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Latihan Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris (TBI) USM PKN STAN Tahun 2019

Untuk adik- adik yang mau melanjutkan kuliahnya di PKN STAN, inilah saat yang tepat untuk meluangkan waktu mempelajari berbagai materi yang muncul dari tahun ke tahun serta tipikal dari soal ujian masuk PKN STAN itu sendiri.

Merujuk pada soal TBI USM PKN STAN tahun 2018  yang lalu, Soal bahasa Inggris terdiri dari 30 (tiga puluh) soal dengan materi grammar (structure and written expression) dan materi reading text. Meskipun soal hanya berjumlah tiga puluh, tetapi jumlah nilai ini akan menentukan ambang lolos tidaknya adik- adik. Pada tes bahasa Inggris (TBI) PKN STAN tahun 2019, diprediksi soal akan berkutat materi yang sama yaitu structure and written expression serta reading text.

#1.  Structure and Written Expression
Bentuk soal structure and written expression membutuhkan penguasaan grammar yang baik. Soal structure and written expression ditujukan untuk menguji kemampuan adik- adik dalam mengenali formal written English.

Adapun topik yang harus dikuasai adalah tentang Gerund, Parallel Construction, Direct and Indirect Speech, Concord atau agreement, Degree of Comparison, Tenses, Participle, Clause, Causative, Subjunctive, Conditional Sentence, Elliptical sentence, Question Tag, plus materi grammar lainnya.

Berikut contoh soal structure and written expression USM PKN STAN,
I would rather ... a movie alone than work with you.
A. being watched
B. watch
C. watched
D. watching
#2. Reading Comprehension
Soal teks untuk reading comprehension dalam soal- soal USM PKN STAN biasanya diambil dari berbagai sumber baik website maupun sumber lain misalnya jurnal ilmiah. Strategi menyelesaikannya sama dengan soal- soal reading lainnya yang mencakup :

1. Topik
Beberapa ciri soal yang menyatakan topik adalah sebagai berikut :

  • What is the topic of the text?
  • The topic of the test is ....
  • The text is about....
  • The text tells us about ....
  • What is the main information of the text?
  • What does the text mainly discuss?
Cara penyelesaiannya adalah sebagai berikut,
  • Cari kata atau frase yang paling sering muncul di bacaan, kemudian pilihlah jawaban yang sesuai.
  • Baca kalimat pertama dan kedua setiap paragraf, kemudian simpulkan intisarinya dan pilihlah jawaban yang sesuai. 

2. Title
Beberapa tipe soal yang menanyakan "title " atau judul bacaan adalah "What is the best title of the text above?"
Cara menyelesaikan soal- soal yang menanyakan title atau judul adalah dengan mencari pilihan jawaban (A-D) yang paling sesuai dengan jawaban.

3. Main Idea/ main  information (pikiran utama/ kalimat utama dalam paragraf)
Main idea adalah pengembangan topik bacaan, strategi menyelesaikannya adalah dengan memilih jawaban (A-D) yang sesuai dengan topik bacaan. Bila main idea bersifat tersirat, maka mencarinya dengan :

  • Untuk paragraf deduktif (umum - khusus) yaitu dengan membaca kalimat pertama, kedua dalam paragraf dan kemudian pilihlah jawaban yang sesuai.
  • Untuk paragraf induktif (khusus- umum) dengan membaca kalimat terakhir paragraf yang biasanya berupa kesimpulan, kemudian pilihlah jawaban yang sesuai.

4. Aim/ purpose the writer (tujuan utama penulis)
Untuk mengetahui tujuan utama penulis biasanya diketahui dengan membaca intisari gagasan paragraf pertama ( biasanya dinyatakan dalam kalimat 1,2) ataupun bisa dari kesimpulan bacaan (paragraf terakhir)

5. Reference (pronoun + refers to)
Kata ganti (pronoun) selalu menjelaskan kata benda yang telah disebut sebelumnya, sehingga cara mencarinya dengan membaca kata/ frase/ kalimat sebelum "pronoun" yang ditanyakan.

6. Comprehensive question ( 5W + 1 H)
Pertanyaan dengan "Comprehensive Question" biasanya mencari informasi yang sesuai dengan kata kunci dalam setiap pertanyaan. Ada beberapa penanda dalam comprehensive questions seperti pemakaian what (apa) untuk menanyakan benda, who (siapa) untuk menanyakan orang, where (dimana) untuk menanyakan tempat, when (kapan) untuk menanyakan waktu, why (mengapa) untuk menanyakan alasan, dan how (bagaimana) untuk menanayakan cara / keadaan.

