Latihan Soal Conditional IF

Conditional IF

  1. If the player scores another goal, the result ____ a draw.

  2. is to be
    will have been
    will be
    would be

  3. If you ___ I shall be very angry.

  4. weren't going
    don't go
    hadn't been going
    haven't been going

  5. _____, I might borrow it from him.

  6. Were the novel his
    The novel were his
    If his the novel
    If the novel him

  7. "What would you do if you were a millionaire? "_____ a trip around the world."

  8. I will take
    I would have taken
    I would take
    Me took

  9. "It would have been failure if _____."

  10. The way-out was being found in time.
    The way-out hasn't been found in time
    the way-out would be found in time
    the way -out hadn't been found in time

  11. If we go to the top, we will have a nice view of Jakarta. This sentence means _____

  12. we have already seen Jakarta from the top
    we are now looking and having a nice of Jakarta
    we saw Jakarta last month
    there is a possibility of seeing Jakarta from the top

  13. "If I had come to music festival, I would have met Raisya there." This sentence means ____ .

  14. I didn't come to the music festival but Raisya there
    I had come to music festival in order to meet Raisya there
    I didn't come to music festival so I didn't meet raisya there
    I come to music festival but I didn't meet raisya there

  15. He was at lost because he was not well informed. It means : He wouldn't have been at lost ____

  16. If he has well informed
    If he were well informed
    If he was not well informed
    If he had been well informed

  17. I am not a mechanic, so I can't fix it. The sentence means _____ .

  18. If I could be a mechanic, I had fixed it
    If I have been a mechanic, I would have fixed it
    If I were a mechanic, I could fix it
    If I am a mechanic, I could fix it.

  19. When the little boy saw the dog, he ran away and was bitten. From the statement we can conclude th

  20. If he hadn't run away, he wouldn't have been bitten
    If he doesn't run away, he won't be bitten
    If he hasn't run away, he wouldn't be bitten
    If he hasn't run away, he wouldn't be bitten

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