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Latihan Soal Bentuk Preference dalam Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK

Preference digunakan untuk menyatakan pilihan dari berbagai macam hal. Ada dua macam bentuk yang digunakan yaitu dengan menggunakan Prefer dan Would Rather. Dalam soal ujian bahasa Inggris SMK, topik preference biasanya muncul dalam bentuk soal incomplete dialogue. Tentu saja selain mengetahui tentang konsep penggunaannya, pemahaman konteks juga tidak kalah penting. Hafalan rumus mesti dilengkapi dengan pemahaman kontekstual dari soal itu sendiri.

Untuk memperjelas sebelum beranjak ke dalam latihan soal, baiknya dipahami bebebrapa penjelasan tentang bentuk perference berikut.

Penggunaan I would rather bisa disingkat dengan I'd rather 
Contoh :
  1. I'd rather ride a bike than ride motorcycle.
  2. Sue would rather study in the morning than study in the night.
  3. I'd rather be studying language than be studying Math right now. 

Contoh :
  1. I prefer staying home to camping.
  2. He prefers cars than motorcycles.
  3. They prefer to stay home than to watch the concert.

Contoh :
  1. He likes cats better than dogs.
  2. I like economics better than mathematics.
  3. She likes dancing better than singing.
Berikut latihan soal incomplete dialog tentang preference

Dialogue no. 1
Jenita : Would you like to join us this weekend? We are going camping.
Nayla : No, Thank you. I ____ than go out. I have to finish the project now.

prefer staying at home
had better stay at home
had rather stay at home
I'd like stay at home

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : What would you like,, climbing, mountain,, or diving?
Mira : I ____ What about you?

like climbing mountain to diving
prefer climbing mountains to diving
would rather climb mountains better than dive
would prefer climbing mountains rather than diving

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : What does your sister do in her free time? Does she enjoy traveling?
Intan : Well, she ____ ?

prefers to play music instrument than to travel
prefers playing music instrument than traveling
would prefer playing music instruments the traveling
would prefer to play music instrument than traveling

Dialogue no. 4
Juna : Which do you prefer, camping or fishing?
Ali : ____. How about you?
Juna : I prefer fishing

I had better preparing the tent
I like camping better than fishing
I think that is my best equipment
I prepare fishing equipments before camping

Dialogue no. 5
Jaka : What do you like most here in this city?
Bima : Well, ____ there is so much to taste.

I enjoy going shopping a lot
I'm very fond of the food
I love the steak very much
I really like hot coffee

Dialogue no. 6
Bagus : I like being teacher better than a business man.
Jimmy : On the contrary, I prefer being a business man to a teacher.
Bagus : So ____ .

our like is different
I dislike you and you dislike me
we have different preference
I am not similar with you

Dialogue no. 7
Rini : Do you want to be an employer or to be an employee?
Alexa : Of course ______.
Rini : so you must be brave to be an entrepreneur.

I'd rather being an emloyee
I prefer to an employer
I like better an employee
I'd prefer to be an employee

Dialogue no. 8
Dinda : Which do you like better, commputer hardware or software?
Eva : _____.
Dinda : I am the contrary. I prefer hardware.

I'd rather learn software. More interesting
I like to learn hardware best than software
I prefer computer software and hardware
I'd prefer to learn computer hardware and software

Dialogue no. 9
Una : Do you prefer working in a domestic to a foreign company?
Ita : ____
Una : Well it depends on the profitability of the company, I think.

Yes, I prefer doing domestic work
Working in foreign company is more promising, I think
I'd prefer to work in a domestic and foreign country
I like working in a foreign company and domestic company best

Dialogue no. 10
Dian : Let's have dinner to Chinese restaurant now.
Vanny : But, I prefer Javanese food.
Dian : It's up to you then.

10. We may conclude that ____ .
Dian likes Javanese food better than Chinese food
Vanny likes Javanese food better than Chinese food
Dian likes Javanese food better than Chinese food
Dian likes none of them

Score =
Correct answers:
Demikian Latihan Soal Bentuk Preference dalam Soal Incomplete Dialogue Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK. Semoga bermanfaat.


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