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Latihan Soal PAT Semester Genap/ UKK Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas V

Menghadapi ulangan akhir semester (UAS) genap atau UKK mendatang khususnya pada mapel bahasa Inggris, berikut ini saya sediakan soal latihan bahasa Inggris kelas 5 SD untuk bahan latihan. Materi bahasa Inggris mencakup transportasi, family, kegiatan atau kebiasaan sehari- hari, deskripsi dan sebagainya.

Nah, langsung saja berikut latihan soal bahasa Inggris SD kelas 5 semester dua (genap) beserta kunci jawabannya.
1. Cart, train, and jeep are … transportation.
A. air
B. land
C. modern
D. traditional

2. My nephew is an English teacher.  … teaches English attractively.
A. I
B. He
C. She
D. They

3. wears – wet  – she – in – a – season – raincoat
The right arrangement is …
A. She wears raincoat in a wet season.
B. She wears in a wet season a raincoat.
C. She wears a raincoat in wet season.
D. She wears a wet  raincoat in season.

4. The shape of a wheel is … .
A. triangular
B. round
C. rectangular
D. circular

5. Raffa will  … to Semarang by plane next Sunday.
A. go
B. goes
C. take
D. takes

Text 1 for number 6 – 10
Manda and Mala are studying engineering at Diponegoro University. The two women are cousins. Manda lives with her family and Mala stays with her uncle’s family. Manda and Mala want to get good jobs when they graduate. Manda hopes to work for an international company. Mala wants to get a job with the local electric company.
6. Question : … do Manda and Mala study?
Answer : They study at Diponegoro University.
A. Where
B. What
C. How
D. When

7. Question : Does Mala live with her family?
Answer   : … .
A. Yes, she is
B. Yes, she does
C. No, she isn’t
D. No, she doesn’t

8. Question : What Manda and Mala want to do after graduating?
Answer   :  They want to … .
A. continue their study
B. build an international company
C. work for a company
D. stay with their family

9. Rizky and Rinto are twins. … noses are prominent. They also have oval faces.
A. Their
B. Them
C. Theirs
D. They

10. Today, my village is … . So, the sun doesn’t shine brightly.
 A. rainy
B. windy
C. cloudy
D. sunny

11. These things are cylinders. They are …
A. a chalk, a glass, a bolster
B. a pencil, a pillow, a bottle
C. a can, a plate, a book
D. a rubber, a bowl, a blanket

12. I’m going to the barber. I want to get my … cut.
A. body
B. hair
C. grass
D. nail

13. Grace : How is Lina?
Roy : She … happy.
A. look
B. looks
C. does
D. do

14. You can see … in the wet season.
A. flash
B. thunder
C. wind
D. snow

15. go – bicycle – usually – to – by – I – school
The right arrangement is …
A. I go to school usually by bicycle.
B. Usually I go to school by bicycle.
C. I usually go to school by bicycle.
D. Usually go to school I by bicycle.

16. Nury : What is your uncle’s job?
Laila : He is a  … . He sells fish at the market.
A. fishmonger
B. fisherman
C. greengrocer
D. green keeper

17. I always … my umbrella to school because the season is rainy.
A. buy
B. make
C. wear
D. bring

18. soda – of – draws – Andria – can – drink – a
The right arrangement is …
A. Andria draws a can of soda drink
B. Andria can draws soda of a drink
C. Andria draws a can of drink soda
D. Andria can draws of a soda drink

19. We are at Ketapang harbour. We are going to go to Bali by … .
A. bus
B. raft
C. ship
D. plane

Text 2 for number 20 - 22
Yulita : Who is she?
Nanda : She is my older sister, Naila
Yulita : Wow, she is very beautiful. She has long wavy hair and big eyes. How old is she?
Nanda : She is 12 years old.
Yulita : What about the man and the woman next to Naila? Are they your parents?
Nanda : Yes, they are. My father has short wavy hair but my mother has straight hair.

20. Question : Who is Naila?
        Answer : Naila is … .
A. Yulita’s sister
B. Yulita’s mother
C. Nanda’s sister
D. Nanda’s mother

21. Question : Does Naila have big eyes?
        Answer : … .
A. Yes, she is
B. No, she isn’t
C. No, she doesn’t
D. Yes, she does

22. Question : How is Nanda’s mother? 
        Answer : She has … .
A. straight hair
B. long hair
C. wavy hair
D. big eyes

23. In autumn, we can see the … falling down.
A. trees
B. leaves
C. snow
D. water

24. A traditional transportation doesn’t have … .
A. engine
B. door
C. wheels
D. power

25. Edo : What does your brother … ?
        Lina: He is a junior high school student.
A. job
B. work
C. do
D. study

26. The people often feel … in the dry season.
A. cool
B. spicy
C. hot
D. cold

Text 3 for no. 27 –  29
This is my teacher’s table. It is in front of my classroom. There are two cubes, one block and one pyramid on the middle of the table. There is also a cylinder behind the block. It is the biggest shape. The pyramid is smaller than the block. The cubes are bigger than the block.
27. Question : …  table is it?
Answer : It is the teacher’s table.
A. What
B. Who
C. Which
D. Whose

28. Question : How many shapes are there?
Answer : There are … shapes.
A. four
B. six
C. eight
D. more than five

29. Question : Which shape is the smallest?
Answer : … .
A. The cube is
B. The cylinder is
C. The pyramid is
D. The block is

30. The … who want to travel by bus may stop it at the shelter.
A. ticket clerks
B. passengers
C. drivers
D. conductors

31. The mechanic can repair a car in the …
A. counter
B. showroom
C. workshop
D. workstation

32. two – has – Wanda – eyes – big – blue
        The right arrangement is …
A. Wanda has blue two big eyes.
B. Wanda has two blue big eyes.
C. Wanda has two big blue eyes.
D. Wanda has big blue two eyes.

33. It is a birthday hat. It … a cone.
A. is like
B. like
C. as
D. is not

34. My sister often … her bicycle to school.
A. drives
B. runs
C. rides
D. flies

35. Here are the names of weather, except … .
A. dusty
B. fall
C. hot
D. foggy

36. These are some places where a stewardess can work, except … .
A. a ship
B. a train
C. a car
D. a bus

37. Syifa : How does she look?
      Mita : He looks … .
source : pixabay

A. weak
B. strong
C. hungry
D. angry

38. The tourists like doing sunbathing in … .
A. summer
B. winter
C. spring
D. autumn

39. Submarine is an enclosed ship. It can operate under … .
A. sky
B. water
C. land
D. air

40. Denny  : How is the … in the rainy season?
        Linda    : It is often overflow.
A. sea
B. water
C. fog
D. river

Semoga Bermanfaat.

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