Latihan Bentuk Probability dan Possibility dalam Soal Incomplete Dialogues Reading Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK

Ungkapan probability dan possibility digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu kemungkinan akan suatu hal. Dalam berbagai ungkapan, penggunaan possibility dan probablity mempunyai perbedaan. Ungkapan probability biasanya digunakan untuk menyatakan kemungkinan yang tidak terbatas, atau dalam matematika seringkali dinyatakan sebagai peluang atau kesempatan sedangkan untuk possibility digunakan menyatakan suatu kemungkinan antara ya atau tidak.
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Dalam soal ujian ungkapan ini dinyatakan dengan berbagai konteks seperti penggunaan conditional sentence, If only, modal auxiliaries. 

Berikut ini lingkup materi penggunaan ungkapan yang menyatakan ungkapan  probability dan  possibility.


  • He is sure to get the scholarship
  • We are likely to win the match
  • I'm not likely to forget it
  • They will probably come late to the party
  • I definitely won't go to her house
  • It's highly unlikely that the company will expand
  • It's probable that we will be on holiday at that time
  • He's a definite leader for the project


  • We may be able to help you
  • We might be the winner. we never know
  • Do you think he will win? I think It's possible
  • He'll possibly come tomorrow
  • They probably won't come until next Sunday

Berikut ini contoh soal dan pembahasan ungkapan Probability and Possibility dalam soal ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK.
Soal No. 1
Rita       : I wonder why Tiara never replied my sms.
Tita       : Possibly, she was out of town. ______.

A.  She can't have got any fund
B.  She must have bought a lot of fund
C.  She might have had no fund
D.  She should have received some fund

Rita menanyakan mengapa Tiara tidak pernah menjawab sms nya. Tita menjawab bahwa tiara berada di luar kota dan menyatakan kemungkinan bahwa mungkin saja Tiara tidak punya uang ( She might have had no fund). Penggunaan Modal Perfect  Tense digunakan untuk menyatakan ungkapan probability dan juga possibility dalam soal diatas.
Jawaban : C
Untuk memahami tentang ungkapan ini pada bentuk soal, berikut latihan soal tentang ungkapan yang menyatakan probability dan possibility.


Dialogue no. 1
Jenita : Where are you spending your next holiday?.
Nayla : ___ I might go to Malang.
Jenita : How about joining me to Yogyakarta?

I'm sure
I'm ready
I have no idea
I'm glad you're right

Dialogue no. 2
Tiara : Do you think it will rain tomorrow? I plan to go to the beach.
Mira : It ____ It rains almost everyday these days

doesn't rain
isn't raining
is really so
could be

Dialogue no. 3
Ann : ____
Intan : I think so. We've been waiting for fifteen minutes.

The train could be late
The train is late
The train is coming
The train is not late

Dialogue no. 4
Juna : Do you think it's possible to repair this car only by ourselves?
Ali : ____ ?

I think I will repair my own car
It's impossible for me to buy a new car
Why not? After all the damage is not serious
Are you sure? I think the damage needs repairing

Dialogue no. 5
Jaka : Can the government eliminate corruption in the next five years?
Bima : Well, ___ if the enforcement of law is strictly applied.

I think it is impossible
It's possible
It is out of the question
I don't think so

Dialogue no. 6
Bagus : Where is your brother? It's three o'clock, but I haven't seen him
Jimmy : ____
Bagus : What is he doing at school at this time?

He could be at school
I don't know
He's going out with his friend
I've seen him

Dialogue no. 7
Rini : Have you seen my message to Linda?
Alexa : Yes, ____

I didn't see it to Linda
Linda is busy
She should have received your message by now
I'll send it tomorrow

Dialogue no. 8
Dinda : i graduated with flying colors!
Eva : ____ You must be kidding.

It's possible
That's true

Dialogue no. 9
Una : His laptop is broken.
Ita : ____, he was a mechanic. you know that, don't you?

Sure. It needs to be upgraded
I asked him to call a repairman
He couldn't have fix it
He might have repaired it himself

Dialogue no. 10
Dian : Look! There are very dark clouds hanging in the sky!
Vanny : Oh, ____ I will bring my umbrella.

10. We may conclude that ____ .
We should go from here
I will leave you here
It might be heavy rain today
I'll see you after the rain

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