday life will stay much the same in the future
C. a single electric vehicle will eventually replace several modes of transportation
D. electric vehicles are not practical for the future 

9. In the fourth paragraph, the word "foresee" could be best replaced with ....
A. count on
B. rely on
C. imagine
D. invent

10. This passage would most likely be found in a ....
A. medical journal
B. history book
C. popular psychology periodical
D. textbook on urban planning

11. According to the passage, public parking lots of the future will be ....
A. more convenient than they are today
B. equipped with charging devices
C. much larger than now
D. as common as today's gas stations

12. The following electrical vehicles are all mentioned in the passage EXCEPT, ....
A. vans
B. planes
C. trains
D. trolleys

Text 3
As computers have become powerful tools for rapid and economic of production of picture, computer graphics has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing fields in computers science. It such used routinely in such diverse areas as business, industry, government, research, training, and medicine.

One of of the initial uses of computer graphics and ultimately its greatest use, been as an aid to design, generally referred to as computer – aided design (CAD). One of its greatest advantages is that designers can see how an object will lock after construction and make changes freely and much more quickly than with hands drafting. For three-dimensional rendering of machine parts, engineers rely heavily on CAD. Automobile, spacecraft, aerospace, and ship designers use CAD techniques to design vehicles and test their performance. Building designs are also created with computer graphics systems. Architect can design a building layout create a three-dimensional model, and even go for simulated “walk” through the rooms or around the outside of the building.

Business graphics is another rapidly growing are of computer graphics, where it is to create graphs, charts, and cost models summarize financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific, and economic data. As an education aid, computer also has creative and commercial art applications, where it is used in advertising, publishing and film productions, particularly for computer animation, which is achieved by a sequential process.

13. What does the passage mainly talk about?
A. Computer graphics applications
B. Routines uses of computers
C. The rapidly growing field of computer science
D. Computers as the architects of the future

14. According to the passage, architects use CAD to....
A. inspect building
B. create graphs
C. make cartographic materials
D. create three-dimensional models

15. The word "it" in line 2 refers to....
A. computer graphics
B. computer science
C. field
D. computers

16. The word "applications" in paragraph 3 means ....
A. uses
B. jobs
C. creativity
D. layers

Text 4

Research has indicated that dyslexia has biological origin,and most investigators now suspect that dyslexic children read poorly as a result of highly specific language problem,sometimes called "phonological unawareness". Dyslexic children cannot easily learn to read because they have trouble associating printed letters with the sound of speech. A similar problem occurs in congenitally deaf people who have mastered the linguistic complexities and subtleties of sign language but have trouble learning to read.
Evidence also exists suggesting that the root cause for much dyslexia is a problem with processing very rapidly changing sensory stimuli.For example,studies have shown that dyslexic children have trouble making accurate distinctions between similar auditory signals.They often cannot hear the difference between speech sounds such as "pah","dah",and "bah". Recently,differences have been noted between the visual pathways pf dyslexics and those of non-dyslexics that suggest a comparable problem with fast changing visual stimuli. Researchers have also found several other neuroanatomical abnormalities in the temporal lobe and in the other areas of the brain. All of these studies are extremely valuable in helping researchers understand the mechanisms underlying reading problems so that dyslexic children can be accurately identified and more efficiently helped.

17. What is the main purpose of the passage?
A. to change current ideas about dyslexia
B. to explore the causes of dyslexia
C. to determine between dyslexia and congenital deafness
D. to take example of dyslexia behavior

18. This passage would be most interest to ....
A. children
B. writers
C. educators
D. scientists

19. The author compares the problems of dyslexic children with ....
A. dyslexic adults
B. the subtleties of sign language
C. the visual pathways of other dyslexics
D. the problems of congenitally deaf people

20. In line 9 The word "distinctions" could be best replaced with ....
A. similarities
B. experiences
C. imaginations
D. differences

Text 5
In North America there are two forms of bison, the plains bison and the woodland bison. The plains bison once ranged from Pennsylvania and Georgia to the Rockies, north to the edge of the Canadian forest, and south onto the central plateau of Mexico. The bison has a great tolerance to cold. When blizzards rage across the North American prairie, bison lower their heads and face directly into the storm. In winter the vegetation on which these animals feed may be hidden beneath a deep blanket of snow; however, this does not present a problem, for the bison use their hooves and massive heads to clear away the snow and then feed on the grasses below. Bison are strong survivors and have few predators except for humans, who reduced their population to the point at which, around 1900, there were fewer than a thousand plains bison left. However, with protection and careful breeding they have been brought back to the point where their numbers can be multiplied at will. Large herds presently range on both government and private lands where they are protected. Other endangered species need the same planning and protection.

21. What is the topic of the passage?
A. the diversity of climates in America
B. national parks of north America
C. cold-blooded animals of the Southwestern desert
D. the endangered grizzly of North America

22. Where would Bison be found during severe winter storm?
A. Seeking shelter behind boulders
B. In the open
C. in caves
D. Behind trees

23. It can be concluded from the passage that ....
A. Bison will eventually be extinct
B. Bison are more fragile than they appear
C. The Bison population can be controlled
D. Bison were native to a limited territory

24. The word "their" in line 10  refers to ....
A. numbers
B. predators
C. humans
D. plains bison

25. "...Large herds presently range on both government..."
What does the underlined word mean?
A. move about
B. cook on a store
C. drive a long distance
D. surround

Sekian latihan soal reading comprehension tes bahasa Inggris PKN STAN. Semoga bisa menjadi gambaran akan tipe -tipe soal yang sering muncul khususnya dalam bagian soal reading. 

Oya, soal latihan juga tersedia dalam Quizizz lho, format soal tryout dengan jumlah 30 butir soal dengan penskoran yang sama, sangat menarik untuk dicoba. 

Semoga bermanfaat.

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