7 True/ false statement
Pahamilah pilihan jawaban (A-E) satu persatu, cari pernyataan di dalam teks yang sesuai untuk mengetahui apakah pilihan jawaban tersebut benar atau salah.

8. Vocabulary.

Untuk mencari jawaban pertanyaan vocabulary (kosakata), yang pertama adalah kuasailah kosakata kemudian cocokkan kosakata tersebut yang sesuai dengan konteks kalimat pada bacaan. Biasanya pertanyaan vocabulary memiliki ciri- ciri : meaning, synonym,antonym, and word definition.

Untuk memperkaya pengetahuan adik- adik dan melatih kemampuan dalam menjawab soal - soal tipe structure and written expression, berikut saya siapkan latihan soal online-nya. Soal bisa dikerjakan melalui smartphone atau laptop adik- adik. Saat selesai mengejakan soal, nilai skor akan muncul dan tampilan jawaban yang benar.

Oke, langsung saja berikut latihannya,  

1. Luc :” May I borrow your new novel?”
Geert:” Yes, but next Friday. I _______ reading it by then.”
would finish
am finishing
have finished
will be finishing
will have finished

2. “Have you delivered the package to the customers?”
“Not yet, some ________.”
are still being wrapped
have been wrapped
would be wrapped
will have wrapped
were wrapped

3. “If you had listened to me, you would have been able to study at PKN STAN”, means ________.
You had listened to me and you were able to study at PKN STAN
You did not listen to me, but you were able to study at PKN STAN
You were not able to study at PKN STAN because you did not listen to me
You listened to me, but you were not able to study at PKN STAN
You were able to study at PKN STAN because you listened to me

4. If I knew that working hard and pursuing higher education ______ to be a successful person, I would commit better to work at school to survive longer.
being counted

5. The motion picture originated when a series of still photographs were spliced and viewed in rapid succession _________ to illusion and movement and continuity.
to create
in the creation of
to be created by
for creation

6. Several individuals _________ different groups have become united in their effort to make government cancel the increase of fuel prices.
to represent
they represent

7. _________ the earthquake had made the region unsafe for living, the villagers were willing to transmigrate.
In order that
so that

8. I wish that I could send this letter to her at once, but I have no idea ____________.
which road she should live
when she lives there
where does she live
how long she lives there
where she lives

9. Different interpretations on the same event by various newspaper ________ readers confused and angry.
to make
they make
it makes

10. “What is the most worrying effect of the economic crisis?” “________ children are deprived of nutritious food necessary for their physical and intellectual development.”

11. “I have difficulties in filling in these tax forms.” “Well, you ________________________.”
have done it with somebody’s help
can do it for one of my assistants
have to do it without difficulties
can do it all by yourself
can have one of my assistants do it

12. “Danish has decided to postpone his plan going to Europe.” “Has he? He told me that he _______ for a visa to Belgium.”
has applied

13. “She can hardly remember me.” “__________________”.
But her sister doesn’t
So is her sister
Neither does her sister
Her sister can too
But her sister can

14. “I’ve heard that Joko was fined for $120 for littering when he was in Singapore.”
“Really? He _______ that there is law against littering in public places.”
might have known
ought to have known
could have known
should have known
must have known

15. “Would you like to see a documentary program on Discovery Channel?” “__________ go to movie. How does that sound?”
I want to
I might
I could
I’d rather
I wish to

16. “Without his assistant, the professor could hardly finish his survey, ____ he?”

17. Aisya said “I have never seen such a great movie.” From the above statement we may conclude that _________.
she seldom went to good movies
the film she saw was a terrible one
she has never seen bad movies before
it is the first time she went to see a movie
this is the best movie she has ever seen

18. Children who believe in the value of hard work and responsibility and who attach importance to education are likely to have higher academic achievement and fewer _________ problems than those who do not have these ideals.

19. “The weather is good today, let’s play golf.” “__________.”
That’s good idea
Are you sure
Well, I like it
Yes, it is good weather
That’s sure

20. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, __________ by Forbes as the 6 th most affluent entrepreneur of the World in 2016.
has identified
have identified
was identified

Score =
Correct answers:

Ingat, hasil tidak akan menghianati proses ya, tetap semangat, berdoa dan berusaha. Bila tulisan ini bermanfaat, jangan lupa share ya ke teman- teman terdekat...


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