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Seri Latihan Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian SMK ; Suggestion and Advice

Dalam soal reading incomplete dialogue, kita sering menemukan ekspresi yang berhubungan dengan topik suggestions/ advice. Bentuk yang paling umum digunakan adalah bentuk frase pertanyaan dengan "How about", akan tetapi berbagai bentuk lain juga sering digunakan sesuai dengan konteks kalimatnya.

Sebelum beranjak ke latihan soal bentuk suggestion and advice, berikut ini penjelasan ungkapan ini berdasarkan konteks kalimatnya. 

A. How about.
How about digunakan untuk menanyakan apakah seseorang itu setujua dengan apa yang kita sarankan. Dua aturan yang sering kita temukan dalam penggunaan frase How About adalah sebagai berikut :

How about + subject + simple verb
Contoh :
How about we go to Lawang Sewu, Semarang?
Lawang Sewu Semarang

Sedangkan yang kedua adalah bentuk :
How about + Gerund
Contoh :
How about going to Lawang Sewu Semarang?

B. What about
Dalam frase What about, penggunaannya hampir mirip dengan frase How about. Hanya tambahkan saja bentuk Gerund setelah What about.
Contoh :
What about going to Lawang Sewu Semarang?

C. Why Don't
Why don't + subject + simple form

Contoh :
Why don't we go to Lawang Sewu Semarang?

D. Why not
Why not + simple verb

Contoh : 
Why not go to Lawang Sewu Semarang?

***Subjek dalam contoh kalimat diatas adalah "you' sehingga secara langsung tidak disebutkan.

E. Shall
Shall + subject + simple verb

Contoh :
Shall we go to Lawang Sewu Semarang?

 *** Shall hanya digunakan untuk subjek "I" dan ""we".

Untuk meresponnya, beberapa ungkapan juga digunakan. Ada yang menerima (accepting) dan menolak (declining). Berikut ungkapannya.


That’s a good/great idea!
That sounds good/great.
Thanks! I’d love to.


I’d prefer…
That’s a good idea but…
I’m not sure.

Nah, untuk lebih memahami tentang teori diatas, latihan soal berikut akan sedikit membantu terutama dalam mengetahui soal dengan konteks situasi yang relevan digunakan.

Dialogue no. 1
Yossy : Hi Nayla, What are you looking for?
Nayla : Hi, Yossy. I've been trying to find a really good novel. Any suggestion?
Yossy : Do you know "Sirkus Pohon"? ____. It's an impressive novel.

You can buy it
You can lend it
You may take mine
You should read it

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : Perhaps we could all go out for refreshing. _____
Mira : That'd be lovely. We've planned it several times ever since we moved here.

What about climbing the mount near the village?
Why don't we eat together at home?
Should we order the food now?
What about going to Grandma's house?

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : _____
Gerry : What's wrong with it?
Ann : It's hard to read the result.

Will you save the document?
Could you check the program?
Could you read the document again?
Can I help you?

Dialogue no. 4
Director : Would you mind helping me with this letter? A client is waiting for me.
Secretary : ____ Shall I type the letter, sir?
Director : Yes, please. Don't forget to fax it to the personal manager and keep the copy.

Yes, of course
Yes, I'll be glad to
Sorry, but I'm writing
No, I'd be glad to

Dialogue no. 5
Father : My feet hurt after jogging this morning
Mother : ____
Father : That's a good idea. I hope they're getting better soon. I'm planning to walk around the city park tomorrow.

My feet hurt, too and I need to take along rest
What about walking around slowly step by step?
Why don't you soak them in some warm water?
You should stop jogging or I won't massage your feet

Dialogue no. 6
Bagus : Jim, What's matter with your finger? It's bleeding
Jimmy : I had cut it.
Bagus : _____

You had better not to cut your finger
Why don't you put a band aid on the cut?
You shouldn't chop the beef with this knife
What do you recommend for your fingers

Dialogue no. 7
Rin : ____ to the cinema this weekend?
Alex : That's a good idea.

How about going
How about to go
How about to see
How about seeing

Dialogue no. 8
Riff : Can I talk to your finance manager?
Secretary : I'm sorry. He is not in.
Riff : ____ ?

Could I take your message?
Can I leave any message?
Would you leave any message?
Any message for you?

Dialogue no. 9
Una : Would you like to go to the Javanese restaurant on the corner?.
Ita : ____ I know it serves my favorite food. Let's go.

I'm really sorry, I can't
I'd be delight to
I'd love to but
I prefer Sundanese one

Dialogue no. 10
Chandra : What do you suggest for dinner?
Shinta : _____
Chandra : I'm very sorry , I'm vegetarian now.

Let's cook union soup at home
I think we can enjoy marmalade
What about eating some Friench Fries?
Why don't we have steak at the Waroeng?

Score =
Correct answers:
Semoga Bermanfaat.

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