Seri Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris UTBK SBMPTN Plus Pembahasan (Paket II)

Hai sahabat ahzaa, selamat datang kembali di AhzaaNet. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan lanjutkan berbagi latihan soal untuk menghadapi UTBK SBMPTN khususnya untuk Bahasa Inggris. Latihan soal ini saya buat secara berseri yaa teman- teman agar mudah dipelajari. Untuk seri pertama sudah saya post beberapa waktu sebelumnya.

Latihan soal untuk reading Bahasa Inggris SBMPTN saya kompil soal - soal SBMPTN tahun- tahun sebelumnya. Selain untuk mengasah kemampuan dalam menjawab tipe soal reading, teman- teman juga dapat menambah menambah kemampuan dalam membaca dan memperkaya perbendaharaan kata melalui latihan.  Oya, Latihan soal juga sudah saya lengkapi dengan pembahasan untuk memudahkan dalam belajar teman- teman. 

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Baik, langsung saja yaa, berikut latihan soalnya, jangan lupa share bila bermanfaat dan dapatkan update soal- soal UTBK SBMPTN dengan follow blog AhzaaNet. 

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Seri Latihan Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris UTBK SBMPTN Plus Pembahasan (Paket II)

Text I 
(SPMB 2002)
The government published a report yesterday saying that we need to eat more healthily— more fruits and vegetables, less fat and sugar. So, that means fewer burgers, chips and fried foods as well as cutting down on sweet things. We went into Central London yesterday at lunch time and asked people what they thought about it. “It’s got nothing to do with government what I eat,” said Paul Keel, a building worker, and Dorothi Mattews, a teacher as they ate beef burgers and chips washed down with strawberry milkshakes. Tim Kennnor, however, welcome the government’s advice. Then, we asked the Simpson’s restaurant’s manager about it. “I don’t think people believe all these reports anymore. What they say is good for you on June, then they say bad for you on July. People stopped taking notice. We serve what we’ve always served. Almost all of it is fattening.”

1. The topic of the text is ....
A. people’s reaction to suggestion on healthy eating habits
B. eating a healthy lunch in Central London
C. the government’s report on people unhealthy eating habits
D. fattening foods served at the Simpson’s restaurant
E. the advantages of eating fruits and vegetables
Jawaban A
Topik dari bacaan adalah tentang reaksi masyarakat terhadap anjuran pemerintah untuk membiasakan makanan sehat (the government’s report on people unhealthy eating habits)

2. What does the restaurant manager think of the report?
A. People don’t understand the advice given.
B. The government’s advice is inconsistent.
C. People are more concerned about losing weight.
D. Fattening foods are more delicious.
E. People will welcome the government advice.
Jawaban B
Jawaban ditunjukkan pada kalimat "Then, we asked the Simpson’s restaurant’s manager about it. “I don’t think people believe all these reports anymore." sehingga hal ini menunjukkan bahwa pemerintah tidak konsisten (The government’s advice is inconsistent)

Text II
(SPMB 2002)
Joe Dogeness received a business degree from a well- known university in 1986 and took a job with a large company. His career got off to a good start. By 1992, his salary was $38.000, and he was in charge of  five- person analysis team.
Joe was not happy with  career progress, however. Although his salary was satisfactory, his level of responsibility was only slightly greater than it had been during his first year or two  in the company. He had been stuck in a stuck in a staff job at the home office for six years and felt that he would like a change. He requested a transfer to a line marketing job.
He was told that he was too valuable in his current job to be transferred. He was overpaid for a lower-level line position, and too inexperienced to be promoted to a middle- or upper-level line position.

3. Joe couldn't be promoted to a higher position because .....
A. he was in charge of a five person team
B. he was slightly irresponsible
C. he got off to good position
D. he was needed in his present position
E. he did not have enough experience
Jawaban E
Alasan Joe tidak dapat dipromosikan ke jabatan ke yang lebih tinggi adalah karena dia tidak memiliki cukup pengalaman  (he did not have enough experience). Pernyataan yang mendukung adalah pada kalimat "He was overpaid for a lower-level line position, and too inexperienced to be promoted to a middle- or upper-level line position" (Dia dibayar terlalu besar untuk kedudukan yang lebih rendah, dan tidak memiliki pengalaman untuk dinaikkan ke jabatan yang lebih tinggi)

4. Why he was unhappy?
A. He was over qualified
B. He wanted to have a better salary
C. His job was no longer challenging
D. His work took long hour
E. He had too much responsibility
Jawaban C
Jawaban terdapat pada kalimat "Although his salary was satisfactory, his level of responsibility was only slighty greater than it had been during his first year or two  in the company. He had been stuck in a stuck in a staff job at the home office for six years and felt that he would like a change." Dari kalimat ini dapat disimpulkan bahwa dia tidak puas karena tanggung jawabnya hanya lebih tinggi sedikit dari yang dijalaninya di tahun pertama dan di tahun kedua masa kerjanya, dan jabatannya tidak naik pada jabatan staf di kantor pusat selama enam tahun.

