Thursday, March 5, 2020

Latihan Soal Online Conditional Sentence Type I

Conditional Sentences dapat disebut juga kalimat bersyarat atau pengandaian. Ada tiga tipe kalimat pengandaian (conditional sentence) yaitu tipe I, tipe II dan tipe III. Ketiganya memiliki bentuk dan fungsi yang berbeda. Pada tulisan ini, secara khusus akan saya sediakan latihan soal conditional sentence tipe I. Tetapi sebelum masuk ke dalam soal latihan, berikut ini ringkas materi tentang conditional sentence tipe I.

Conditional Sentence Type I
Kalimat kondisional Tipe I bisa mencakup tiga bentuk yaitu, bentuk Present tense - future, present tense - present, dan bentuk present tense - imperative sentence. Kita bisa melibatkan modal seperti will atau can dalam bentuk kalimatnya. Untuk lebih memahami, inilah beberapa contoh konteks dan situasi dalam kalimat kondisional tipe I.
  • If I have lots money, I will go around the world .
  • If it rains, I drive.
  • If the man comes, go.
  • I'm going to the concert if I can get a ticket.
  • If the phone rings, can you answer it, please?
  • If I'm late this morning, don't wait for me.
  • If you see Rijal tomorrow, can you ask him to meet me?
Latihan Soal Conditional Sentence Type I

Choose the correct answer

1. If ... late this evening, don't wait for me.
I'll be

2. If there is a fire, the alarm ... ...
will ring
would ring

3. If I don't see you tonight, I ... you tomorrow.
will phone

4. I ... surprised if Jonathan gets gold medal.
will be

5. Will you go to the party if they ... you?
will invite

6. ... you visit me if I give you my address?

7. You will miss the train if you ... hurry

8. Your body will be fresh tomorrow if you ... to bed early.
will go

9. Do you mind ...I close the window?

10. If the weather is bad, I ... to go hiking.
don't want

11. We are going to play tennis if ....
it rains
it doesn't rain

12. If I don't feel well tomorrow, I ... at home.
will stay
would stay

13. What shall we do if it ...?
will rain

14. If we go by bus, It ...
is cheaper
will be cheaper

15. Turn the television off if you ....

16. Jenita won't pass the exam if she ... hard.
doesn't study

17. Shall we have picnic tomorrow if the weather ... good?
will be

18. If you pass the exam, You ... a certificate.
will get

19. If you ... busy now, we can talk later.
will be

20. I can lend you some money if ... some.
you need
you will need
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