Latihan Soal Asesmen Formative Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Semester 1 Kurikulum Merdeka dalam Topik Greet People and Say Goodbye, Introduce Oneself and Other

Pembelajaran awal di kelas 7 SMP dimulai dengan materi greet people and say goodbye, introduce oneself and other. Ada beberapa ungkapan yang dapat dipergunakan dalam percakapan yang memuat kondisi greeting, say goodbye, introduce oneself and other. Teman- teman dapat memperhatikan tabel berikut untuk lebih memahami ungkapan yang digunakan. 

Gambar oleh Hermann Traub dari Pixabay

 Greeting for meeting    Responses
 Good morning  Selamat pagi  Good morning!
 Good afternoon  Selamat sore  Good afternoon!
 Good day  Selamat siang  Good day!
 Good evening  Selamat malam  Good evening!
 How do you do?  Bagaimana kabarnya?  How do you do?
 How are you?  Bagaimana kabarnya?  I am fine, and you?
 Pleased to meet you  Senang bertemu denganmu  Pleased to meet you, too
 Nice to meet you  Senang bertemu  Nice to meet you, too
 Goodbye  Selamat tinggal  Goodbye, too
 Bye  Selamat tinggal, selamat jalan  Bye
 See you!  Sampai jumpa  See you!
 See you later!  Sampai jumpa lagi!  See you too!
 See you soon  Sampai jumpa  See you
 See you tomorrow  sampai jumpa besok  See you tomorrow!
 Special greeting  
 Have a nice holiday!  Selamat berlibur  Have a nice holiday for you, too
 Happy New Year  Selamat tahun Baru  Happy New Year
 Happy Iedul Fitri  Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri  Happy Ied to you, too
 Happy Birthday  Selamat Ulang Tahun  Thank you so much

a. memperkenalkan diri sendiri
  • Hello, I am Sita ( Halo, saya Sita)
  • Good morning, class! My name is Sita (Selamat pagi, nama saya Sita)
  • May I introduce myself? My name is Sita (Bolehkah saya memperkenalkan diri, nama saya Sita)
  • How do you do? My name is Sita

b. memperkenalkan orang lain
  • Hi, Fira this is Anna
  • Anna, This is Fira, my friend
  • This is a friend of mine, Anna
  • Let me introduce you to Mrs. Dian. 

1. Look at the picture.
The correct greeting based on the picture is . . . .
a. good afternoon
b. good morning
c. good evening
d. good night

2. Fitri : It’s 9 o’clock. It’s time to go to bed.
Mum : Good night, Sweetheart.
Fitri : . . . Mum.

a. I love you, too,
b. Good evening,
c. I’m very well,
d. Good night,

3. Iyant : Hi, Lisa, How are you?
Umi : … And you?
Iyant : I’m OK.

a. How do you do?
b. Fine, thanks.
c. Goodbye.
d. Yes, I am.

4. Alex : What’s your . . . ?
Rehan : My name’s Rehan.

a. Job
b. Name
c. School
d. Address

Complete the following dialogue.

Farah : Hi, Arsyad.
Arsyad : Hi, Farah.
Farah : (5) . . . . ?
Arsyad : I’m not feeling well.
Farah : (6) . . . ?
Arsyad : I have a sore throat. It’s painful.
Farah : I’m sorry to hear that. (7) . . . , Arsyad.
Arsyad : Thanks.

a. How do you do
b. how are you
c. what is like
d. how is he

a. you have sore throat
b. what’s the matter
c. how do you feel
d. you look painful

a. you never brush your teeth
b. you smell bad
c. go home now
d. get well soon

Read the following text to answer the question number 8 and 9

To : Fadli

Sorry for leaving so soon. My flight will depart at 7 pm. I hope to see you again someday


8. Afsa writes the text for ….
a. Meeting again someday
b. Departing at 7 pm
c. Leaving the flight
d. Saying goodbye

9. Why is Afsa in a hurry?
a. He is saying goodbye.
b. He is leaving so soon.
c. He hopes to see Tom soon.
d. The flight will depart at 7 pm.

10. Arrange the following utterances into a good dialogue.
1. Very well, ma’am. What about you?
2. Good morning, ma’am.
3. Morning, Azhar. How’s everything?
4. I’m fine. Thanks.

a. 2 – 3 – 4 – 1 
b. 2 – 3 – 1 – 4 
c. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 
d. 2 – 4 – 3 – 1

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