Text III
(SPMB 2003)
Good ideas often start with really silly question. Bill Bowerman was making a breakfast one day. As he stood there making a waffle for his son, he wondered what would happen if he poured  rubber into his waffle iron. So, he tried it and the result looked something like the bottom of the most sports shoes we see today. Still, when he took this idea to several existing shoe companies, he was literally laughed at. In fact, every single company turned him down. Though rather disappointed. Bowerman was determined and went on to form his own company, making NIKE athletics shoes.

5. The text tells us about ....
A. How meaningless silly questions really are
B. What Bowerman's son did for the NIKE shoes
C. The process of making waffles for breakfast
D. The unexpected result of Bowerman's experiment
E. The first production of the bottom of sport shoes
Jawaban D
Bacaan di atas bercerita tentang ketidaksengajaan dari Bowerman yang membuahkan hasil yang tidak terduga. Bowerman melakukan keisengan dengan memasukkan karet pada cetakan kue yang pada akhirnya menghasilkan ide dalam pembuatan sepatu olehraga yang merk nya terkenal yaitu NIKE. 

6. It can be concluded from the text that ....
A. Inventions often occur during breakfast
B. Nike shoes are the first sport shoes
C. Bowerman did all the household chores
D. A waffle iron became a tool in making shoes
E. Curiosity can lead to a great inventions
Jawaban E
Dari bacaan dapat disimpulkan bahwa keingintahuan dapat berujung pada sebuah penemuan yang hebat.

Text IV
(SPMB 2004)
Tomatoes are full of nutrients and are an especially good source of antioxidant vitamins. In fact, one serving of tomato will give you 40% of your recommendation daily allowance of vitamin C. Diets rich in fruit and vegetables are associated with lower risk of many diseases and a diet which includes high intake of tomatoes has been shown to protect against prostate cancer. Tomatoes are by far the richest source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, which gives tomato its red color. No other food contains this high level of antioxidant. Lycopene is highest in processed tomato foods, such as tomato puree, because they are concentrated.

7. The topic of the above paragraph is ....
A. the way of prevent getting various diseases
B. the functions of antioxidant vitamin
C. the content of lycopene of tomatoes
D. the recommended diets for healthy people
E. the benefit of including tomatoes in our diets
Jawaban E
Jawaban diperoleh dari informasi tersirat kalimat pertama "Tomatoes are full of nutrients and are an especially good source of antioxidant vitamins" bahwa buah tomat penuh dengan gizi dan merupakan sumber  makanan yang baik dari vitamin antioksidan

8. From the text we may conclude that ....
A. only tomatoes are the source of a powerful antioxidant called lycopene
B. lots of tomatoes in the diets can prevent prostate cancer
C. foods rich in vitamin C can cure may diseases
D. the best source of antioxidants is vegetables
E. processed fruits are much better than  fresh fruits
Jawaban B
Dari teks tersebut dapat disimpulkan bahwa mengkonsumsi buah tomat yang dapat mencegah kanker prostat

Text V
(SPMB 2006)
The killer sea waves known as Tsunamis are so quiet in their approach from a far, so seemingly harmless, that until recently their history has been one of surprise attack.
Out in the middle of the ocean, the distance between tsunami wave crests can be 100 miles and the height of the wave have no more than three feet: sailors can ride one and suspect nothing. At the shoreline, the first sign is often an ebbing—a retreat but rather a gathering of forces. When the great waves finally do strike, they rear up and hit harbor and coast, causing death and damage.
These seismic sea waves—or tidal waves—as they are sometimes called, bear no relation to the moon or tides. And the word “tsunami”, Japanese for “harbor wave”, related to their destination rather than their origin. The causes are various: undersea or coastal earthquakes deep ocean avalanches or volcanism. Whatever the cause, the wave motion starts with a sudden move like a hit from a giant paddle that displaces the water. And the greater the undersea hit, the greater the tsunami’s damaging power.
In 1883, Krakatoa volcano in the East Indies erupted, and the entire island collapsed in 820 feet of water. A tsunami is a tremendous forces bouncing around Java and Sumatera killing 36.000 people with walls of water that reached 115 feet in height.
In 1946, a tsunami struck first near Alaska and then, without warning, hit Hawaiian Islands, killing 159 people and causing millions of dollars of damage. This led to the creation of the Tsunami Warning System, whose nerve centre in Honolulu keeps around—the—clock vigil with the aid of new technology. If the seismic sea waves are confirmed by the Honolulu Centre, warnings are transmitted within a few hours to all threatened Pacific points. Tsunamis have been deprived of their most deadly sting—surprise.

