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Latihan Soal Materi Adjective Clause/ Relative Clause Bahasa Inggris

Relative Clause sering disebut dengan istilah Adjective Clause merupakan clause (anak kalimat) yang digunakan/ berfungsi sebagai adjective yang menerangkan  keadaan noun atau pronoun. Dalam relative clause, biasanya dikenal dengan kata penghubung that, who, whom, whose, dan which sebagai relative pronouns, serta where, when, dan why. 

Contoh :
#1.  I have read the book (that) you just mentioned. (Saya membaca buku yang baru saja disebutkan)
Keterangan :
  • Main Clause (induk kalimat) : I have read the book.
  • Subordinate Clause (anak kalimat) : (that) you just mentioned.
***Anak kalimat menerangkan kata benda "the book", disebut sebagai Relative Clause/Adjective Clause 

#2. The lesson (that) she is learning is very difficult.
  • Main Clause (induk kalimat) : The lesson is very diffficult.
  • Subordinate Clause (anak kalimat) : (that) she is learning.
***Anak kalimat menerangkan kata benda "the lesson", disebut sebagai Relative Clause/Adjective Clause yang memberikan keterangan terhadap kata benda "the lesson".

Adjective Clause diklasifikasikan menjadi 2 macam berdasarkan the antecedent yang ditunjukkan oleh introductory words (kata- kata pendahulunya), yaitu :
  1. Relative Pronoun
  2. Relative Adverb
Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan cermati pada tabel berikut,

Tabel Adjective Clause
Soal- soal bentuk relative clause dianggap paling membingungkan karena harus membedakan penggunaan introductory word tersebut diatas.

Untuk lebih memahami penerapan materi relative clause, berikut ini latihan soal relative clause yang sering muncul dalam soal- soal ujian Bahasa Inggris.

Nah, langsung saja, berikut latihan tentang materi Relative Clause bahasa Inggris.

1. The book ____ is only available in the library.
from which these two chapters are taken
these two chapters are taken from them
where these two chapters are taken
the two chapters are taken

2. The girl ____ this letter is addressed has moved to another city.
to which
to whom

3. This is Mr. Abdul ____.
which I told you
whom I told you about
I told you
that I told you

4. Did I tell you about the girl ____ I met during the student demonstration last week?
with whom

5. Bill's father ____ health hasn't been so good lately is in hospital now.
of whom
of which

6. The books on this shelf, ____ are about child education, belong to my father.
which of most
in which
that of most
most of which

7. This is the book ____ yesterday.
that the teacher was talking about it
about it the teacher was talking
the teacher was talking about
the teacher was talking about it

8. I've lost a piece of paper ____ .
I wrote Ayun's address on it
that I wrote ayun's address on it
on which I wrote Ayun's address
Ayun's address I wrote on it

9. The businessman ____ we met at the party yesterday is the general manager of a big company
with whom

10. The scholarship will be given to the students ____ .
which passed the selection test
whose selection test passed
who have passed the selection test
they passed the selection test

11. A friend of mine ____ father is the owner of a restaurant helped me to get a job.

12. 'I visited the Gadjah Mada University last year'
'That is the place ____ my sister is studying now'

13. The doctor is treating a patient ____ leg was roken in an accident.

14. Teenager delinquency, ____ people are now complaining, has become a popular topic discussed among psychologists.
whom that
about whom
about which

15. The yellow card, ____ , is only issued for employees.
one cannot enter the factory without
no one cannot enter the factory without it
without which one cannot enter the factory
without it one cannot enter the factory

16. This is the place ____ the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro
in where
in which

17. His supervisor, ____, is very generous person.
from whom he borrowed a car
his car he borrowed
the person he borrowed a car
where he borrowed a car

18. The article ____ we got the data for our essay is written by a well-known sociologist.
from which

19. The victims of the flood ____ we have collected money and clothes are now housed in barracks outside the town.
for whom

20. Do you have a box ____ ?
in which I can put my letters
where can I put my letters
I can put my letters
that I can put my letters

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