Seri Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK : Offering Things and Invitation

Ungkapan offering things digunakan untuk memberikan tawaran tentang sesuatu hal terhadap seseorang. Beberapa ekspresi yang digunakan seperti :

  • May I help ____ ?
  • Would you like help me to ____ .
  • Should I help you ____ .

Adapun respon terhadap ungkapan tersebut, bisa menerima atau menolak. Bila menerima bisa menggunakan jawaban berikut ; Thanks dan I'd love to. Sedangkan untuk menolak, bisa menggunakan respon seperti I'd love to, but ____ atau I'm sorry.

Ungkapan dalam invitation sangat beragam, kita bisa memilih salah satu dari beberapa ungkapan yang digunakan, seperti ;
  • Would/ Could you come to ____ .
  • If you don't mind, please come to ____ .
  • Do you want to join ____ .
  • I'd be glad to if you could ____ .
  • Please come to ____ .

Sedangkan untuk meresponnya, bisa menolak atau menerima. Adapun respon menolak kita bisa menggunakan ungkapan seperti , I'd love to, but ____ ; I'm sorry, I have another program ; How about another time? Atau untuk ungkapan menerima, bisa kita gunakan ungkapan I'd love to. I'll come ; Thanks ____ . ; atau sure/ certainly.

Untuk melengkapi teori diatas, lengkapi pemahaman ungkapan diatas dengan beberapa soal latihan incomplete dialog ujian SMK berikut ini.

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Dialogue no. 1
Yossy : Do you want to join me to watch Gundala on Saturday night?
Nayla : ____ Are you willing to pick me up?
Yossy : Yeah, be ready before seven.
Are you serious?
Great! I love it.
I'm sorry. I am not keen on watching movie
Nice invitation. But I can't

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : ____ to my birthday party about seven?
Mira : I'll be glad to. I'll be there before the time.

Will you come
Will you come
Do you come
May you come

Dialogue no. 3
Taza : Hello, Rel. It's been long time since we last met. Do you mind if I invite you to come to my house tonight?
Arel : Not at all, but let me see. I'll come if it _____

doesn't rain
I'm sorry
I come to
No, thank you

Dialogue no. 4
Linda : Can you come to m graduation party tonight?
Bilal : _____, but I have to work overtime tonight.

I'm sorry
I'd like to
I come to
No, thank you

Dialogue no. 5
Rafif : Would you like to come to my engagement next week?
Aril : Yes, sure. _____

I don't think so
I'm afraid I can't
I have a lot of work to do
I'd love to

Dialogue no. 6
Halim met an old woman at the station. She brought a heavy box, and he would like to help her. Halim said : _____

Would you mind bringing it by yourself?
Should I help you bring this box?
May I bring your box, please?
Bring this heavy box, please.

Dialogue no. 7
Cintya sees her teacher carrying a lot of books. She wants to help her.
Cintya says : _____

Would you help me, Ma'am?
May I help you to carry those books, Ma'am?
If you don't mind, please carry my books
May I help you to lift these books

Dialogue no. 8
Travel agent : _____
Arief : Yes. Can I have my ticket issued, please?
Travel Agent : Of course. Can you give me your booking code?

Can I see your code?
May I help you?
Can you help me with your ticket?
May I see your identity card?

Dialogue no. 9
Jenita : You look so busy today. May I help you to file those letters?
Janet : _____ Jen. I have to do it myself. You don't understand how to file these letters.

No, thanks
With pleasure
Why not, you're my best friend
Thank you for your kindness

Dialogue no. 10
Shopkeeper : Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Shinta : Yes. I'm looking for the newest smartphone with a reasonable price.
Shopkeeper : Oh, we have some. Please wait a second. I'll ____ to you.

sell it
buy them
make it
show them

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