9. The writer describes in details ….
A. how harmless the tsunamis seems to be for sailors
B. what damage the tsunami caused in Japan
C. when the tsunami tends to attack unexpectedly
D. why tsunamis are called the killer sea waves
E. where tsunamis have been most severe in their attack
Jawaban D
Penulis menjelaskan secara detail tentang mengapa tsunami disebut gelombang laut pembunuh (why tsunamis are called the killer sea waves)

10. Why are Tsunamis seemingly harmless when they start?
A. The waves out in the ocean were not alarmingly high
B. The ebbing of the waters leaves fish stranded and slapping on the bottom
C. The great waves strike, reaching up and hitting harbor and coast
D. The waves approaching from afar gather forces and move the waters away from land
E. The seismic sea waves bear no relation to the moon or tides
Jawaban B
Tsunami dianggap tidak berbahaya pada awalnya karena gelombang laut yang tidak tinggi, dan surutnya air laut (The ebbing of the waters leaves fish stranded and slapping on the bottom). Hal ini dapat diketahui pada kalimat pertama paragraf ke-2.

11. Which of the recorded tsunamis in the text was the worst? The one that hit ....
A. The East Indies
B. The Island of Java
C. Alaska
D. The Hawaiian Islands
E. Honolulu
Jawaban A
Tsunami yang terburuk adalah tsunami yang menghantam pulau Jawa pada tahun 1883

12. The following are possible causes for seismic waves, except ....
A. earthquakes under the ocean
B. underwater avalanches
C. the rise and fall of the sea level
D. ocean volcanoes
E. seashore earthquakes
Jawaban E
Hal yang bukan menjadi penyebab dari gelombang seismik adalah naik turunnya permukaan laut.

13. The danger of tsunamis has been reduced by ....
A. establishing local nerve centers
B. the countries around the Pacific Rim
C. close control from a new warning centre
D. warning the nerve centre of seismic waves
E. the tsunami warning system at the bottom of the sea
Jawaban D
Bahaya tsunami dapat dicegah dengan adanya peringatan akan adanya geloimbang seismik, jadi pilihan yang tepat adalah pada jawaban D (warning the nerve centre of seismic waves)

Text VI
(SPMB 2007)
In Montana and Wyoming, a cowboy's life is harder in the winter than in other seasons. During the spring and fall round-ups, a cowboy work long hours. The weather is good, however, and he enjoys being out of doors. The sun shines almost every day, and it rarely rains. During July and August there is little work for a cowboy, and he can spend much of his time at rodeos, his favorite form of recreation. In the winters, as in the spring and fall, a cowboy also has a lot to do, but the severe weather makes his work very difficult. He often works in extreme could and wind. Even when the weather is bad, he rides his horse continuously, watching over his stock and taking care of the weak animals that cannot stand the wind and cold. _____________________ .

14. With which of the following sentences should the paragraph end?
A. Therefore, cowboys are usually considered very strong
B. Thus, throughout the year cowboys work hard but they enjoy their social life
C. To conclude, all cowboys are well trained and good alt rodeos
D. That's why cowboys work very hard only during the spring and fall
E. As a result of their hard work, cowboys do not socialize well
Jawaban A. 

Therefore, cowboys are usually considered very strong.

Teks berisi tentang pekerjaan koboi. Oleh karena itu, berdasarkan perbandingan antara konteks dan pilihan yang ada, dapat disimpulkan bahwa kalimat yang tepat untuk menjadi akhir paragraf adalah "Therefore, cowboys are usually considered very strong." yang artinya "Oleh karena itu, koboi biasanya dianggap sangat kuat."
15. What is the topic of paragraph?
A. Rodeos, a cowboy's recreation
B. How to to take care of animals in winter
C. The life of cowboy thoroughout the year
D. Spring and fall seasons in Montana
E. Winter, an extreme season in Montana
Jawaban C
Topik paragraf adalah tentang kehidupan cowboy sepanjang tahun. (The life of cowboy thoroughout the year)

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